The Life of a Farmer Paragraph

The person who works in the form lands for growing various agricultural products is called a farmer. Usually he lives in a village. He is a very important and useful person in the country. He grows and provides food for the people of our country.

He is called the father of food production. But they are heavily devaluated. He gets up from bed early in the morning and takes a pair of bullocks and plough to cultivate his land. He works all day long in his land. In Bangladesh farmers lead a very miserable life. If he can produce good crops, his face beams with joy.

On the contrary, if he fails to grow, his sorrows know no bounds. Most farmers of our country live under poverty level. They live from hand to mouth. Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. Her prosperity depends on the development of agriculture. That is why, I cannot think of her without a farmer. Therefore, his prevalent phase ought to be upgraded to reach his life at a standard level.

The Life of a Farmer Paragraph For Class 6, 7, JSC

A farmer is a person whose work is farming. He ploughs land, sows seeds, puts manures and insecticides upon them, weeds them out, waters , them and grows crops in this way. He is a useful worker. He grows and provides foods for the people of our country.

He is called the father of food production. He works hard from morning to evening to grow crops but he cannot earn his livelihood properly. Because of the fact that our farmers are often poor and illiterate, they cannot cultivate their lands scientifically.

As a result, they cannot produce much more crops for themselves as well as for the countrymen. Most of the farmers of our country live below the poverty line. They live from hand to mouth. They lead unhygienic lives.

They often face premature death having no medical treatment and medicine. Truly speaking, their living condition is very deplorable. As an agricultural country, the prosperity of Bangladesh depends on agriculture.

So, we cannot think of her without a farmer. We should do something to improve their condition. Otherwise, hopes and aspirations of the nation will be shattered by hard reality.

The Life of a Farmer paragraph for SSC

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. The people who are engaged in agricultural works on their own farms are called farmers. The farmers live in the villages and work on their agricultural fields to grow paddy, wheat, pulses, onion, pepper, oil seeds, sugar - cane etc.

The farmer has to work hard during the sowing and harvesting season. He gets up early in the morning, eats some panta rice and goes to work in the fields. He works from dawn to dusk.

After so much hardship when he finds his fields full of crops, he becomes very happy. But sometimes drought, over rain, floodings, cyclones and pests destroy the crops and his sorrows know no bounds. Generally a farmer lives in poverty and dies poor.

As he is illiterate, he has a big family and finds it difficult to make both ends meet. The government should take steps to educate them and help them with good seed, fertilizer and better agricultural knowledge.

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