What are Virtual Reality?

The word virtual reality literally means artificial reality. Actually not real in the real sense, but science-based imagination that evokes the consciousness of reality is called virtual reality or artificial reality or fictional reality. This is called VR for short. Virtual reality is based on computer technology and simulation theory.  Notable among the software used are Vizard, VRToolkit, 3d Studio Max, Maya etc.

Creating three-dimensional images in virtual reality makes even the most impossible tasks possible. Walking on the lunar soil, wandering in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, walking on the neural connections of the human brain, or chasing that giant dinosaur in Jurassic Park, if you want to follow the path of imagination.  Virtual reality is a computer controlled environment created by hardware and software, which seems like a real environment to the users.

 Elements of Virtual Reality

 1. Reality engine
 2. Head Mounted Display HMD
 3. Data (Glove)
 4. Different types of sensors
 5. A full pill suite (Body Suit)
 6. High quality audio system
 7. Various simulation, modeling and graphics software etc.What are Virtual Reality

Elements to create virtual reality 

1. Effector: Effector is a special type of interface device used in virtual reality.  It connects the user to the environment of virtual reality.  E.g.-

i. Head Mounted Display: The headset covers the eyes and ears and allows you to see and hear any scene. Headsets with lenses are used to view three-dimensional images.

ii. Data Gloves: Wearing data gloves enhances the feeling of touch. Moreover the necessary commands are given by the gloves attached to the hands.

iii. A full body suite: The sensors used in the body suite are constantly sent to the simulation program and the program changes the front screen accordingly.

2. Reality Simulator: This is a type of hardware that provides sensitive information to the effect.  Such as- different types of sensors, transducers, high quality audio and video systems, reality engines etc.

3. Application: Various simulation software is used to create virtual environment and relevance. For example, a division created by Autodesk, which is commonly used on PCs with Intel processors.

4. Geometry: Geometry is information about the external features of various objects in a virtual environment. For example, three-dimensional models used in virtual reality are used by software such as Autodesk, 3D Studio Max or Maya.

In virtual reality, three-dimensional feeling is created by showing two different scenes with two eyes. The same feeling can be created by showing different scenes through different projectors on the same screen. This requires three-dimensional imagery of an environment or event with the help of computer hardware or software. Virtual reality provides real experience to a person without any physical risk or danger. Google has also recently launched a virtual chatting service called Lively, where anyone can enter a virtual room or environment with their friends and relatives.

Experience of Virtual Reality

March 2005 NASA in Houston, Texas, USA. I was overwhelmed by touching the moon stone with my hand.  Nana sits in the dummy spacecraft. I was given some more special type of glasses.  The lights in the room are turned off and the VR is switched on in the dark.I'm going into space. I see different planets, satellite meteorites and much more in space.

About 15 minutes later, the spacecraft came to earth. After turning on the lights, I see that I am sitting in that dummy spacecraft of NASA. This is virtual reality. Bangabandhu Novo Theater in our country is a small example of virtual reality.  There are artificial hemispheres created to learn more about the heavens and to get an idea of ​​the heavens. If you have the opportunity to go to the Science City of Kolkata, India, you can get up in the time machine and enjoy the virtual reality. Science City's dummy spacecraft will travel the world from ancient times to the modern era.

Steps to Virtual Reality

Virtual reality works in two stages -
1. The first is the creation of a virtual environment with three-dimensional images created by a computer.

2. The next step is to follow the user's movements and adjust according to the three-dimensional image.  If you look to the right, it will show the picture on the right side.  Sensors are used to track these movements.
An artificial world mainly has the following characteristics:

1. The three-dimensional form of objects has to be the same in the artificial world as it is in the real world.
2. As the user moves, so does the visible part of the object.

Bad effects of virtual reality

In real life, every technology has its ups and downs. The lessons learned from childhood will tell us which way to go. The negative effects of virtual reality have been identified-

1. The cost and complexity of the tools used in virtual reality is high and the software or programs used in this technology are also very valuable and expensive.

2. Virtual reality is increasing the inhumanity or dehumanization. This will reduce human activity and human society will continue to be extinct.

3. As a result of virtual reality, people will be able to wander in the realm of imagination as they wish. As a result, people will spend most of their time in the fantasy world and very little time in the real world.

4. The use of virtual reality can cause damage to the human eye and hearing.
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