Paragraph on Price Hike

The rising in price of the essential commodities is called price hike. Price hike is not new in our economy. Nowadays we are very anxious to see the price of necessary, things going up everyday.

It is increasing by leaps and bounds. The situation seems to be beyond control. The poorer and the middle class people are in a fix for this sudden price hike. The reaction of the common people about it is also very bitter. There is no denial that with this critical situation 

Bangladesh is now in the grip of economic crisis. Though the government is trying to control and regulate the market but with a little success. It is occurring in a irregular way day after day. If the situation goes the same for long it will cause failure to our economic system.

Besides, the law and order situation may decrease. A number of traders are trying to manipulate the market and creating artificial crisis of day-to-day necessary goods. They are causing a problem to the whole nation to satisfy their greed.

To get rid of this situation every conscious citizen and the government should protest against syndicating and manipulating the market by some criminals. Strict rules should be implied to find out and punish the culprits who are involved in creating artificial crisis.

Price Hike Paragraph 300 words

Nowadays, price hike is a very common phenomenon in our country. It has now become a great problem for the common people. They cannot do without buying essential commodities. If the prices of the essential commodities increase by leaps and bounds, they have to suffer a lot.

Especially those who have limited income have to suffer very much. Even sometimes they fail to buy daily necessary commodities and have to starve. Now a question may be raised here why the price of essential commodities increases very rapidly.

First of-all if the demand is greater than the supply. the price-of daily commodities increases. Secondly, the dishonest businessmen create artificial crisis by hoarding daily commodities. Thirdly, political instability influences the prices of daily necessaries. Fourthly, if the businessmen are politically biased, the price of essential commodities increases. Fifthly, natural calamities hamper the production of daily commodities and then their price also rises.

Finally, the increased prices of commodities in the international markets also influence price hike in the local market. Pragmatic steps should be taken to control the prices of daily essential things. Those businessmen who create artificial crisis should be fined and penalised.

The politically biased businessmen should be punished. The marginal farmers should be provided with proper facilities so that they can feel encouraged to grow much more crops. By importing essential commodities, their prices can be controlled.

In this regard duty free import should be ensured and then the businessmen will feel encouraged to import much.more products from foreign countries. Political stability should be kept so that foreign investors feel interested to invest here. The increasing prices of daily commodities create dissatisfaction and resentment among the general people.

They cherish bad impression about the party in power and rebuke them seriously. Therefore the govt. should always be alert to control the prices of essential commodities.

Price Hike of Essential Commodities and Its Effect

Price hike or rising of prices of essential commodities has become a burning question of the present time. The price of the necessary commodities is already beyond the reach of the poor and the lower middle class people of our country.

Investigating the causes of price hike, it is seen that there are a number of reasons behind the high prices of the daily necessities. With the growth of population, there always remains a shortage of the production of commodities like rice, meat, fish, vegetables, milk, oils etc. This shortage in the production of daily essentials causes price hike. Dishonest businessmen hoard necessary products in their godowns with an ill motive to create shortage.

As a result, there is a breakdown in the supply of these things. These dishonest businessmen have spread their network all over the country. They have formed an evil syndicate that fabricates schemes to raise the price of necessary commodities. Smuggling and black marketing are also important factors that cause price hike.

The govt. is not strict enough to bring these dishonest businessmen under punishment. Sometimes, the international economy exercises an influence on the price hike. The govt. policy for controlling price is not effective at all. There is neither proper mechanism to fix price nor proper monitoring system.

The poor and the lower middle class people suffer much for price hike. They cannot afford to manage three square meals a day. They suffer intolerably due to malnutrition. Many even die as they do not get medical facilities. In such a situation, no nation can prosper. Price of the essential commodities must be brought under control.

The government should take proper steps to control price hike to mitigate the sufferings of the common people. Strict laws regarding food price should be implemented and proper monitoring should be conducted. People should raise their voice against the unreasonable price hike of the daily essentials.

Paragraph on Price Spiral

Price hike refers to an unusual increase in the price of the essential commodities in the market. When the price of daily necessary things goes up and out of general customer’s affordability in that time we address that situation as Price Hike. 

There are many reasons for the price hike which is considered one of the major problems in our country. Rapid growth of population, hoarding, black market, market syndicate, natural disasters, limited cultivable lands, shortage of commodities supply, money inflation, political turmoil etc. are the most common in them.

Price hike has dreadful effect in our life and national economy. It causes untold sufferings to the poor and the middle class people. Many people cannot buy daily necessaries and remain half fed. As a result, they suffer from malnutrition. Alleviating price hike is a bit difficult.

First of all, we have no control over natural calamities. What we can do is to save more than enough foods in the reserve, so that we don’t run into trouble if something unexpected is happened. However, the government, the rich, and the business class people should come forward to ensure the proper distribution of commodities.

Now we should research to overcome price hikes in the future. The Govt. should take some effective steps such as creating monitoring cell, keeping strong to import product in crisis condition, motivating farmers to grow hi-breed crops etc. Money inflation, activities of black market, political unrest should be controlled.

We need to increase production and stop importing things from other countries. If we focus on production, we will be able to create millions of job opportunities for jobless people. Mass media can also play a vital role to reduce this issue. Using the law properly can change the situation; otherwise, this problem can destroy the economy of a country.
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