Preposition exercise with answer for HSC

1. [Barishal Board -2023]
Speaking ill (a) --- others is a very bad human tendency. It develops a negative inclination (b) --- one's mind. This habit tempts one (c) --- indulge (d) --- a negative approach out of his unsound mind. It leaves bad effects (e) --- human individuals and society. It also hampers the happy and smooth run (f) --- the society. People very often burst (g) --- tears (h) --- this heinous act. We all should be aware (i) --- it and give (j) --- this bad habit.

Answer: (a) of; (b) to; (c) to; (d) in; (e) on; (f) of; (g) into; (h) at; (i) of; (j) up

2. [Jashore Board -2023]
Books are really our best friends as we can rely (a) --- them when we are bored, upset, depressed, lonely or annoyed. They share (b) --- us information and knowledge whenever we need. They enable us to have a glimpse (c) --- cultures, traditions, arts, history, geography, health, psychology and many other subjects and aspects of life. Good books always guide us (d) --- the right path (e) --- life. Reading good books helps us understand the world (f) --- us better. While reading books, we build new and creative thoughts, images and opinions (g) --- our mind. This habit helps us explore life (h) --- different perspectives. In other words, it has several positive effects (i) --- our body, mind and soul. In fact, the habit of reading is one (j) --- the best qualities that a person can possess. 

Answer: on; (b) with; (c) of; (d) on; (e) in; (f) around; (g) in; (h) from: (i) on; (j) of

3. [Dinajpur Board -2023
Drug addiction has become a serious problem (a) --- modern society. Many young men and women are falling victims (b) --- this. There are many reasons (c) --- drug addiction. Drugs are expensive. So, to manage money, the addicts often go (d) --- stealing, killing or all sorts of misdeeds. Drugs are smuggled (e) --- a country and the smugglers carry (f) ---  drug business freely. Bangladesh is not free (g) --- the curse of drugs. But we cannot allow this (h)--- our country. The first thing to do is to highlight its dangerous effects (i) --- people. The government and mass media can play an effective role (j) --- this respect. 

Answer: (a) in; (b) to; (c) for/behind; (d) for; (e) into; (f) on/out; (g) from; (h) in; (i) to; (j) in

4. [Mymensingh Board -2023]
The orphanage is high (a) --- the Carolina mountains. The writer was there (b)---  the autumn. She preferred peaceful environment to pen some troublesome writing. She wanted the mountain air to blow (c) --- the malaria from too long a time (d) ---  the subtropics. She was homesick (e) ---  the flaming maples (g) ---  October and for many other things. She found them all living (h) --- a cabin belonging (i) --- the orphanage, half a mile (j) --- orphanage farm.  

Answer: (a) in; (b) in; (c) out; (d) in; (e) for; (f) of; (g) in; (h) in; (i) to; (j) beyond.

HSC Preposition All Board Questions 2022

1. Complete the text with suitable prepositions. [Dhaka Board-2022]
Camels are one of the few animals that can live in a desert. Camels have humps (a) --- their backs. They store fat (b) --- these humps. The fat gives them energy. Because camels do not store water, fat helps produce water when camels move (c) --- the dry desert. They can go (d) --- several months without water. Camels eat grass to get moisture. The camels are as useful (e) --- the people of the desert as the buffalo are (f) --- the grasslands. The meat of the camel is good to eat. People make cloth (g) --- of camel hair. Shoes are made (h) --- the hides. The camels are also good (i) --- travel in the desert. Some people travel the desert (j) --- camels to make a living.

Answer: a) on; b) in/into; c) in/to/towards/along /across; d) on/for; e) for/to; f) to/for/in; g) out; h) from/of; i) for; j) on/by/with

2. Complete the text with suitable prepositions. [Rajshahi Board-2022]
Shilpi married Rashid (a) --- the age of fifteen. Marrying (b) --- daughters (c) --- an early age is, a standard practice (d) --- many families living in rural Bangladesh. (e) --- her wedding, Shilpi joined a local empowerment group that helps her (f) --- the tools needed to gradually change cultural practices, particularly those pertaining (g) --- early marriage and pregnancy. The group's activities include discussions (h) --- how to change behaviour related (i) --- reproductive health as well as one-on-one counselling. Like Shilpi, many of the girls got assistance (j) --- this empowerment group.

Answer: a) at; b) off; c) at; d) for/in/of; e) After; f) with; g) to; h) on; i) to; j) from/of

3. Complete the text with suitable prepositions. [Cumilla Board-2022]
Books are really our best friends as we can rely (a) ---  them when we are bored, upset, depressed, lonely or annoyed. They share (b) --- us information and knowledge any time we need. They enable us to have a glimpse (c) --- cultures, traditions, arts, history, geography, health, psychology and many other subjects and aspects of life. Good books always guide us (d) --- the right path (e) --- life. Reading good books helps us understand the world (f) --- better. While reading books, we build new and creative thoughts, images and opinions (g) --- our mind. This habit helps us explore life (h) --- different perspectives. In other words, it has several positive effects (i) --- our body, mind and soul. In fact, the habit of reading is one (j) ---the best qualities that a person can possess.

Answer: a) on/upon; b) with; c) of/at; d) towards/to; e) of/in; f) around; g) in/of; h) from; i) on; j) of.

4. Complete the text with suitable prepositions. [Jashore Board-2022]
The ceremony began (a) ---- 10 a.m. Our principal Mr. Rahman presided (b) --- the function and Member of Parliament Mr. Reza was the chief guest. The function started (c) --- the recitation from the Holy Quran. One (d) --- our senior teachers read (e) --- the annual report. The honorable chief guest delivered a brief but inspiring speech (f) --- education. He advised the students to be regular (g) --- the class and attentive (h) --- studies and take part (i) --- the movement (j) --- illiteracy.

Answer: a) at; b) over/at; c) with; d) of; e) out; f) on/about; g) in; h) to; i) in; j) against

5. Complete the text with suitable prepositions. [Sylhet Board-2022]
The moon is a very familiar figure (a) --- all of us. She awakens a feeling (b) --- love and tenderness (c) --- our hearts. Even infants in arms stretches (d) --- their hands to grasp  beautiful thing. Nor is her appeal confined only (e) --- children. Ever since the string of the poetic faculty in man, she has furnished a theme (f) --- poets and artists. The moon has no light (g) --- her own. The soft silvery brightness which forms her principal charms to us, is borrowed solely (h) --- the light of the sun. If we go out on a clear night, we can look (i) --- the magic of moon light. It is often difficult (j) ---  us to realize that the moon is shining in borrowed feathers.

Answer: a) to; b) of; c) in; d) out; e) to; f) for; g) of; h) from; i) for/,at; j).for.

6. Complete the text with suitable prepositions. [Barishal Board -2022]
Traffic problem is a major problem (a) ---our day-to-day life.  Mainly the city dwellers suffer the traffic rules. Most often traffic problems occur our population (b) --- it. The drivers do not abide (c) --- the traffic rules. Most often traffic problems occur (d) --- the congested areas where the roads are very narrow in proportion (e) --- our population. There are many unlicensed vehicles which should be brought (f) --- control. Strict rules must be introduced (g) --- this regard. We should raise consciousness (h) --- the people of our country (i) --- a view to ensuring a good traffic system (j) ---the safety of the people. 

Answer: a) in; b) from; c) by; d) in; e) to; f) under; g) in; h) among/amongst; i) with; j) for.

7. Complete the text with suitable prepositions. [Dinajpur Board-2022]
Japan is an island country (a) --- the east coast of Asia. It has more than 100 islands which were mostly formed (b) --- earthquakes and volcanoes. Most Japanese people live (c) --- the four largest islands. These islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikohu and Kyushu. The name of Japan comes (d) --- a Chinese phrase meaning "land of the rising sun". Japan has borrowed other things from the Chinese (e) --- its name. The Japanese written language, for example, is based (f) --- the Chinese system (g) ---  picture writing. Japan has to buy almost all its raw materials (h) --- other countries. Trade is very important (i) --- the island nation of Japan. (j) --- the resources It buys, Japan makes products to sell all over the world.

Answer: a) in/on; b) by/with/of; c) in; d) from; e) like/after; f) on; g) of; h) from; i) to/for; j) With/ From

8. Complete the text with suitable prepositions. [Chattogram Board-2022]
Email has brought (a) --- a revolution (b) --- modern communication. Messages can be transmitted (c) --- one country to another (d) --- seconds. It is far cheaper than telephone calls. Trade and commerce has become greatly dependent (e) --- this speedy mode (f) --- communication. It has, however, not reached everyone, especially (g) --- developing countries (h) --- ours, as most people cannot afford (i) --- have a personal computer. But even here, people have started using commercially operated email facilities (j) --- important purposes.

Answer: a) about; b) in; c) from; d) within/in; e) on/upon; f) of; g) in; h) like/as; i) to; j) for.

HSC Preposition all board question 2019

1. Complete the text with suitable prepositions. [Dhaka Board-2019]
Mr Reza works (a)---a clerk in a local school. He is poor but honest. His honesty is known (b)---everyone in his locality. He often suffers (c)---hunger. He is deprived (d)--- comfort and many other things. Nevertheless, he does not long (e)---wealth. He never hankers (f)--- name and fame. He leads his life (g)--- satisfied (h)--- what he has. But sometimes he runs into debt and poverty is responsible his (i)---this debt. However, he does not like to depend (j)---others.

Answer: (a) as; (b) to; (c) from; (d) of; (e) for; (f) after; (g) by; (h) with; (i) for; (j) on.

2. [Rajshahi Board-2019]
When the sun was setting (a)---the treetops, the jailor came (b)--- the room of Socrates to bid him prepare (c)--- death. In those days, people were sentenced to death by giving a cup (d)---poison in Athens. Socrates knew this and he nodded (e)--- the jailor. Bursting (f)---tears the jailor went out of the room and returned (g)--- a cup of hemlock. Socrates lifted the cup to his lips. His pupils tried to keep back their tears but soon the room was filled (h)--- the sound of weeping. With the cup of poison (i) --- hand, Socrates said, “What is the strange sound?” I have heard that a man should die (j)---peace. So be silent and have patience.

Answer: (a) behind/under/over; (b) to/into/inside; (c) for; (d) of; (e) to/at; (f) into; (g) with; (h) with: (i) in; (j) in. 

3. [Dinajpur Board-2019]
A craftwork in an applied form (a)---art, a social and cultural product reflecting the inclusive nature (b)--- folk imagination. A craftwork, which usually doesn't bear the signature of its maker, retains a personal touch. When we look (c)---a thirty-year-old nakshikantha, we wonder (d)---its motifs and designs that point (e)--- the artistic ingenuity and the presence of the maker (f)---it. The fact that we don't know her name or any other details (g)---her doesn't take anything (h)---from our appreciation (i)---the artist. Indeed, the intimate nature ((j)---the kantha and the tactile feeling in it generates animate the work and make it very inviting.

Answer: (a) of; (b) of; (c) at; (d) at; (e) to; (f in/of; (g) about/of; (h) away; (i) of; (j) of. 

4. [Jashore Board-2019]
Patriotism is the quality inherent (a)---a man. This is why, he feels a natural attachment (b)---his native land. Love (c)--- motherland is necessary for the betterment of a nation. The people who are patriotic are noted (d)---their patriotism. They are different (e)--- other people. Their contribution does not sink (f)---oblivion. They are worthy (g)--- praise. They lay down their lives for the good of the country. They are not unaware (h)--- their status in society. They are celebrated (i)--- their patriotism. They should not be looked down (j)--- in any way. 

Answer: (a) in; (b) to; (c) for; (d) for; (e) from; (f) into; (g) of; (h) of; (i) for; (j) upon. 

5[Cumilla Board-2019]
Preposition connects all types (a)--- words together and supports them make better sense (b)--- the readers. They help us to understand the relationship (c)--- objects. (d)--- example, the book and the table (e)---the kitchen. This ensures you a basic understanding. If we add another preposition, it makes it even clearer. This book is (f)---top of the table (g)--- the kitchen. We have a clear picture (h)---our mind (i)---the relation of those two objects and their relationship (j)---each other.

Answer: (a) of; (b) to/for; (c) among/with; (d) For; (e) in/inside; (f) on; (g) in; (h) in; (i) about; (j) with /between.

6. [Chattogram Board-2019]
What are the qualities of a good student? A good student is always attentive (a)--- his studies. He is never indifferent (b)--- his studies. He does not learn things (c)--- note. He is always curious and innovative. He does not hunt only (d) ---traditional guide books. His thirst (e) --- knowledge knows on bounds. He does not confine himself (f)---the traditional studies. He is aware (g)--- the current affairs (h)---the world. He listens (i)--- his teachers and abides (j)---their advice.

Answer: (a) to; (b) to; (C) from; (d) for; (e) for; (f) to; (g) of; (h) of; (i) to; (j) by.

7. [Sylhet Board-2019]
Luna's cat was missing. So she started looking around (a)---it. She opened her closet and looked (b)---. Then she went to the bedroom crawling (c)--- the floor to look (d)--- the bed. The cat was not there. In fact, it was nowhere inside the house. Therefore, Luna decided to go (e)--- to look for it. Just as she was (f)---to open the door, the doorbell rang. It was her neighbour, Mrs Haq, “Look, Luna! Your cat is (g)--- the sunshade!” said Mrs Haq pointing (h)---a tall building opposite (i)---her house. Luna smiled and thanked her friendly neighbour, saying that (j)---her help she would not be able to find out her cat.

Answer: (a) for; (b) into; (c) on; (d) under; (e) out; (f) about; (g) on/under; (h) at/towards; (i) to; (j) without. 

8. [Barishal Board-2019]
The old grey-bearded sailor sat (a)--- a stone (b)---the church. The sailor watched the people walking (c)--- him. The marriage guest listened (d)--- him. He had a strange mad look (e)--- his eyes. The old man told him (f)--- his last journey (g)--- the sea. They had sailed away (h)--- the south (i)---they arrived (j)-cold grey seas.
Answer: (a) on; (b) outside/ near/ behind/ by/ beside/before; (c) past/to/towards/by; (d) to; (e) in; (f) about/of; (g) on/in; (h) to/towards; (i) until/ till; (j) in/at.

HSC Preposition 2018 All Board Questions With Answer

9. [Board Question-2018 (Ka Set)]
Trees are very useful (a)--- man. They are highly essential our (b) --- protect the rich topsoil (c)--- getting washed away (d)---rainwater and floods. We can see trees being grown along the mountain slopes (e)---the roadsides (f)---the parks and gardens. They add beauty (g)---our lives. They provide us (h)---food, wood, shade, shelter and so on. They take (i)---carbon-di-oxide and produce oxygen. So we should take care (j)---trees.

Answer: (a) to; (b) for; (c) from; (d) by; (e) by; (f) in; (g) to; (h) with; (i) in; (j) of.

Prepositions passage exercise with answers

10. [Board Question-2018 (Kha Set)]
Do you have any idea (a)---a cyber cafe? It's a place teeming (b)--- information. It's a network (c)---all networks. It is a place (d)---computers (e)---which customers can use the internet and send e-mails and so on. A cyber cafe is closely associated (f)--- internet communication system. A customer sitting (g) --- the cafe can communicate (h)--- people (i) -- the world. In fact, a cyber cafe is not prejudicial (j)---- our development.

Answer: (a) of/about; (b) with; (c) of; (d) of/with; (e) in/at/by/through; (f) with; (g) in/at; (h) with; (i) around/ across/of/through/at; (j) to.

HSC Preposition All Board Questions With Answer 2017

11. [Dhaka Board-2017]
The environment plays an important role (a)---our life. (b)--- short, what we have (c)--- us including people, houses, air, water etc. is called environment. These are the main elements (d)---our environment. (e)--- ensuing sound life the balance (f) --- the natural elements is very significant. Sometimes (g)--- lack of knowledge, we don't realise the importance (h)--- it. As a result, we are polluting our environment unknowingly. Living (i)---- a polluted environment is undoubtedly a matter (j)---great regret.

Answer: (a) in; (b) In; (c) around; (d) of; (e) For; (f) among/of; (g) for; (h) of; (i) in; (j) of.

12. [Rajshahi Board-2017]
Ours is a riverine country. Rivers are everywhere (a)---our life-literature, economy and culture. But are the rivers (b)--- good shape? Unfortunately, they are not. A few are already dead and several are going (c)--- the pangs of death. The river Buriganga is an example (d) --- a dying river. A report published in The Daily Sun describes what has happened (e)---the river Buriganga and why. Its water is polluted and a perpetual stench fills the air (f) ---it. The report says that the river had a glorious past. Once it was a tributary (g) ---the Ganges and flowed (h)---the Bay of Bengal (i)---the river Dhaleswari. Gradually, it lost its link (j) ---the Ganges and got the name Buriganga.

Answer: (a) in; (b) in; (c) through; (d) of; (e) to; (f) around; (g) of; (h) into; (i) through; (j) with.

13. [Dinajpur Board-2017]
Badal lived (a)---a village of Bangladesh. He was a schoolboy. There was a canal (b)---his way (c)--- school. An old bridge was (d)---that canal. It was useful to one and all of the villagers. Yet none cared (e)--- its repair. So one day it broke (f)---and caused a good deal (g) --- hardship to the villagers. They were (h)--- difficulty. They could not go to the town (i)---the other side of the canal to sell their fruits and vegetables profitably. They sold their production (j)--- local market at a nominal price.

Answer: (a) in/at; (b) on; (c) to/towards; (d) over; (e) about; (f) down; (g) of; (h) in; (i) on; (j) in/at. 

14. [Jashore Board-2017]
It would be impossible (a)--- us to continue living in this world if each of us knew exactly what fate had (b)--- store for us. So, Allah in His mercy conceals the future (c)--- all His creatures and reveals only the present. He hides from the animals what men know, and He hides from men what the angels know. For example, if a lamb had a reason (d)--- a man, it could not gamble happily knowing it was destined to be killed (e)---human food. But being quite ignorant (f)--- its fate, it is happy to the last moment of its short life contentedly grazing (g)--- the flowery meadow, and even in its innocence licks the hands (h)---the butcher who is about to slaughter it. What a blessing it is that we are ignorant (i) - the future! Allah, to whom the death of a sparrow is of equal importance with the death of a hero, has, in His mercy, thus limited our knowledge so that we might fulfil our duty in the sphere! (j)--- which has appointed us.

Answer: (a) for; (b) in; (c) of/from; (d) like/ for/ with/as; (e) for/as; (f) of/about; (g) in/on/at; (h) of/about; (i) of/about; (j) of/for/in/to. 

15. [Cumilla Board-2017]
We got our freedom (a)--- the sacrifice of hundreds and thousands (b)--- lives. The patriots (c)--- our land fought (d)---the oppression of the West Pakistani rulers. Finally, the oppressors were bound to surrender (e)--- our freedom fighters. But a great number (f)--- the sons of the land died (g)--- the war. Soon (h)--- the war, the government (i)--- Bangladesh founded the National Memorial (j) --- memory of the martyrs.

Answer: (a) for/at; (b) of; (c) of; (d) against; (e) to; (f) of; (g) in/during; (h) after; (i) of; (j) in. 

16. [Chattogram Board-2017]
Syed Shamsul Haq, legendary literature, was born in Kurigram (a)--- 1935. He received the Bangla Academy Award (b)--- the age of twenty-nine. It is noteworthy on that he was the youngest (c)--- all who got the Bangla academy award. He was awarded the Swadhinata Padak in 2000 (d)--- his contributions (e)--- Bangla literature. His literary works are included (f)--- the curricula of secondary, higher secondary and graduation level (g)--- Bangladesh. Syed Shamsul Haq was married (h)--- Anwara Syed Haq who is a member (i)--- the Royal College of Psychiatrists in London. This renowned intellectual passed away (j)--- 27 September 2016 at the age of 81.

Answer: (a) in; (b) at; (c) of; (d) for; (e) in/to; (f) in; (g) of; (h) to; (i) of: (j) on.

17. [Sylhet Board-2017]
I caught sight (a)--- him while crossing the road. I tried to talk (b)--- him. But he was (c)--- a hurry. He was one (d)--- my best friends. Both of us studied (e) --- the same in school. I had an intimacy (f)--- him. Both of us got separated (g)--- each other after the completion (h)--- S.S.C. Examination. Though my heart bleeds (i)--- him, I hardly meet (j)--- him. This is the go of the world.

Answer: (a) of; (b) to; (c) in; (d) of; (e) in/at; (f) with; (g) from; (h) of; (i) for; (j) with. 

18. [Barishal Board-2017]
I am glad to receive your letter. You have wanted to know (a)--- the picnic that we made. I am now writing (b)--- you about it. It was winter vacation. Our college was closed. I (c)--- some of my friends arranged a picnic. We selected Sonargaon (d)--- the picnic spot. It is some twenty miles from Dhaka. We got (e)--- the bus (f)--- about 9 am (g)--- all necessary utensils and materials. (h)--- reaching Sonargaon, we finished our breakfast (i)--- about 9:30 am. We did not take any cook (j)---us.

Answer: (a) about; (b) to; (c) with; (d) for/as; (e) into; (f) at; (g) with; (h) After/on/before; (i) at; (j) with.  

HSC Preposition 2016 All Board Questions With Answer

19. [Dhaka Board-2016]
A good stock (a)--- words is necessary (b)---anybody who wants to use a language. Vocabulary is an essential component (c)---successful communication. It is an integral part (d)--- reading skill. While grammar is important, a lack (e)--- vocabulary may result (f)--- complete failure to convey a message. Vocabulary includes conceptual knowledge (g)--- words that go well (h)--- an ordinary dictionary meaning. Students vocabulary knowledge is a building process that occurs (i)--- time as they tend to make connections (j)--- other words.

Answer: (a) of; (b) for; (c) for/of; (d) of; (e) of; (f) in; (g) off/about; (h) beyond; (i) in; (j) with.

20. [Rajshahi Board-2016]
Once an English and a Bengalee gentleman were travelling (a)--- the same train and they were in the same compartment. The Englishman was very proud (b)--- himself because he was an Englishman. He looked (c)--- upon the Bengalee gentleman who, however, took no notice (d)--- it and went to sleep (e)--- peace. As soon as the Bengalee gentleman was asleep, the Englishman picked (f)--- the gentleman's shoes and threw them (g)---the window and went to sleep. When the Bangalee gentleman woke up, he looked for his shoes and understood it. Then he took the Englishman's long coat (h)--- the wall and threw it outside the window and returned (i)--- bed laughingly. The next morning the Englishman became startled and shouted, “Where's my coat gone?” “Your coat has gone to fetch my shoes,” said the gentleman (j)--- a smile. The Bengalee gentleman was Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee.

Answer: (a) in; (b) of; (c) down; (d) of; (e) in; (f) up; (g) out of/through; (h) from; (i) to; (j) with. 

21. [Dinajpur Board-2016]
Greenhouse effect is the gradual warming (a)---the air surrounding the earth as a result of heat being trapped (b)--- environment pollution. This is exemplified (c)--- the destruction and burning (d)--- of tropical rain forests, (e)--- traffic that clogs (f)--- city streets, (g)--- the rapid growth of industry, the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), (h)--- packaging and manufacturing commercial products, the use of detergents like washing (i)---liquids and so (j)---.

Answer: (a) of; (b) by; (c) by; (d) down; (e) by; (f) up; (g) by; (h) in; (i) up; (j) on.

22. [Jashore Board-2016; Mymensingh Board-2022]
A teacher is an architect (a)--- a nation. He plays an important role (b)--- building up an educated nation. He dispels the darkness (c)--- ignorance (d)--- the lot of a nation. He is an actor, so to speak. He has to suit his act according (e)---the need of his audience which is his class. He is a clear speaker (f)---good, strong and pleasing voice which is (g)--- his control. He does not sit motionless (h)--- his class. Everybody has something valuable (i)---him. A good teacher discovers the treasure hidden inside each student. He also wants the students happy and for this, he keeps them busy. A good teacher never hankers (j)--- money.

Answer: (a) of; (b) in/for; (c) of; (d) from; (e) to; (f) with; (g) under/within/in; (h) in/before/in front of; (i) within/in/ from/to; (j) after. 

23. [Cumilla Board-2016]
A good student is never indifferent (a)--- his studies. He always adheres (b)--- his studies. He does not learn things (c)--- rote. He does not hunt (d)--- traditional guide books. Moreover, he has a great thirst (e)--- knowledge. For this, he does not confine himself (f)---the traditional studies. He is always aware (g)--- the current affairs (h)--- the world. He abides (i)--- his teachers' advice and jots (j)---their lectures.

Answer: (a) to; (b) to; (c) by; (d) down/out/for; (e) for; (f) to; (g) of; (h) of/across/around; (i) by; (j) down. 

24. [Chattogram Board-2016]
Flowers are an excellent gift of nature. They have existed (a)--- the earth (b)--- prehistoric time. Since then they have been treated (c)--- the symbol of beauty. It is an undeniable fact that flowers are used (d)--- various spheres (e)--- our life. It is used mostly (f)--- decoration. People (g)---all walks of life use flowers usually (h)--- national occasion and (i)--- wedding. Everyone prefers flowers (j)--- expressing their love and devotion.

Answer: (a) on; (b) from; (c) as/for; (d) in; (e) of; (f) for; (g) from; (h) on; (i) at/in/for; (j) for/in

25. [Sylhet Board-2016]
The science fair held (a)--- our college paved a new way for us to gather practical knowledge. Many of our friends took part (b)--- the fair (c)---their projects. We showed genuine interest (d)---them. Most of the projects were made (e)---consistent (f)---the prevailing world situation. They were intended (g)--- acquaint us (h)--- the solutions (i)--- some common problems we are facing especially in regard to the environment we live in. We were sanguine (j)--- achieving success and we really achieved it.

Answer: (a) in; (b) in; (c) with; (d) in; (e) in; (f) with; (g) to; (h) with; (i) of; (i) of.

25. [Barishal Board-2016]
During the holidays when my mother went to sleep (a)--- noon, we went to the railway line. There, along with other children I watched how the trains passed (b)---innumerable unknown facts. My father got an appointment (c)--- a town school and he moved (d)--- the town immediately with all the members of the family. I was admitted (e)--- my father's school. I felt that my school fellows had no feeling (f)--- as we had in the village. However, I have gradually adjusted myself (g)--- am happy with my new friends but my heart aches (h)---the happy childhood days. Childhood is free (i)---worries and has the infinite capacity (j)--- enjoyment.

Answer: (a) at; (b) with/through; (c) in; (d) to; (e) into/ to; (f) for; (g) to; (h) for; (i) from; (j) for.
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