Eve Teasing Paragraph

Eve-teasing is normally meant as teasing a girl or woman illegally. “Eve-teasing” refers to public sexual harassment or street harassment to a girl by a boy, when it turns into a serious issue. Eve-teasing is a very common term in South Asia, especially in Bangladesh and India.

Almost every young girl is a victim of teasing, especially by the local young teaser. The most of the people may avoid it as a common matter with young generation. But when it crosses the line, it will raise as a problem to us. These days, many girls have committed suicide only to safe themselves from eve-teasing. There happened many occurrences like this, which are not being published in the newspaper. 

In most of the cases, the victims shy to exposes these incidents. That means, eve-teasing in Bangladesh has reached its maximum range. This is against the women rights without any doubt. Those who are involved with this kind of embarrass stuff can be named as a terrorist. The teasers wait in schools, colleges or outside the house gate and as soon as girls walk passed by them they start teasing with bad comments, naughty jokes, sly whistles and even indecent exposure.

To control the diffusion of Eve Teasing, Education Ministry in Bangladesh has designated 13 June, 2010 as Eve Teasing Protection Day. This declaration reflects its result by decreasing both the number of women-suicide and also the extension of eve teasing all over the country. This great problem of our country cannot be removed only by Government movements. Both the Government and the public of the country should come forward to eradicate this problem from our country.

In this fact, public awareness and application of strict law is crying need against eve-teasers, so no eve-teasers get the chance to raise their head.

Paragraph on Eve Teasing

Bangladesh, a developing country, though holding quite a small area is flooded with uncountable problems. Among these, eve-teasing, recently has become the burning issue for the country because of its adverse effects on women, especially to the teenage girls.

Eve teasing has remained a concern since many years. The practice of eve-teasing is a form of sexual assault that ranges in brutality from catcalls, sexually evocative remarks, brushing in public places and very recently teasing by mobile phone and mobile tracking. These teasers wait in front of girls’ schools and colleges and as soon as they cite the girls walk past them they start passing bad comments, dirty jokes, sly whistles, uncivilised laughter, and sometimes reaching the extreme of rude publicity.

Due to the rise of eve-teasing in our country, parents and guardians are passing days in great anxiety for the safety of their children. The normal life of girls is being hampered due to its rapid increase. Strict enforcement of laws and motivational campaign can go a long way in reducing the incidence of the social menace.

The government of Bangladesh has pursued a number of legal measures, both direct and indirect, to minimise the violence against women and uphold their rights. If we want to get rid of this practice we need to change our attitudes and engrave a self-generated respect for women coming from our hearts.


Eve teasing means molestation or exciting young girls sexually by making indecent remarks or vulgar comments on them. It usually starts with winking eyes and making obscene gestures and may go to the extent of physical assault and harassment. Generally, school and college-going girls become victims of eve teasing. It is a matter where boys use bad language to the girls who silently hate them without taking any kind of revenge. In naturally his violations reach the girls to suicide. For removing it forever from the society everybody should careful about it. 

Everybody should behave each other like brother and sister. Here religion rules can contribute a lot. If anybody makes this again they should be punished for their deeds. And we should take immediate action to them if anybody makes this violation. Boys who see their fathers treating their mothers with respect will automatically grow into men who think likewise. Boys and girls should be allowed to mingle freely so that they learn to respect each other’s individuality. Men need to realize that every woman is some man’s wife, or daughter, or sister, or mother; and must be treated with the same respect, they would accord their own.

Eve teasing is a social crime and it should be prevented at any cost. The law-enforcing authorities should deal severely with the eve teasers. People’s conscience and consciousness must also be aroused to stop this nuisance.
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