Flowchart rules for HSC

When you are going to write a flow chart, keep in mind:

1. At first give a title.
2. Use 6 rectangular/square boxes including the given box.
3. Boxes can be horizontal or vertical.
4. Use arrow sign between two boxes.
5. Use numeric letters serially in each box.
6. Start points with capital letters.
7. Start your points according to the structure are given bellow:

Rules of Flowchart HSC

Verb + ing + Noun/Noun Phrase
i. Enlightening the mind
ii. Broadening our outlook, 
iii. Learning about a society’s culture
By + verb + ing + Noun/Noun Phrase
i. By increasing popularity of  pop music
ii. By using language and music
iii. By using the tools and objects
For + verb + ing + Noun/Noun Phrase

i. For discharging medical wastes
ii. For discharging hospital wastes
iii. For discharging household wastes

To + V1 + Noun/Noun Phrase
i. To ride on a Horse
ii. To defeat a crocodile
iii. To protect from wild animals
iv. To help people cultivate land
Noun + of + Noun/Noun Phrase
i. Loss of popularity of entertainment
ii. Source of entertainment
iii. Medium of distance education
iv. Instrument of information
Noun/Noun Phrase
i. Honesty
ii. Courage
iii. Responsibility
Verb + Others

i. Born in 1860
ii. Given a diary in 1892
iii. Spent from 1992 to 1994 in hiding
iv. Wrote diary
v. Died in 1940
vi. Published the diary in 1913
Adverbial/Preposition + Noun/ Noun Phrase

i. By proper planning
ii. For higher education
9. Maintain order
10. Writing points precisely avoiding article, adverb etc.
11. Avoid punctuation at last of each point

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