Virtual Campus Paragraph

(a) What do you mean by virtual campus?
(b) What are the activities of this campus?
(c) What Type of institution is it?
(d) Who are benefitted by this campus?
(e) What role does the campus play in the field of education?

A virtual campus is an online learning platform. It is dedicated to students, teaching and learning activities. It manages their intakes providing online course catalogs, enrollment application, online bookstore and students support services. 

The students of virtual campuses can log in and access video lectures, obtain assignments and chat with fellow students. They can submit assignment to their instructors and ask questions about the lectures or course assignments. Virtual campuses run their courses by video streaming lessons, simulations, virtual classrooms, video conferencing, online library, etc.

The students get direct access to their tutors through email, messaging, telephone, video, chat and the virtual classroom. This access makes it really easy for students to ask for help whenever they need it. Students often feel far more comfortable asking for one- on- one assistance. The students can work through material at their own rate, revisiting or skipping whatever they feel is appropriate.

Besides, a virtual campus removes geographical boundaries. The students from anywhere across the world can join the campus. In fact, it is a platform for the learners to avail online courses and degree programmes staying home.

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