Use of So - - - that

‘So’ can be used as an adverb or adjective to describe the extent of a situation, emotion, or physical state. When used with ‘that,’ it emphasizes the degree to which the situation or state has an effect. The phrase ‘so [adverb /adjective] that’ is often used to form a cause-and-effect relationship, where the first part of the phrase (the ‘cause’) leads to the result described in the second part of the phrase (the ‘effect’).

For example:
  1. It was so hot outside that I couldn't bear to go for a walk.
  2. She was so nervous that she couldn't speak.
  3. The music was so loud that I had to cover my ears.
In these examples, the first part of the phrase (the degree of hotness, nervousness, and loudness) is the cause, while the second part of the phrase (the effect) is the result of that cause.

In addition to indicating a cause-and-effect relationship, “so [adverb/adjective] that” can also be used to emphasize the importance or significance of something. For example:

  • He was so kind that everyone loved him.
  • The book was so interesting that I couldn't put it down.

In these examples, the "so [adverb/adjective] that" construction emphasizes the positive qualities of the person and book, respectively.

Rules of so --- that

👉Subject + verb (present Tense) + so + adjective/adverb + that + subject + can /may/ shall/will+ not + V1 + object/extra part. 

👉Subject + verb (past Tense) + so + adjective/ adverb + that + subject + could/would/might+ not + V1 + object/extra part. 

👉Subject + verb + so + adjective/adverb + that + subject + verb (present/past form) + object /extra part.

1. The woman is so weak that she cannot move her body.
2. Peter was so wicked that nobody could trust him.
3. My father was so honest that all respected him.
4. The man is so weak that he cannot move his body.
5. Their throats were so dry that they couldn’t speak.
6. He is so expert that he can solve it easily.
7. She is so intelligent that she can understand it quickly.
8. He plays so skillfully that everybody gets amused.
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