Use of Too - - - To

Too” is an adverb that indicates that something is to a greater extent than what is desirable or appropriate. “To” is a preposition that is used to indicate direction, location, or time.

The expression “too X to Y” is a common construction where X is an adjective and Y is a verb, and it means that something is so X that it is not possible to Y. For example:

1. The box is too heavy to carry.
2. The cake is too sweet to eat.

In these examples, the adjective ‘heavy’ and ‘sweet’ describe the box and the cake respectively, and the verb ‘carry’ and ‘eat’ describe what cannot be done because the box is too heavy and the cake is too sweet.

Rules of too -- to 

👉Subject (person) + verb+ too + adjective/ adverb  to + Present form (V1) + object/extension

👉Subject (thing) + verb + too + adjective/ adverb + for + object  to + Present form (V1) + object/extension

👉Subject (thing) + verb + too + adjective/ adverb  to be + Past participle (V3) + object/ extension

1. He is too weak to walk.
2. The man was too weak to walk.
3. The load is too heavy for her to carry.
4. He works too slowly to complete in time.
5. Rana is too strong to defeat anybody.
6. He has too much money to purchase anything anytime.
7. Samuel had enough intelligence to get love.
8. She is too weak to walk.
9. The writer was too poor to buy a cavalier.
10. The boy was too clever to solve the puzzle.
11. John is too upset to do nothing.
12. The poor man is too hungry to eat anything.
13. The old man was too weak to move.
14. I am too confused to make a decision.
15. He is too dull to keep my attention.
16. He was too short to reach the shelf.
17. John is too poor to afford a car.
18. We are too late to catch the train.
19. We are too sad to enjoy the party.
20. The old man was too honest to tell a lie.
21. He is too stupid to understand.
22. She was too distressed to eat anything.
23. You are too young to drink.
24. She is too shy to speak in public.
25. We arrived too late to see the show.
26. The box is too small to fit the present.
27. It is too heavy for her to lift.
28. The water is too salty to drink.
29. The box was too heavy for Rana to carry.
30. The dress was too expensive to buy.
31. The highway is too narrow for two cars to pass.
32. The puzzle was too difficult for him to solve.
33. The house is too small to fit all the furniture.
34. His ideas are too complicated for me to understand.
35. The tea is too hot to drink.
36. This fact is too evident to ignore.
37. Any branch of knowledge is too difficult to master completely.
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