An ideal student paragraph

The word ‘ideal’ refers to a ‘model’ or an ‘icon’. So, an ideal student means a perfect student who can be a role model for all students. An ideal student is an asset to the whole nation.

An ideal student must have some good features and he should perform some duties. He must be truthful, honest, polite and punctual. He is always conscious about his duties and responsibilities.

The first and foremost duty of an ideal student is to attend classes regularly and study attentively. He must be obedient to teachers, dutiful to parents and friendly to fellow students. He gets up early in the morning.

He maintains and follows a daily routine. He spends his time in a planned way. He does his home works in time. He does not cram his lessons, rather he always tries to understand whatever he reads.

Generally he prepares his own notes, revises them and writes them for several times. He keeps good contacts with teachers and other good students. An ideal student must be conscious of the rules of health. He must follow the general rules of health.

To keep body fit he regularly takes free hand exercise. He joins in all the cocurricular activities of his institution. He takes part in sports and games.

He is a sharp debater and a good orator. He is respectful to superiors. He is very helpful to his classmates. Finally, the way of his life is that of high thinking and plain living.

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