Hakaluki Haor Paragraph

What's Haor?

A haor is a wetland ecosystem in the north eastern part of Bangladesh which physically is a bowl or saucer shaped shallow depression, also known as a backswamp.

In a country where one third of all area can be termed as wetlands, the haor basion is an internationally important wetland ecosystem, which is situated in Sunamganj, Habiganj and Moulvibazar districts and Sylhet Sadar Upazila as well as Kishoreganj and Netrokona districts outside the core haor area.

It is a mosaic of wetland habitats, including rivers , streams and irrigation canals, large areas of seasonally flooded cultivated plains. In this April of 2017, the Haor people of six north-eastern districts of Bangladesh lost their only food security crop the Boro rice due to flash flood caused by water of Indian Meghalaya and unnatural excessive rainfall.

The region farmers, local representatives and Dhaka based expert opined it was man made. Farmers from different Haor areas suggested that the riverbeds were silted and the initiatives to reconstruct the embankment were most inadequate.

Also they suggested that the crisis was man made, because it occured, largely, due to the financial mismanagement and corruptions leading to failure in reconstruction of embankments on time. About 20 million people lost their major livelihoods. Two hundred thousand hectares rice crop were / was completely destroyed.

It is also their major income source. Day labourers lost 220, 55400 man day works. All fish species of Haors are dying due to polluted water caused by rotten rice crop and pollution from upstream. 

Hundreds of ducks are also dying due to rotten rice plus fish and polluted water. Buffalo, goat and cow are also dying in some locations due to taking of polluted water grass.

In fact, environmental disaster has happened in the Haor area. Government has distributed relief and financial grants. But they are not sufficient enough to remove their distress. More relief and foods should be supplied.

They need interest free loan to survive up to harvest of next Boro rice crop. They also need rehabilitation work. Government should also take effective and quick step so that children of many farming family can continue their educations.

Hakaluki Haor paragraph for HSC

Hakaluki Haor is the name of an unmatched natural beauty. It is the abode of numerous animals, fishes and birds and large variety of flora and fauna.

It is a sanctuary to the migratory birds which include Barheaded Goose, Adjutant stork, Broadbill Sandpiper etc. It is the abode of different species of fishes. Kalibaus, Boal, Rui, Pabda, Chapila, Ghogot etc. are available here.

In the dry season it becomes a vast sea of green grass . Herds are then seen grazing there. The haor produces reeds and other aquatic plants. Rice including Aus, Amon and Boro grows here. 

Thus it is source of livelihood of many people. A lot of people catch fishes from the haor and sell them in the markets. Thus it is also a source of living. Besides, this economic benefit, it has a rich bio-diversity. It has also added beauty to the landscape of Sylhet.

In the rainy season it becomes a huge bowl of water. In the dry season it becomes a vast grassland. This haor can be a tourist spot if people come to know about its beauty. The bio-diversity and the natural beauty of the haor area can attract the tourists from home and abroad.

So the government should pay more attentioin to this Hakaluki Haor so that it can be an important tourist spot.

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