Energy crisis in Bangladesh

Modern life depends on energy and if crisis occurs in the supply of energy life becomes miserable. The term load-shedding is connected with the crisis of electrical energy. Everybody in all areas provided with electricity is familiar with it.

Energy crisis ' takes place because of inadequate generation of electrical energy. It is primarily responsible for load-shedding. When the production of power falls short of the total requirement, the supply of energy is suspended temporarily at one area in order to provide adequate power in another area.

Again, the supply of power is stopped in that other area for the time being and it is diverted to the area in which it was kept under suspension. In this way the power is provided round the clock to different areas alternatively with temporary suspension here and there for a particular period. 

Thus load-shedding occurs by turns in different areas during different parts of the day. Sometimes power is distributed in an unplanned way because of the lack of efficiency on the part of the persons concerned. Unplanned distribution of power is also largely responsible for energy crisis.

Effect of energy crisis

Energy crisis causes load-shedding. On account of load-shedding big cities and industrial areas suffer most. Every crisis in Bangladesh is very acute. All on a sudden the streets plunge into darkness. Only a few lights of cars and buses flash here and there. Kerosene lamps, petromax, and candle sticks only half-light big shops and market places. Thieves and pick-pockets, snatchers and hijackers freely prowl on the streets.

The running productive machines come to a standstill in mills and factories. The suffering of the students and examinees due to load-shedding beggars description. The curse of load-shedding does not spare even the hospitals.

The plight of a patient undergoing an emergency operation when the lights suddenly go off can better be imagined than described. The research materials and medicines kept under controlled temperature and in refrigerators are damaged.

The commodities preserved in cold-storages get spoiled. The food-stuff and eatables put in household refrigerators for deferred consumption become rotten and unfit for use. In fact, words are inadequate to give proper vent to the discomfort and harm caused in our life by load shedding.

The curse of energy crisis must be removed from our country at an early date. The authorities concerned should make proper planning and adopt sufficient measures to remove energy crisis, on a priority basis, in order to cope with the increasing demand for supply of power.

It is heartening that the government has become quite up and doing with a view to bringing about the required development in this sector. All concerned must join their hands to liberate the people from the curse of energy crisis as soon as possible.
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