Drug Addiction Paragraph

(a) What is drug addiction?
(b) What happens when a person takes a drug?
(c) What are the causes of drug addiction?
(d) How does it affect society?
(e) How can it be checked?

Drug addiction means a strong attraction for taking harmful drugs. These drugs include opium, heroin, hashish, yaba, phenyl etc. When a person takes them, he gets excited and loses control over himself.

Drug addiction is now a global problem. This social cancer has spread its poisonous claw all over the world. Frustration is the cause of this addiction. Unemployment problem, political cataclysm, lack of family ties, lack of love affection etc give rise to frustration. Again this addiction gives rise to social crimes. When the addicted can not afford to buy drugs, they commit many kinds of social crimes like hijacking, looting, plundering killing, robbery etc.

Drugs bear a terrible effect on the human body. They kill them slowly but surely. No physician can stop the changes that take place in the body of a drug addict. Drug addicted people feel drowsy, lose appetite and sleep. The skin of their bodies begins to change its colour. Drugs also damage the brain and all internal function of the body.

However, this curse should not be allowed to go on unchecked. At any cost, we must get rid of this social cancer by highlighting its dangerous effect on the human body and society. The remedy for drug addiction is not very easy. The greed of drug traders has grasped the whole world. The drug business is punishable and the highest punishment is the death sentence in Bangladesh. This law must be enforced immediately.

Our young generation must be aware of the dire consequence of drug abuse. Parents must be careful of their treatment of children. Feelings of security under loving parents may hinder children from being victims of drugs. Religious and social values must be taught from early childhood. When each and every person is sincere to drive this curse of drug addiction from society, human beings can get rid of it.

Drugs addiction paragraph for HSC

Attraction for harmful things like, heroin marijuana, morphine, L.S.D, opium etc is called drug addiction. Drugs are used to get some illusionary mental stimulation. It has now become a global problem. People get addicted to drugs for variety of reasons.

Sometimes young people become frustrated out of unemployment, rejection in love, lack of family ties, political abuse or other such reasons. Then they take drugs to get released from their mental pressure. Addiction to drugs causes a great harm to the physical and mental health of the users.

They feel drowsy, lose their appetite and finally they become devoid of all human senses. They become mere beasts who have little concern about their families, relations and social values. When the drug addicts are unable to afford to buy drugs, they commit social crimes like hijacking, stealing, robbery etc. The poisonous drugs kill them slowly but surely.

Drug addiction not only harms the addicted but also degrades his family in the eye of society . Abiding by the rules of religion and by following the rules of health one can avoid being addicted to drugs. Avoiding bad company is also necessary to remain safe from the bad effects of drug addiction.

Creating awareness at personal and family levels against the dangerous effects of drugs is also necessary. It is high time we saved our young generation from ruins by drug addiction.

Drug Addiction Paragraph for SSC & JSC

Drug addiction is becoming very common among our youth. Perhaps the youth find this life too burdensome. As an escape from it, they take to drugs.

Sometimes parents themselves become the cause of it. They are either too strict or have no time to attend to their children. The young ones feel neglected. Our purposeless system of education is also one of the big causes. When the youth fail to get any employment after 15-20 years of education, they get frustrated and take to drugs.

Drug addiction has become a big social problem. There is no shortcut cure for drug abuse. We often complain that our youth are going wrong. 

But, we hardly do anything to understand their problems. The best way to keep our youth away from drugs is to use their energies in construct ways. An employment based educational system should be evolved.

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