Positive and negative aspects of love

Love is heaven; heaven is love, but despite heavenly aspects, love has also negative aspects. Of course, then love remains no more love in the true sense of the term.

It then becomes extreme or blind. So love does mischief. It does harm ‘sometimes like a siren, sometimes like a fury.’ Blind love is actuated by blind emotion, passion and sentiment.

It has taken away countless invaluable lives and caused many wars and great destruction in human history. Trojan War and the loss of innumerable lives including great heroes , were due to Paris blind love for Helen.

Similarly, too much love for the country and countrymen leads one to transgress the international laws and emphasise unlawfully the realisation and satisfaction of the national but narrow interest.
Positive and negative aspects of love
Again, love of power, if it is not bound up with some other things than power, that is , if it is not aimed at discovery, of artistic creation or the reconciliation of groups hitherto at enmity with each other, and the like, brings about much harm to the society.

He who cherishes this kind of love becomes blind to satisfy his end and so often disregards legality, exercises his muscle power and tyrannises and oppresses people. Minus the limited negative and destructive sides, love is the mainspring and mainstay of human beings.

Truly speaking, love in its true nature coupled with a good motive to do good to humanity is imperatively needed , and it always plays a colossal role in human life.
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