Synonym & antonym suggestion for HSC

1. Read the passage and then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below. 
After the flight of Yuri Gagarin, the first human being to travel to (a) outer space in 1961, the Soviet Union decided to send a woman in space (b) Proletarian Valentina Tereshkova was selected for this project from among more than four hundred applicants. Since the successful (c) launch of the spacecraft Vostok-5 on 14 June 1963. Tereshkova (d) began (e) preparing for her own fight. On 16 June 1963, she was dressed in space-suits and taken to the space shuttle launch pad by a bus. After completing her communication life support checks, she was scaled inside Vostok-5. Finishng a two-hour countdown, Vostok-5 launch (f) faultlessly. Although Tereshkova experience (g) nausea and physic (h) discomfort for much of the flight, she orbited the earth 48 times and spent almost three days in space. She also (i) maintained a fight log and took photographs of the horizon, which were (j) later used to identify aerosol layers within the atmosphere.

(a) outer (antonym) ⸻ inner

(b) proletarian (synonym) ⸻ working class, common

(c) launch (synonym) ⸻ introduction, inauguration

(d) began (antonym) ⸻ ended, finished, ceased, stopped

(e) prepare (synonym) ⸻ make, produce, arrange, ready, develop, get ready

(f) faultless (antonym) ⸻ faculty, defective, imperfect, wrong, flawed, blemished

(g) nausea (synonym) ⸻ vomiting, retching, biliousness, queasiness, sickness

(h) discomfort (antonym) ⸻ comfort, ease

(i) maintain (synonym) ⸻ sustain, continue, retain, care for, take care, keep up

(j) later (antonym) ⸻ earlier, before

2. Read the passage and then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below. 
Beauty is easy to appreciate but difficult to define. As we look around, we discover beauty in pleasurable objects and sights in nature, in the laughter of children, in the kindness of strangers. But asked to define, we run into difficulties. Does beauty have an independent objective identity? Is it universal, or is it dependent on our sense perceptions? Does it lie in the eye of the beholder? we ask ourselves. A further difficulty arises when beauty manifests itself not only by its presence, but by its absence as well, as when we are repulsed by ugliness and desire beauty. But then ugliness has as much a place in our lives as beauty, or may be more as when there is widespread hunger and injustice in a society. Philosophers have told us that beauty is an important part of life, but isn't ugliness apart of life too?

a) beauty (antonym); b) appropriate (antonym); c) discover (synonym); d) pleasure (synonym); e) strangers (antonym); f) universal (antonym); g) perceptive (synonym); h) beholder (synonym); i) manifest (antonym); j) repulse (synonym)

3. Read the passage and then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below. 
Anne Frank is perhaps the most well known victim of the Nazi Holocaust of World War II. Anne , born on 12 June 1929, was given a diary at the age of 13, in which she chronicled her life from 1942 to 1944. During this time Anne spent two years in hiding with her family in Nazi occupied Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands (Holland).

a) perhaps (synonym); (b) most (synonym); c) known (antonym); (d) born (antonym); (e) given (antonym); (f) chronicled (synonym); (g) life (antonym); (h) during (Synonym); (i) spent (antonym); (j) with (synonym)

4. Read the passage and then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below. 
Adolescents constitute a nation's core resource for national renewal and growth. Adolescence is a period in life when transition from childhood to adulthood takes place and behaviors and life style occurs. According to WHO, adolescence is a period which shape the future of girls and boys lives. There are 28 million adolescents in Bangladesh. 13.7 million of them are girls and 14.3 million boys. The situation of girls are characterized by inequality and subordination within the family and society. This inequality leads to widespread practice of child marriage, marginalization or exclusion from health, vulnerability to violence and sexual abuse.

(a) adolescent (synonym); (b) constitute (synonym); (c) childhood (antonym), (d) style (synonym); (e) transition (synonym); (f) widespread (antonym); (g) practice (antonym); (h) exclusion (antonym); (i) vulnerability (synonym); (j) violence (antonym)

5. Read the passage and then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below. 
Kuakata is truly a virgin beach and a sanctuary for migratory winter birds. Fishing boats plying in the Bay of Bengal with colorful sails, surfing waves and the lines of coconut trees add to the vibrant colours of Kuakata. The indigenous culture of the Rakhaine community and hundred year old Buddhist temples indicate the age-old tradition and cultural heritage of this area. Kuakata is also a holy land for the Hindus and Buddhists. Each year thousands of devotees come here to attend the festivals Rash Purnima and Maghi Purnima. On these two days, pilgrims take holy bath and enjoy going to the traditional fairs.

(a) truly (antonym); (b) migratory (synonym); c) vibrant (synonym); (d) indicate; (synonym); (e) holy; (antonym); (f) attend; (antonym); (g) indigenous (antonym); (h) enjoy (synonym); (i) traditional (antonym); (j) festival (synonym)

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