Recent Price Hike in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country with several problems. Among the recent problems, price hike is widely discussed. Price hike means the rise of price of daily necessaries. The price of essential commodities is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Today, price hike is a common phenomenon in our economy. It has spread its evil clutch all over the country. Prices of daily essentials are increasing alarmingly. People of fixed and limited income are suffering a lot. All are getting worried about this problem.

There are many causes behind price hike. The first and foremost cause is over population. Man made crisis of commodities is another cause. Dishonest businessmen do it for higher profits. Business syndicate, smuggling and corruption are also key causes of price hike.

It also depends on international market. Besides, anarchy and unawareness are responsible for it. The effects of price hike are many. Most of the people of Bangladesh are living below poverty line.

So, their condition is becoming miserable. Many of them have to remain famished almost every day. The poor children are leaving school in despair. For price hike, the poor are becoming poorer. The problem of price hike is hindering the overall development of our country.

We have to take some immediate steps to bring down prices of valuable commodities. At first, we have to control our population . Food production must be increased as much as possible. Also, dishonest businessmen must be punished.

To keep price under control, we need political stability as well. The government should store food to cope with any natural disaster. The government should also sell essential commodities for the poor at a lower rate. Smuggling and black marketing are to be eradicated at any cost.

Moreover, adequate supply of essential commodities has to be ensured. Above all, conscious people should work together to control price hike.
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