Meherjan passage questions and answer

2. Answer the following questions:                           
(1) Her weak hands tremble. — Who says this? Why does she say this? Explain in 2/3 sentences.

(2) How can the increase of Meherjans be stopped?

(3) What sufferings did Meherjan get in her past life?

(4) Do you agree with the view that we should take prompt actions to adapt to climate change? Give reasons for your answer.

(5) Briefly describe how the erosion of the Jamuna gradually consumed all her property?

(6) The dancing of the flames reminds Meherjan of the turmoil in her life. What does the writer mean here?

(7) What is the purpose of this text?

(8) What is our responsibility to stop climate change?

(9) Can you identify the consequences of climate change? If yes, what are these?

(10) Do you believe that we can control the force of nature if we are careful and true to our word? Why? Why not?

(11) What should we do to save people like Meherjan?

(12) What do you suggest to stop river erosion?

(13) What will happen if we cannot control river erosion?

(14) What do you think about the main cause of river erosion?

(15) Who are the worst sufferers of climate change?

(16) Why does Meherjan look aged more than her age?

Questions Answers

(1) The author of the passage says this. He says so because actually Meherjan is not a very aged woman but due to river erosion she has lost everything and has become very weak.

(2) To stop the increase of Meherjans we should take massive steps to control river erosion. We have to build embankment. The victims of river erosion should be rehabilitated properly and on priority basis.

(3) Meherjan is nearly 45 but looks more than her age. She lives in a slum on Sirajgonj Town Protection Embankment. She had everything—her husband, property, living accommodation—overall a happy family. But due to river erosion, she lost her cultivable land, cattle, trees, house, bamboo bush, husband everything.

(4) I altogether agree with the view because it is known to all that the climate of the country is quite uncertain, and it is rather worsening day by day. If we don't take prompt action to adapt to climate change, we are bound to face a very critical time.

(5) Like many others, Meherjan lost her family and her belongings to the hungry Jamuna. Her living home was adjacent to the cruel Jamuna and it took only one day to consume everything she had.

(6) The writer means here the pains and sufferings of Meherjan as a victim of rifler erosion.

(7) The purpose of this text is to raise awareness to protect the environment and save people from destruction.

(8) We can play a great role to stop climate change. We should raise awareness to protect the environment and reduce the bad impact of climate change.

(9) The consequences of climate change are very dangerous. The serious consequences of climate change are rising of temperature, greenhouse effect, floods, cyclones, drought, river erosion, storms and earthquakes and so on.

(10) Yes, I think we can control the force of nature if we are very sincere and careful and true to our word. Because by taking care of our nature, planting more and more trees, avoiding intentional destructions of trees, we can stop the rise of the sea level which plays a significant role in the field of river erosion.

(11) We should be careful to save our environment and our planet. If we take care of our environment, we can control the curse of nature and adapt with the climate change and can save people like Meherjan.

(12) If we are careful about global warming then we can save our planet from tsunami, hurricane, flood etc. If we can save our country from flood, we can stop never erosion.

(13) If we cannot control river erosion, the number of homeless people may increase day by day. Statistics shows that at least 1,00,000 people are becoming homeless every year in Bangladesh due to that river erosion.

(14) I think the main cause of river erosion is the climate change. During monsoon, the river turns into a giant snake that eats up everything. In fact, this catastrophe e is the result of climate change.

(15) People living in poorer countries like Bangladesh, Maldives etc. are the worst sufferers. The dangers of climate change which affect these countries include the rising of the sea level peoples being homeless etc.

(16) Losing everything—shelter, cultivable land, trees, vegetable garden etc. Meherjan is physically, weak and mentally upset. She is suffering from want, anxiety etc. These negative phenomena have made her lite abnormal and as such she looks more than her age.

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