Partha Pratim Majumder passage

Partha Pratim Majumder was born in 1954 in Pabna to a family of artistes. He spent most of his early years in his ancestral home. One of the biggest houses, situated in a small locality known as Kalachandpara.

At that time it was well known for its cultural activities. There were festivals and various types of cultural shows round the year. His father, a photographer by profession, was an art lover. He taught and inspired his son to appreciate different forms of art.

Majumder went to live with his aunt in Chandernagar, 30 kilometres away from Kolkata in 1966. It was there that he first came across a mime artiste named Jogesh Dutt.

The way Dutt narrated stories without uttering a single word. left Majumder spellbound. He took Lessons on mime from Dutt in Jogesh Dutt's mime academy in Kolkata from 1966 to 1972.

2. Read the above text and fill in each gap with a suitable word based on the information of the text.

Majumder was born into a family of artistes. By (a) --- his father was a photographer. Being a photographer, he loved art very much. He taught his son to (b) --- different forms of art. At one (c) --- of time Majumder went to India to live with his aunt. The place was 30 Kilometers away from Kolkata and the year was 1966. At that place, Majumder came in (d) --- with a mine artist named Jogesh Datta. Majumder (e) --- training on mime in Datta's mime academy.
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