My mother paragraph

Mrs Parvin Jafari is my mother. She is 46. My mother is a housewife. She is well-educated and well mannered. She possesses every quality of an ideal housewife.

In my eyes, she is the most beautiful lady in the world. In fact , though she is now above forty five years old , she still looks very pretty. She seldom falls sick as she leads a very disciplined and ascetic life. As I said before, my mother is an ideal housewife, so her management of household chores is beyond comment.
My mother paragraph
Everyday she gets up before Fazr prayer. After, saying her prayer, she makes breakfast and calls the members of the family for meals. Then, apart from doing other work, she cooks for us. 

Sometimes I wonder how she does everything at the right time everyday. She loves me very much and even more than anybody else of the members of the family.

It is because, I am the only son of my parents. If I fall ill, she becomes desperate and remains beside my bed all the time. But about my study, she is very strict. She always wants me to do well in my examination. 

She hardly gets any leisure time. But if she gets time, she reads novels, story books and various religious books. I respect her from the core of my heart. She is the most dutiful and affectionate woman I have ever seen.

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