Preposition test exam questions 2024

1. Mirzapur Cadet College, Tangail
Speaking ill (a) --- others is a very bad human habit. It develops a negative tendency (b) --- one's mind. This habit tempts one to indulge (c) --- a negative approach out of his unsound mind. It leaves bad effects (d) --- human individuals and society. Sometimes, it hampers the happy and smooth run (e) --- the society. Sometimes, people burst (f) --- tears for this. They never think (g) --- dying (h) --- others' or praise others' activities and they themselves remain blind (i) --- their own faults. Above all, their bad habit wastes their invaluable time (j) --- nothing.

2. Rajsk Uttara Model College, Dhaka
I received (a) --- her another letter stating that she was passing (b) -- Paris and would like to have a chat (c) --- me. Would I give her a little luncheon (d) --- Foyot's? Foyot's is a restaurant (e) --- which the French senators my means. I never thought (g) --- going there. But I was too young to say no (h) --- a woman. I replied that I would meet her (i) --- Thursday. When we met, she assured me, “I never eat more than one fing (j) --- luncheon.”

3. Notre Dame College, Dhaka
A black hole is a region (a) --- space time where gravity is so strong that nothing no particles or even electromagnetic radiation such as light can escape (b) ---it. The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass can deform spacetime (c) --- form a black hole. The boundary (d) --- no escape is called the event horizon. Although it has an enormous effect (e) --- the fate and circumstances of an object crossing it, it has no locally detectable features according to general relativity. In many ways, a black hole acts (f) --- an ideal black body, as it reflects no light. Black holes of stellar mass form when massive stars collapse (g) --- the end of their life cycle. After a black hole has formed, it can grow (h) --- absorbing mass (i) --- its surroundings. Super massive black holes of millions of solar masses may form by imbibing other stars and merging (j) --- other black holes. There is consensus that super massive black holes exist in the centres of most galaxies.

4. Dhaka College, Dhaka
Dear Polu,
I have just received your letter. (a) --- your letter you have wanted to know (b) -- the fair that has ended recently (c) --- our village. You know every year (d) --- the occasion (e)--- Nabanna Festival a fair is held in our village. This year the festival was held (f) --- usual (g) --- the age-old banyan tree situated in our village. I felt interested (h) --- visiting the fair. I went to the fair (i) --- some of friends (j) --- 4 in the afternoon.

5. Viqarunnisa Noon School & College, Dhaka
Education along (a) --- academic knowledge gives us wide learning (b) --- our life. It is only (c) --- education we lead a civilized life. Education is just the base (d) --- our learning and there is no end to learning (e) --- this world. It is really a means to develop our knowledge (f) --- life. It teaches us moral values and enables us to differentiate (g) --- good and bad. So, both theory and practical knowledge are essential to derive the utmost benefit. Both are quite inter related, learning (h) --- any of these knowledge may result adverse. Education goes (i) --- books and teachers many realities for the betterment (j) --- our life.

6. Dhaka City College
The secret of success (a) --- life lies (b) --- the proper use (c) --- time. Many (d) --- us are prone (e) --- forgetting that every moment is precious. Life is short but art is long. Time is uncertain. We do not know when we shall be called (f) --- from this world (g) --- death. (h) --- this limited and uncertain period, we have to build (i) --- our body and mind and apply them (j) --- useful activities.

7. Adamjee Cantonment College, Dhaka
A good command (a) --- English always gives a person a better edge (b) ---  others. (c) --- the influence of globalization, the whole world has turned (d) --- a small village, (e) --- the people across the world using English (f) --- a lingua-franca. (g) --- line with the global demand, people are becoming keen (h)--- learning English. Different companies want employees (i) --- a good working knowledge of English. So, there is no alternative (j) --- acquiring English skill.

8. Holy Cross College, Dhaka
The Trojan War was a war (a) --- the Greeks (Achaeans) and the city (b) --- Troy. This all happened (c) --- Paris of Troy took Helen (d) --- her husband, the king of Sparta Menelaus. The Trojan War is one of the most important events to have occurred (e) --- Greek mythology and has been told in many works of Greek literature, the most notable being Homer's Illiad. The Trojan War, lasted (f) --- ten years. It finally ended when the Greeks retreated from camp and left (g) --- a large wooden horse outside the gates of Troy. The wooden horse was a plan made by Odysseus to end the war. The wooden horse was designed to be hollow in the middle so that soldiers could hide inside and then was wheeled in front of the city of Troy. After the Trojan Horse was left (h) --- the gates, the Greeks sailed away from Troy to the island of Tenedos, leaving (i) --- one double agent name Sinon. He was able to convince the Trojans that the Greeks had retreated (j) --- the war and that the horse was a parting gift that would ultimately give the Trojans a fortune. However, once night time fell, the horse opened up and out came the Greek soldiers. From the inside of the city, the Greeks were able to destroy the city of troy and win the war.

9. Cumilla Commerce College; Chuadanga Govt College
Smoking is a bad habit. The danger of smoking is (a) --- description. All know that smoking is injurious  (b) --- health . People addicted (c) --- smoking suffer (d) --- many diseases . But many people do not abstain (e) --- smoking . They are not careful (f) --- their health. It is hoped that smokers should give ( g ) --- smoking. (h) ---- the long run smokers succumb (i) --- many diseases. So, we should campaign (j) --- smoking.

10. Cumilla Collectorate School & College; Rangamati Govt. College
Money is the means (a) --- leading worldly life. Shortage (b) --- money makes our life deplorable. We cannot lead our life properly (c) --- want of money. But there is difficulty (d) --- earning money. Our peace and prosperity are dependent (e) --- proper utilization (f) --- money. Spending money (g) --- improper way can lead us (h) --- the path (i) --- destruction. So, we should be careful (j) --- spending money.

11. Government College of Commerce, Chattogram
The word ‘meta’ means ‘after’, so the literal translation (a) --- ‘metaphysical’ is ‘after physical.’ Basically, metaphysics deals (b) --- questions that can't be explained (c) --- science. It questions the nature (d) --- reality in a philosophical way. Here are some common metaphysical questions: essentially, what is difference (e) --- reality and perception? Is everything that happens already predetermined? If so, then is free choice non existent? Is consciousness limited (f) --- the brain? Metaphysics can cover a broad range of topics from religions (g) --- consciousness; however, all the questions (h) --- metaphysics ponder the nature of reality. And of course, there is no one correct answer (i) any of these questions. Metaphysics is about exploration and philosophy, not (j) --- science and math.

12. BAF Shaheen College, Kurmitola, Dhaka
Patriotism is a great virtue (a) --- human being. It creates (b) --- a man true love (c) --- his motherland. Patriotism is older than civilization. The man, who loves his own country, does his duties and works (d) --- the welfare (e) --- his country is a patriot.  Even the ancient tribes had a fondness (f) --- the place where they were born and sacrificed usual way (h) --- life. If he does their lives to save them. A student, an artist or a politician may be a patriot (g) --- usual way (h) --- life. If he does his duties honestly and sincerely (i) --- his own field, he can be a patriot. If he does not do so, he will be a traitor. We must not have hatred or bitterness (j) --- anyone. But chauvinist patriotism is very bad.

13. Begum Badrunnessa Govt. Girls' College, Dhaka
The food we eat seems to have profound effects (a) --- our health. Although science has made enormous steps (b) --- making food more fit to eat it has (c) --- the same time made many foods unfit to eat. Some research has shown that eighty percent (d) --- all human diseases are related (e) --- diet. People (f) --- different cultures are more prone (g) --- contact certain illness because (h) --- the characteristics (i) --- the foods they consume. So, we should give (j) --- the habit of taking bad foods.

14. Brishrestha Noor Mohammad Public College, Dhaka
I object (a) --- your proposal because this kind of ideas originate (b) --- evil motives. We should remember that deep study. Although people are oblivious (e) --- we must not be prey (c) --- greed. We should be plunged (d) --- deep study. Although people are oblivious (e) --- the past, they remember the evil things. We have to be mindful (f) --- our studies and avoid merging (g) --- bad boys. I was moved (h) --- the pathetic condition of the freedom fighters who once fought (i) --- our country. We should mourn (j) --- the fallen.

15. Mirpur Cantt . Public School & College, Dhaka; Ispahani Public School & College, Chattogram
The trip (a) --- the mountains was an exhilarating experience. We left just (b) --- dawn (c) --- a van loaded (d) --- passengers and luggage . We believed that the trip would take (e) --- six and eight hours, and we hoped to arrive (f) --- our final destination (g) --- dark. The trip began (h) --- any other. The van headed down the highway (i) --- the base (j) --- the mountain.

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