How to Become a Good Student paragraph

It is not easy to become a good student. A student can never be a good student overnight. In order to be a good student, one has to attain some qualities.

First of all, he should have a daily routine for study. He should read regularly, and punctually. Then he must be regular in classes. He has to listen to his teacher's lessons and instructions. 

And he should take notes from classes and make his own notes according to his class notes, textbooks and his own skills.

Next, he has to practise the notes and read the texts. After that, he needs to discuss with other good students about any difficult topic. In the exam hall, he has to answer all the questions technically.

Finally, he will also have to obey his parents, teachers. He should have a broad outlook and knowledge about many things. He has to take physical exercise regularly to keep his body and mind sound.

He must possess a good moral character. He should always speak the truth and keep away from bad companies. He should also participate in various social and national activities.

So, attaining all the good qualities, he can be a good student.
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