How to Learn English Well paragraph

To learn English well, one has to follow several procedures. Firstly he has to be determined to learn it. Then he has to acquire the four skills of learning namely listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Specially, he must listen to English news to develop listening skill. Conversation with others will help him develop his speaking skill. Next, he has to understand what he reads and writes.

For this, huge vocabulary and grammatical knowledge are a must. He has to read different books and write about various things in English regularly.

He may watch English movies and hear English news because he can increase his English vocabulary by watching different English movies, programmes, news, etc.

After that, he also needs to be careful about what he is reading or writing. He should learn the rules of English grammar so that he can have a good command of both spoken and written English. 

Moreover, he should practise speaking English with his teachers and classmates inside and outside the classroom. It will increase his speaking ability in English.

Finally, he is to be in touch with all these skills in practical sense. In fact, to learn English well, he has to follow the all inclusive steps with fervent determination.
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