The Pied Piper of Hamelin completing story

Complete the following story following the cue.
It was a long time ago. There was a town in Germany called Hamelin. Hamelin was a small but beautiful town. There was a river on one side and a mountain on the other.


Once there was a small beautiful town in Germany. People lived happily there but suddenly the town was faced with a great problem, it became full of rats. The rats were very big and fierce, they fought the dogs, kill the cats, bit the babies in the cradles.

They ate up everything they could. The people became very helpless. One day they went to the town hall and told the the Mayor about their sufferings.

The Mayor called up a meeting of his councillor. They talked about different plans but could not find any way to kill the rats. Just then a stranger enter the room with a pipe in his hand.

He told the Mayor that he would get rid of all the rats if the Mayor agreed to pay him ten thousand guilders. The Mayor agreed to the proposal. The pied piper walked out in the street, pulled out of his flute and started playing it.

Soon the rats of every house of Hamelin came out tumbling. He moved along the streets and the rats followed him. He went down to the bank of the river Washer and waded into the river.

All the rats that followed him drowned the river. The pied piper came to the Mayor and demanded the promised money. But the Mayor wanted to give him only five hundred guilders.

This annoyed the piper. He left the Mayor office and stood in the street. He took up his pipe and began to play a different tune. But on hearing the tune, the children of the town came out running.

As the Piper walked along the streets, they followed him singing and dancing. The Piper was walking towards the mountain. As they came near the mountain, a door opened. The Piper and the children walked into the mountain and the door closed.

Only one boy could not follow them because he was lame. The people saw all this and stood helpless. They realised that it was all their fault. But it was too late.
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