Premature Marriage paragraph

Write a paragraph on “Premature Marriage” in about 200 words based on the answers to the following questions.

(a) What is meant by premature marriage?
(b) Who are victims of premature marriage?
(c) What are the causes of premature marriage? (d) What problems does premature marriage create in society?
(e) What suggestions do you have to solve the problem? 

Premature Marriage

According to the law of Bangladesh, the marriage of the girls under eighteen and the boy under twenty-one is called premature marriage.

It is a great social problem. Specially the boys and girls who live below the poverty line are the victims of premature  marriage. There are many causes behind this premature marriage.

The want or lack of proper education, superstition, poverty, orthodox culture, lack the of proper knowledge of nutrition, etc. are the main causes of premature marriage. It not only creates a problem for the country but also causes great harm to the victims.
Premature Marriage paragraph
Due to premature marriage, many girls die at the time of delivering an issue. Many of them and their children suffer from malnutrition.

Always they suffer from this or that kind of diseases. At their premature age, they produce many children. As a result, the country suffers from population problem. It cannot provide all the necessary things to them. The parents can not teach their children properly.

As a result their children remain ignorant and they also are married at their premature age. It is a social problem. So to come out from this problem, we should teach the uneducated and poor people about the harmful sides of the premature marriage.

We should stretch our hands to the government to get nd of the problem. Otherwise our country will face a great problem, and all the developments will be hampered.

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