50 years of Independence of Bangladesh composition

Write a short composition on 50 Years of Independence Of Bangladesh. Write at least 200 words but don't exceed 250 words.

It has been 50 years (Golden Jubilee) since Bangladesh first began the fight for independence which resulted in it's breaking away from Pakistan to become an independent country. 50 year is a long journey for Bangladesh and its independence is the biggest milestone for the nation t celebrate. The country and its people have repeatedly overcome hurdles after hurdles to become a South Asian powerhouse.

Today's Bangladesh is a surprise before the global people for it economic performance. The United Nations proclamation of graduating Bangladesh from a leas developed country to developing country has added a time- befitting dimension to the milestone celebration, kudos to the people of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh inherited a war-hit poor economy in 1971. The country started its journey with an empty coffer. Bangladesh has made spectacular economic progress over the last five decade The GDP growth rate has reached an impressive record level. Per capita income has risen steadily. Its poverty slashing performance is among the best in the world.

Bangladesh h achieved self-sufficiency in food production for her 180 million population. Bangladesh has also shouldered the burden of the world's largest refugee population of over 1 million Rohingya fleeing from persecution in neighbouring Myanmar. It has become an exemplary export powerhouse.

Though COVID-19 has shaken the global economic giants, Bangladesh has become successful keep its GDP growth rate at 5.2% in 2020. Bangladesh's foreign currency reserves reached a new record of over $43 billion at the end of the year 2020. Both public and private investments have been instrumental to stimulate economic grow Bangladesh government has formulated investment friendly policies, acts and laws to attract foreign direct investment (FDI). It also focuses on enhancing Public Private Partnership (PPP) an builds 100 large Industrial parks known as 'Economic Zones.

Over the fifty years, Bangladesh has consistently invested in infrastructure development from housing to communication infrastructure to industrial infrastructure to water supply, solid waste management, electricity. Bangladesh has taken a good number of mega projects to accomplish its own capacity.

Among them the Padma Multipurpose Bridge, Bangabandhu Tunnel and Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant are notable. The setting up of an extensive number of public heal centres, community clinics, upazila health complexes is a good index of our country's prosperity. An extensive vaccination programme has also earned loud appreciation from international communities. The achievements in girls' education, financial inclusion, social security and political participation are noteworthy.

The power sector of Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing in South Asia. After 2009, tightly-knit strategies for the power sector at generation transmission and distribution stages- were implemented with a vision to ensure full electrification and scale up generation. Bangladesh is now set to reach 100% electrification which is another milestone for a developing country,

The RMG industry has made Bangladesh an export powerhouse. It is estimated to be the 3r largest garment exporter in the world. The export earnings have shown promising growth trend the recent years. Digital Bangladesh initiative was introduced by the government in 2009. The aim was to digital connect all of Bangladesh in a decade. Driven by widespread digitisation in the public a private sector, the country has earned an exponential growth in its Internet connectivity, cell phone usages, IT export earning and accessibility of public services. There are over 100 million internet subscribers in the country.

Bangladesh has enrolled its name to space age. There are only few developed countries in that league. A geostationary satellite, Bangabandhu-1. was launched on 12 May 2018. The 50 years of journey of Independence was not smooth for Bangladesh, for Bangladesh lost founding father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman after about three and a half years independence, Evil forces of both domestic and international arenas tried to take Bangladesh back time and again but in vain.

Nothing can stop the wheel of Bangladesh's advancement. Its the oath today for all Bangladeshis on its 50 years of Independence to make a concerted effort for an overall upliftment of the country.
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