Dhaka metro rail composition

Write a short composition on 'Dhaka Metro Rail', Write at least 200 words but don't exceed 250 words.

Dhaka metro rail is an electrically operated railroad. It is the brainchild of Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. It was her political far-sightedness to reduce traffic congestion in the capital.

The first phase of Dhaka Metro Line 6 from Diabari to Agargaon was inaugurated by the Prime Minister on 28 December 2022. It has begun commercial operation since 29 December 2022. The second phase is scheduled to be completed by 2023. Finally, Kamalapur is expected to open in 2025.
Dhaka Metro Rail composition
The main work of the Metro Rail Project started in August 2017 Bangladesh's strategic development partner JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) has funded 75 percent of this mega project. And the remaining 25 percent is financed by the government of Bangladesh. The total cost of the project is Tk 33,472 crore. The metro rall has an undeniable significance on the economy of Bangladesh. 

It will save Tk 200 billion every year. It is eco-friendly as it is run by electricity. In addition. It will speed up daily living for more than 15 million people in Dhaka. It will make commuting easier, and comfortable There are 16 mass rapid transit stations. Stations are:

1. Uttara North
2. Uttara Center
3. Uttara South
4. Pallabi
5. Mirpur-11
6. Mirpur-10
7 Kazipara
8. Shewra Para
9. Agargaon
10. Bijoy Sarawni
11. Farmgate
12. Karwan Bazar
13. Shahbagh
14. Dhaka University
15. Bangladesh Secretariat
16. Motijheel and Kamalapur.

The minimum ticket price of metro rail for line 6 is fixed at Tk 20 and the fare is fixed at Tk 5 per kilometer. 12 trains have been alloted to this line. 2 trains are kept as backup trains. The line operates every day from 8 am to 12 noon. The MRT Line-6 is served by 12 six-car trains. All are Japan made car sets. Each train car forms 120m long trains. The trains are powered by 1500 VDC via overhead line rail system having capacity of travelling at up to 1000 km/h.

Travelling cards can be purchased at ticket office machine (TOM) at station with the help of salespersons. Passengers can also avail cards from vending machines at the stations. Minimum fare for availing metro rall service has been set at Tk 20 and Tk 10 will be added for every two stations.

In automated system a passenger is allowed to get a maximum of five tickets at a time. Confusing passengers can get their tickets from counter manually by paying cash. All passengers will have to enter through the gate using a smart pass card after getting a ticket and will be able to use escalators to go to the platform on the third floor.

Operation and maintenance of metro rail will require a lot of manpower which will lead to numerous job opportunities. Dhaka metro rall will be the most time-sensitive, reliable, safe, comfortable and eco-friendly solution. It will transform Dhaka into a more active, computable, sustainable and pollution-free city. Hopefully it will send traffic jams of Dhaka city to the museum by serving more than 60,000 passengers per hour.
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