Digitalization in Education composition

Write a short composition on 'Digitalization in Education'. Write at least 200 words but don't exceed 250 words.

Education system has passed a long way from its conventional one. In the modern technology- based world, it is an undeniable fact that the face of education is rapidly changing which is the direct result of innovative computer technology.

Gone are the days when we simply needed to study grammar exercises repeatedly from the old copy, while chalk dust floated on air. Today, students are becoming more tech-minded and are likely to learn from computer, instead of text books. As the tools of education are changing increasingly today so the nature of learning and acquisition of knowledge is also changing.

Thorough learning and memorizing from the text has been replaced by better constructive learning techniques, making the students more analytical and enquiring. Undoubtedly, digitalization in education is striving to offer the required tools which will further facilitate this kind of collaborative education.
Digitalization in Education composition
Therefore, the traditional brick and mortar learning modules are changing both for educators and students. The changes in the format of education are taking place gradually and a large number of educators globally are making use of variety of technological resources so as to make their lectures more beneficial and useful for their students.

After classroom lessons, students can also access different software programmes which will allow them to apply what they have learnt in classroom. Thus the pressure of drill exercises to learn lessons thoroughly disappears with the use of technology.

World Wide Web is the primary resource through which electronic books, virtual libraries and dictionaries can be pulled on to the screen easily in multimedia classroom. Besides educators. who desire to collect details and information about latest learning materials can simply make use of web.

With the advancement in technology, many educational institutions are including the utilization of computer technology in their programmes, Today classrooms are no longer focused towards passive mode of learning, collaboration and interaction, Classrooms are transformed into a lab by incorporating computer system that focuses on providing lessons in the digital way. 

Digitalization in education is quite crucial today for the students, especially for those students who desire to survive outside the boundary of colleges and universities. Commuter-enriched instructions are still on its growing phase and hence it is not available to all students. Though there are several set-backs with this type of educational format, the advantages It provides should not be overlooked.

Expectantly, we may see a perfect balance between new technology and traditional learning techniques which will be beneficial both for the educators and the students in future.
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