Table manners paragraph

Write a paragraph on 'Table Manners' on the basis of the answers to the following questions in about 200 words.

(a) What do table manners indicate?
(b) What is the importance of table manners?
(c) Why do employers take job-seekers out to a dinner?
(d) Give some examples of table manners that show, our discreetness or good sense?
e) What should we do if we need to go to washroom?


Table manners are not arbitrary or inconsiderate rules for the sake of rules. Rather, manners are, at their core, indications of being considerate and respectful to people around us.

Table manners are important in our life. They represent a person's overall refinement, their rearing, and self-awareness. While eating a person's munching, slurping, belching and splattering give rise to disgust in sensible and culturally refined people around him.

Then the importance of table manners asserts itself strikingly. When we eat with our friends, they may not care about our buffoon-like behaviour but they may worry that their parents or relatives will be annoyed at their poor dining etiquette as good manners are a sign of respect. 
Table manners paragraph
So, nowadays employers are seen to take job-seekers out to dinner as part of the interview process. That is why, we should be careful about our table manners. Some noticeable table manners are as follows: Just before our sitting at the table, we should silent our phone as the phone's ringing throughout the meal is annoying. 

We should wait until everyone has assembled at the table before sitting down. We should be careful about unintentionally sitting down on the best seat. In case of formal dinner, we should not start eating until the host or hostess give the indication. But you can safely start if everyone's food has arrived.

At the table, we cannot stretch across the table or reach over someone else's plate to take salt or pepper. We can ask others politely to pass them to us. While eating at someone's house. we may be served foods we don't like. Then, rather than avoiding totally, we can at least taste it.

It is proper to leave a little bit on our plate to show that we tried it. We should not talk with mouth full of food. It is sensible to avoid chewing loudly and take smaller bites. In case of getting something out of our mouth, we can use our fingers to quickly and discreetly take it out.

But while doing it, we should cover our mouth with hand or napkin. If we need to go to washroom or get up from the table, we don't need to ask for permission. Rather we can just say, “Excuse me, I'll be right back.”

Then get up quietly and go out without disturbing the others. We should not avoid taking part in the dinner conversations as it is meant to be social. We should keep pace with others in eating.

We also should be careful about belching out, sneezing or making any foul sounds in cleaning our throat.
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