Love and friendship poem summary

“Love and Friendship is a poem by Emily Bronte, the author of the novel "Wuthering Heights." The poem contrasts the qualities of love and friendship, suggesting that while love is passionate and all-consuming, friendship is steady and enduring.

Love and friendship poem short Summary

In the first stanza, the speaker describes love as a wild and turbulent force that sweeps a person off their feet and consumes them completely. Love is described as an intense emotion that can lead to both joy and pain.

The second stanza, in contrast, describes friendship as a reliable and constant force that is always there, even in times of hardship. The speaker suggests that while love can be fleeting, friendship endures through all of life's challenges.

In the final stanza, the speaker concludes that while love may be more exciting and dramatic, friendship is ultimately more valuable and fulfilling. The poem ends with the line, "Love is like the wild rose-briar; / Friendship like the holly-tree. / The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms, / But which will bloom most constantly?" suggesting that while love may be more flashy, friendship is more dependable in the long run.

Love and friendship poem summary

The poem begins by describing the intense emotions associated with love. The speaker says that love is like a "wild rose-briar" that "blooms" and "wither[s]" at the same time. Love is described as a "thorn" that pierces the heart and causes both joy and pain. The speaker suggests that love is a powerful force that can consume a person completely, making them "all trembling and tears" and causing them to "suffer a thousand deaths" for their beloved.

In contrast to love, the second stanza describes friendship as a steady and reliable force. The speaker says that friendship is like the "holly-tree" that is always green and never fades, even in the harshest of winters. Friendship is described as a constant source of support and comfort, even when times are tough. The speaker suggests that friendship is a valuable and enduring relationship that lasts through all of life's ups and downs.

The final stanza of the poem contrasts love and friendship, asking which is more valuable in the end. The speaker acknowledges that love may be more exciting and passionate, but suggests that friendship is ultimately more fulfilling and reliable. The speaker concludes by saying that while the wild rose-briar of love may be beautiful, it is the holly-tree of friendship that will "bloom most constantly" and provide the most enduring source of comfort and support.

Love and friendship poem analysis

Emily Brontë, one of the famous Brontë sisters, wrote many poems about love and friendship. One of her most famous works in this category is the poem "Love and Friendship". Here is a brief analysis of this poem:

The poem begins by contrasting love and friendship. The speaker suggests that love is fleeting and often leads to pain, while friendship is steadfast and brings comfort. She writes, "Love is like the wild rose-briar / Friendship like the holly-tree," implying that love is beautiful but prickly, while friendship is sturdy and reliable.

However, the poem quickly takes a darker turn as the speaker describes the betrayal and hurt that can come from friendship. She writes, "Oh, the comfort / The inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, / Having neither to weigh thoughts / Nor measure words, but pouring them / All right out, just as they are, / Chaff and grain together, / Certain that a faithful hand will / Take and sift them, / Keep what is worth keeping, / And with a breath of kindness blow the rest away."

The speaker then reveals that this trust and safety can be shattered by a friend's betrayal. She writes, "And a pain in my bosom / Forever will keep / Their memory green / That trusted in me." This suggests that while friendship can be a source of comfort and safety, it can also lead to deep hurt when that trust is broken.

In conclusion, Emily Brontë's “Love and Friendship” is a complex exploration of the joys and sorrows that can come from these two important relationships. The poem highlights the importance of loyalty and trust in both love and friendship, while also acknowledging the potential for pain and hurt.

Love and friendship poem Paraphrase

Here the poetess has shown a contrast between love and friendship. First she has compared love to a sweet and bright rose. Then she has compared friendship to a thorny evergreen tree. Then the poetess says that when the rose blooms, it looks brighter. But the rose does not last long. It fades and withers very quickly. On the other hand, the thorny tree lasts long. By this expression, the poetess wants to say that though love is emotional and sweet, it does not last long. When emotion goes, it vanishes. On the other hand, friendship is like a holy tree. It will last and stay constant.

The poetess says that the rose is sweet in spring and summer and spreads its scent. But when winter comes, nobody praises its beauty because it fades and dies. On the other hand, in winter the tree remains the same. It has evergreen appearance. Here the poetess has shown a contrast between love and friendship. Love like a rose has the excitement but it passes quickly. On the other hand, friendship like a tree will be there during both difficult and good times.

Love and friendship poem theme

Emily Brontë's poem "Love and Friendship" explores the complex relationship between these two emotions. At its core, the poem examines the idea that love and friendship are often intertwined and can be difficult to distinguish from one another.

The poem begins by describing the joys of love and friendship, with the speaker stating that "love is like the wild rose-briar; / Friendship like the holly-tree." Both are beautiful in their own ways, and both have their own unique qualities that make them special.

However, the poem quickly takes a darker turn, as the speaker begins to question the true nature of these emotions. They ask whether love and friendship are truly as pure and selfless as they seem, or whether they are motivated by selfish desires. The speaker wonders whether those who claim to love and befriend others are really just seeking their own pleasure and comfort.

Ultimately, the poem suggests that the line between love and friendship is not always clear, and that both emotions can be complex and difficult to understand. It implies that true love and friendship require a deep understanding of oneself and of others, and that they are not always easy to come by.

In short, “Love and Friendship” is a poignant exploration of the complexities of human relationships, and a reminder that true love and friendship are rare and precious gifts.

Love and friendship poem short theme

The fickleness and uncertainty of love and the steadfastness and strength of friendship are the main tunes of this poem. According to the poet, love is short-lived like a rose- briar while friendship is durable like a holy-tree. The reasons of this disparity between love and friendship are that love develops instantly on the basis of beauty and emotion whereas friendship develops over a long time on the basis of mutual trust followed by acquaintance or intimacy.
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