Women Repression paragraph

Write a paragraph on ‘Women Repression’ in about 200 words based on the answers to the following questions.

(a) What is women repression?
(b) What are the fotos of women repression?
(c) Why does this kind of act occur?
(d) What kind of legal remedies are there to these acts?
(e) What should be the social attitude toward the issue?

Women repression means hindering or obstructing women from expressing their opinions independently and getting fully developed physically and mentally. Women repression is a great curse for a nation.

In our country women repression gets expressed in various forms. In the patriarchal society women are not at all respected in their families. Their opinion has no value with the male members in the family. When women express their ideas or opinions, they are ignored.

If women try to emphasize on their opinion, they become Victims of physical assault. Women have no say in important decision-making such as the number of children they would like to have, education of their children, marriage of their sons or daughters, issues of finance and property or even second marriage of their husband.

In many households they are beaten up by the husbands or maltreated by the relatives of their husband. But their miseries go unnoticed. Because they are illiterate, ignorant having no knowledge of how or where to seek justice. They are not aware of their rights and the prevailing laws in the country against this injustice.

In fact, women repression is connected to gender discrimination. It is the product of gender discrimination. There are legal remedies in country against this injustice. But women cannot go to judicial court in fear of breaking her family or getting separated from her husband. Taking this weakness or advantages, the mean-minded husbands are perpetrating women repression in various ways.

Consequently women are being harmed physically and mentally. But women have to come out of this viewpoint. They have to seek justice and exemplary punishment has to be meted to the criminals so that this crime gets stopped forever. Women should have same opportunities to get educated and flourished physically and mentally. They have the same rights as men to express their opinion. But in the patriarchal, superstitious society, they are repressed mercilessly. But now human civilization has advanced to a great extent.

We have to come out of this mean attitude if we are to go with the developed countries of the world. We must educate women and give them equal rights to flourish physically and mentally Otherwise, we will lag behind the civilized and developed countries of the world.
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