Food shortage paragraph

Write a paragraph on ‘Food Shortage/Feeding Problem’ in about 200 words based on the answers to the following questions.

(a) What is meant by ‘feeding problem’ or ‘food shortage’?
(b) What are the leading causes of this problem?
(c) What effects does it bring to us?
(d) What steps should be taken to face this problem?
Food shortage paragraph
'Food crisis' or 'Feeding problem' or 'Food shortage' means acute shortage of production of food. Nowadays this problem takes a serious turn. There are many causes behind this problem.

The leading causes are hoarding of food by business syndicates, natural calamities, high price of fertilizers, shortage of fertilizers, old system of agriculture, population explosion etc. It has negative effects on the socio- economic condition of the country.

As majority of the people of our country lives unde. poverty line, feeding problem adds to their miseries. Because of this problem the price of foods and vegetables rises up. As a result, people suffer from starvation and malnutrition.

Government takes many steps to solve the problem but those measures are not sufficient. The groups of syndicates who are hoarding food and raising the price in the market should be punished by law. Market price of foods an vegetables should be checked/controlled so that the shopkeepers and vendors could not rise the price of foods and vegetables at their sweet will.

Scientific methods should be introduced in agriculture so that the production of foods and vegetables goes up. If this problem cannot be solved, we have to face a dangerous famine.
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