Endangered Animals of Bangladesh

 Wildlife in Bangladesh is the major attraction for the tourism sector in the country. This has led to many government initiatives aimed at protecting these populations from further decline.
Endangered Animals of Bangladesh
The banteng, hispid hare, and Asian elephant are mainly threatened by poaching and hunting. If their populations are not monitored and guarded, they may soon become extinct.

The trunk of the Asian elephant is believed to contain up to 60,000 muscles. It is used by the elephant for dusting, breathing, feeding, washing, and grasping among other functions.

The elephant has smooth skin, is grey in colour, and has an average weight of 2.7 tons for females and 4 tons for males. Asian elephants are mainly found in Chattogram Hills of Bangladesh, an area less accessible to humans.

As a result, human-elephant conflicts are few in this region. The primary threat to the Asian elephant’s existence is habitat loss due to the increasing human population. Additionally, elephants face poaching threats as they are hunted for ivory, food, and leather.
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