Touch a New Height

Courage is the ability to take action even in the face of fear. We all need courage to start pursuing our goals. Being courageous in our life empowers us to chase our dreams and strengthen our belief in our capabilities despite fear. One example is Farid.

Farid and his friends used to climb mountains whenever they get opportunities. This time they decided to climb Keokradong. 
Following the plan, one day they reached the famous mountain spot in Keokradong and were surprised to see many people climbing the mountains.
Touch a New Height
 Like others, Farid and his friends started putting on mountain climbing gear and began climbing. In no time, they reached the hilltop. After reaching there, his friends chose to camp, but Farid was drawn to climb another mountain. He thought that climbing to the next hill would be fun and challenging instead of camping here.

So, he proposed to his friends to climb, but they refused because they found the path difficult. Farid took this as a challenge and went alone towards climbing the peak. Two hours later, he reached the top of the hill. People who were already there greeted him with applause.

Farid was thrilled to have climbed the peak. He admired the beautiful views of nature from the top. He thought about his friends and had a conversation with a boy his age.

He asked him, “While climbing this peak, I felt it was not so difficult. Then why only a handful of people here? If people could climb the below peak, they can climb here also if they put in some effort.” He replied, “Most people in the crowd right there to achieve more.

Even people who are not happy there do not want to take any risks. They think if they take risks, they will lose what they already have. But to reach a new peak, we need to put in our effort.

Many of them do not show any courage, and they remain part of the crowd their whole life. And keep complaining about the handful of courageous people and call them lucky.”
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