The Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Paragraph

Facebook is the most popular social networking service or social network. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, etc are other frequently used social services. Social networking services are web-based.

So. they provide ways for the users to interact with the world community through the Internet. These services make it possible to connect people sharing interests and activities across borders and thus make a lot for the users to feel that they really live in a global village.

However, Facebook plays a significant role in keeping social relationships. A Facebook user can easily make friends with others living in distant places. He can share his weal and woe with him or her by using the social networking service.
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Paragraph
One can do business and get personal or any other messages if one uses the website. Students can highly benefit from using the website. They can share their lessons and other educational materials by using Facebook. However, there are some negative impacts of Facebook.

Vulgarism can be spread and publicized through the website. False and embarrassing speeches and comments can mislead general people. One's honor and personality can be lowered down intentionally. 

Militancy may be provoked through this website. Therefore, effective measures should be taken to restrict the use of Facebook.
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