HSC connectors board question 2023 with answers

1. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank spaces of the following passage: [Dhaka Board-2023]
Happiness is a relative term. (a) ----, it depends upon some factors. (b) ---, contentment is the key to happiness. (c) --- contentment varies from person to person. (d) ---, a beggar may be contented with only ten taka. (e) ---, a wealthy person may be dissatisfied even after getting one million taka. (f) ---, it is said that contentment brings happiness. (g) ---, we must learn to be contented with what we have. (h) ---, this learning is the simplest way to remain happy. (i) ---, we must remember that our life is short. (j) ---, in this short life we cannot get everything (k) --- we want. (l) --- we want everything, we will not get happiness. (m) ---, we will get frustrated and we will plunge into the world of sadness. (n) ---, it is always better to be contented with what we have than to live in eternal sadness.
HSC connectors board question 2023 with answers
2. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank spaces of the following passage: [Rajshahi Board-2023]
The greatness of a book (a) --- depends on the acceptability of readers. (b) --- we read a book (c ) — once, we can discover many things in it. (d) --- basing on one reading, we cannot judge the standard of a book. (e) --- a book is praised (f) ---, we have no doubt about the greatness of the book. (g) --- the first reading, we may not understand the book. But if it is read more than once, we will see (h) --- it is read (i) --- praised. So, the great books are those (j) — have passed the test of time. (k) --- the appeal of a great book does not decrease. (l) --- the greatness of a book is newly felt (m) --- time passes. (n)---, a great book is widely read and reread by people all over the world.

3. Bangladesh is a free and sovereign country. (a) --- it was a part of Pakistan from 1947 to 1971. In 1971 it became independent (b) --- started its journey as a free nation. (c) --- the journey was not smooth at all. On 7 March, 1971 (d) --- Bangabandhu delivered his speech, the common mass got united (e) --- started their preparation for a war. The Pakistani forces started mass killing (f) --- killed about 30 lakh innocent people. They thought (g) --- they could suppress the Bangalees within a few days. (h) --- the brave sons of our land proved them wrong. (i) --- the freedom fighters didn't have modem weapons in their hand, they were the real patriots and courageous. (j) ---, after few months they became successful in their mission. (k) --- the long waited date came (l) --- the Bangalees got their victory on 16 December, 1971. (m) --- we are the citizens of a free land (n) --- marching forward to the way of lasting development very quickly.

4. Leisure is the moment (a) --- a man is totally free from his work. In leisure, a man is (b) --- free from work but also from worries and tension. (c) --- it is a time, (d) --- a man is his own master and the mind is relaxed (e) --- the body is at rest. (f) --- life is full of duties. By performing our duties one after another, it our seems (g) --- our life is an exhausting business. This is the tragedy of our life that we cannot avoid our work and worries. (h) --- leisure helps us to break this chain and enable us to refresh ourselves and revive our spirit. Leisure breaks the monotony of existence with a touch of variety. (i) ---;into developed countries, we will see that people love to spend we look their leisure in different ways. (j) --- , they never idle away their leisure time. (k) --- it is seen that some people love to go for travelling, some enjoy sight-seeing in different places. (l) --- some people spend their free time playing different types of games. (m) --- leisure is always a source of joy. (n) --- everybody should try to find leisure to enjoy it to make the life happy and peaceful.

5. A cyclone is a devastating storm in Bangladesh that moves at a high speed. (a) --- it causes immense harm to people and property. (b) --- the inhabitants of coastal regions are the main victims of cyclone. (c) --- the cyclone of Bangladesh originates from the Bay of Bengal. (d) --- it is accompanied by thunders and heavy showers. (e) --- unbearable heat is felt for a few days. (f) --- one day the sky becomes terribly dark and strong winds begin to blow. (g) --- a terrible situation is created that lasts for hours. (h) --- it causes a great havoc causing death to people and other animals. (i) ---  dwelling houses are blown away. (j) --- the cyclone is followed by scarcity of food and outbreak of various diseases. (k) --- the great loss caused by cyclone can be reduced. (l) --- prior warning can be given to people using modern technology of weather forecast. (m) --- people and domestic animals of the cyclone-prone areas can be shifted to cyclone shelters. (n) --- a quick relief work and medical facilities should be ensured. 

6. Scientists have always wondered (a) --- there is life anywhere out in the space. They have joined together in a major project called the communication with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (b) --- seeks to establish contact with any other living beings in the universe. (c) ---, they are beaming out radio signals into the space. It was thought (d) --- there exists life on Mars. (e) --- two viking spacecrafts (f) --- landed on Mars in 1976 did not provide much evidence of life there. The pictures sent by them showed (g) --- the Mars has a sky; (h) --- , the sky is red instead of a blue one like ours. Its gravity is about half (i) --- strong (j) --- that of Earth. (k) ---, the atmosphere is also much thinner than our planet. It has deserts, high mountains, canals, volcanoes, craters etc. as well as summer (l) --- winter. (m) ---, there are no trees, (n) --- life forms.

7. Time, by its very nature, is fleeting. (a) --- , time once gone is gone forever. (b) --- the sincere people realize the value of time. (c) --- not everyone is aware of the value of time. (d) --- it is seen that many of us waste time. (e) --- we realize the significance of lost time when it is too late. (f) --- we suffer in life. (g) --- all of us should make the best use of time. (h) ---- proper time management is the key to success in student life. (i) ---  we find that an ideal student is the one who makes the best use of time. (j) --- ,a lazy student fails to make the grade as he kills time. (k) --- the teachers advise their students not to waste time. (l) --- they warn the students against their addiction to social networking sites and gaming. (m) --- students should follow the advice of their teachers. (n) --- ,they will suffer in the long run.
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