Complaint against reckless driving of motor cars letter

6 June, 2023
The Editor
The Bangladesh Observer

Subject: Complaint against reckless driving of motor cars.

Dear Sir,
I shall be grateful if you could find a space in your widely circulated daily to publish the following letter.

Reckless Driving in the Streets

Street accidents have become a common experience in our daily lives. Though we know that there are many factors responsible for the increasing number of road accidents across the country, reckless driving of motor cars is to be placed as the main factor.
Complaint against reckless driving of motor cars letter
In recent years, the number of motor cars in Dhaka along with all other divisional headquarters has rapidly increased. Anyone with the capacity to buy vehicles buys and uses them on their will.

As a result, each of the upper-class and even upper-middle-class families living in Dhaka city owns and uses more than one motor car. Concurringly, the young members of these families often prefer to drive cars recklessly while playing music with loudspeakers.

In the busy city streets drivers frequently violate traffic laws. They try to overtake others in the streets. This is a very bad practice which often causes street accidents. Also, many drivers of these motorcars do not have formal training in driving.

To overcome the crisis driving tests should be fair and also vehicles law that permits people to buy and drive motor cars should be strict and and implemented. To ensure the safety of the people and to bring the traffic jam to a bearable extent, the concerned authorities should pay attention to this problem.

Sincerely yours,
Md. Rajib
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