Connectors Suggestion for SSC

Complete the following passages using suitable connectors.
1. Illiteracy is a curse of our country. (a)—we are responsible for our being illiterate. (b) — our government has taken steps to remove illiteracy from the country. Illiteracy causes great harm to us. (c) — we do not understand, we cannot take steps to improve our poor condition. (d) — we are lagging behind. We are dependent on foreign grants. (e) — we are not aware of the importance of literacy, we will not be able to change our lot.


(a) Actually/In fact, (b) However, (c) As,( d) As a result, (e) If.

2. Honesty is a divine virtue. The man (a) — possesses this quality is the happiest person in the world. To be honest man should have trustworthiness. (b) — nobody trusts a liar (c) — Allah also helps the honest people. (d) — children should be taught honesty from the beginning of life. (e) — children should be developed among the people.


(a) who, (b) In fact/Truly speaking, (c) Besides, (d) So, (e) Therefore.

3. Global warming is increasing day by day
(a) —deforestation. We cut down trees (b) — never think of planting more tress. (c) — human and other living beings are in the threat of extinction. Time is coming (d) — there will be no tree left for us. (e) — we have to face bitter consequence of deforestation.


(a) due to, (b) but, (c) So, (d) When, (e) Then/As a result.

4. Fortune has often been blamed for blindness. (a) — blindness and fortune are not (b) -­ blind as those (c) — blame their fate (d) — do not try to overcome adversities. Neither good luck (e) — bad luck has anything to do with the ultimate destiny of a man.


(a) But, (b) so, (c) who, (d) and (e) nor.

5. It is better to have brain (a) — beauty. (b) — physical beauty is purely visual, the beauty of brain is all encompassing. It is (c) — a known fact that beauty is only skin deep. What is worse (d) — physical beauty is not ever-lasting (e) — it declines age and time.

(a) than, (b) Though/Although, (c) Undoubtedly, (d) that, (e) as/and.

A miser got some money (a) — he was not pleased with it. He was in constant fear (b) — thieves would steal it. (c) — he thought it necessary to devise some step (d) — no one might scent of it and steal it. (e) – much thought he bought a lump of gold with all his money and buried it at a secret place.


(a) but, (b) that, (c) So/Therefore, (d) so that, (e) After.

Having a degree on medicine, Gulliver went on a voyage. (a) — the ship was wrecked but he (b) — managed to swim ashore. He slept a deep sleep (c) — his tiredness. (d) — he woke up, he saw many tiny creatures. (e)—, they were the human being smaller than Gulliver himself.


(a) Unfortunately, (b) somehow, (c) because of, (d) When, (e) In fact.

8. Women are nowadays as important as men in society. They constitute nearly half of our total population. (a) —, there can be no denying the fact (b) — they too posses equal rights duties (c) — men do. They have noble missions to fulfill as men. (d)- they get opportunity, their genius, powers (e) — capacities will bloom fully.


Dengue fever is a serious disease (a) --- is caused by a kind of virus called 'Dengue Virus'. (b) --- this virus was identified in Africa (c) --- now it has spread all over the world. (d) --- in most cases dengue fever has its remedy, it is better to prevent it. (e) --- we keep our dwelling houses clean and people are conscious of it, we can easily avoid this disease.


(a) which (b) At first/Primarily (c) but (d) Though/Although (e) If

None can deny the importance of tree plantation (a) --- our lives depend on it. (b) --- it is unfortunate that we are cutting trees recklessly. (c) --- trees are planted, soon our land will be deserted (d) there will be an adverse situation. (e) --- we should be aware of tree plantation.


(a) as/since/because (b) But (c) Unless (d) and/and so (e) Therefore/So

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