HSC Most Important Summary for 2024

1. The Unforgettable History (Unit-1, Lesson-1)

2. Nelson Mandela (Unit-1, Lesson-2)

3. Why Education (Unit-2, Lesson-1)

4. Civic Engagement (Unit-2, Lesson-3)

5. I have a dream (Unit-3, Lesson-3)
HSC Most Important Summary for 2024
6. Sheikh Kamal: Life of an Achiever (Unit-4, Lesson-1)

7. Family Relationship (Unit-5, Lesson-1)

8. A Mother in Manville (Unit-5, Lesson-3)

9. Adolescence and some (Unit-6, Lesson-2)

10. Eco-tourism (Unit-11, Lesson-3)

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