Suffix prefix SSC board question exercise PDF

1. Complete the text by adding suffixes, prefixes or both with the root words given in the parenthesis. [Dhaka Board -2024]
Books are our best friends. They introduce us to the realm of (a) --- (limited) knowledge. The books of great (b) ---(write) contain noble thoughts and great ideas. We can (c) --- (rich) our mind by reading books. The reading of books brings (d) --- (perfect). No spiritual progress and worldly (e) --- (prosper) can be imagined (f) --- (with) reading books. (g) --- (true) speaking, reading books is such a thing which has no (h) --- (alternate). So, we should read books on (i) --- (vary) topics so that we may bring proper (j) --- (develop) of our spirit.

Answer: (a) unlimited; (b) writers; (c) enrich; (d) perfection; (e) prosperity; (f) without; (g) Truly; (h) alternative; (i) various; (j) development

2. [Cumilla Board -2024]
The other name of water is life. Clean water is (a) --- (drink). Dirty water is (b) --- (safe). Clean water is (c) --- (contaminate) and (d) --- (suit) for drinking. Bangladesh is a (e) --- (river) country. But we get (f) --- (adequate) - water for use. The water of most of our rivers is (g) --- (filth) and (h) --- (poison). We should keep surface water for clean our health and (i) --- (long). The government should play an (j) --- (act)- role to keep water safe.

Answer: (a) Drinkable; ( b) Unsafe; (c) Uncontaminated; (d) Suitable; (e) Riverine; (f) Inadequate; ( g) Filthy; (h) Poisonous; (i) Longevity; (j) Active;

3. [Sylhet Board -2024]
Child labour is considered a matter of (a) --- (grace) for a nation. Wherever children are employed either it is domestic work or factory work, either it is rickshaw pulling or working in a shop or hotel, they are (b) --- (treated). Their (c) ---(employ) don't give them their due rights. Children work for longer period in (d) --- (healthy) and (e) --- (favourable) condition and what is (f) --- (sorrow) they are not given due wages. Many children do the work of the adults and often do the (g) --- (risk) and (h) ---(danger) work. Strict laws should be (i) ---(forced) against employing children in manual work. Their parents should be (j) --- (courage) to send their children to school.

Answer: (a) disgrace; (b) mistreated/ill-treated; (c) employers; (d) unhealthy; (e) unfavorable (f) sorrowful; (g) risky; (h) dangerous; (i) enforced; (j) encouraged.

4. [Rajshahi Board-2024]
The nature of mother's love is the same in all countries. It is (a) --- (universe). For our (b) --- (exist) on earth, we (c) --- (great) owe to our father and mother, (d) --- (special) to our mother. A mother's love is (e) --- (parallel) and unique. A child's (f) --- (relate) with its mother is (g) --- (heaven) and (h) --- (spirit) We can (i) --- (hard) see a mother (j) --- (different) to her children.

Answer: (a) universal; (b) existence; (c) greatly; (d) specially; (e) unparallel; (f) relation; (g) heavenly; (h) spiritual; (i) hardly; (j) indifferent

Suffix prefix SSC board question 2023

1. [Dhaka Board-2023]
Knowledge (a) --- (light) our mind. It enables a man to have (b) --- (master) over all forces of nature. There are so many wild beasts which are (c) --- (strong) than man. There are forces in nature such as (d) --- (light) and thunder, flood and earthquake etc. which can destroy a man and (e) - -- (civil) in a moment. But a man rules - over them all and makes them serve (f) --- (accord) to his wish. He makes use of the solar power to (g) --- (bright) the night. He is the (h) --- (conquer) of time and space. All discoveries and (i) --- (invent) are the results of knowledge. It makes him undoubtedly the mightiest of all the creatures in the universe. To maintain superiority man has to work (j) --- (through) his life.

Answer: enlightens; b) mastery; c) stronger; d) lighting; e) civilization; f) according; g) brighten; h) conqueror; i) inventions; j) throughout.

2. [Dinajpur Board -2023]
The purpose of (a) --- (educate) is to make a man fully (b) --- (equip) to be (c) --- (use) to himself to society. A (d) --- (true) educated person should be self-reliant with regard to his (e) --- (person) needs. He should be well-mannered (f) --- (thought), sympathetic and (g) --- (operative). He should be (h) --- (truth), honest, punctual and dutiful. (i) --- (punctual) is a virtue that makes a nation prosperous. An educated person tries to remove the (j) --- (suffer) of his countrymen. He also helps others in attaining self-reliance.

Answer: a) education; b) equipped; c) useful; d) truly; e) personal; f) thoughtful; g) cooperative; h) truthful; i) Punctuality; j) sufferings.

3.  [Jashore Board 2023]
In ancient time, textbook was the most (a) --- (resource) thing for a student. (b) --- (teach) were only guides and source of (c) --- (inform). The students had to collect all (d) --- (inform) news from their teachers. There was hardly any guidebook or other (e) --- (refer) book in the market. So, teachers gave (f) --- (delive) of a lecture by studying the textbooks, and so the students had depend their teachers' to on (g) --- (proficient). As a result, there existed (h) --- (measure) relationship between them. The (i) --- (popular) of these great teachers was never on the wane. Students had devotion to maintain a healthy relation with their (j) --- (honour) teachers. Teachers also maintained an ever bond of friendship with their affectionate students.

Answer: a) resourceful; b) Teachers; c) information; d) informative; e) reference; f) delivery; g) proficiency; h) immeasurable; i) popularity; j) honourable

4.  [Cumilla Board 2023]
Facebook is a social (a) --- (network) site. It has gained much (b) --- (popular) among the young (c) --- (generate). Sometimes, our young generation wastes their (d) --- (value) time by (e) --- (browse) facebook. So, in this respect parental (f) --- (supervise) is a must. Many people (g) --- (fine) Facebook as an (h) --- (embarrass) invasion others' (i) --- (person) privacy. However, it plays a (j) --- (signify) role in socialization as well as natural understanding and cooperation.

Answer: a) networking; b) popularity; c) generation; d) valuable; e) browsing; f) supervision; g) define; h) embarrassing; i) personal; j) significant.
Suffix prefix SSC board question
5.  [Sylhet Board 2023]
Mr. Peter is a good student. He is very (a) --- (study). He is always (b) --- (mind) to his studies and also (c) --- (duty) to his daily activities. He is very (d) --- (respect) to his elders. He is (e) --- (truth) also. Weak students find him as a (f) --- (help) figure. His (g) --- (think) power is admirable. He is really (h) --- (create) in any writing. He never forgets the benefit of (i) --- (punctual). Sincerity is another quality of his daily activities. He is also an early riser. Any problem cannot make him (j) ---- (attentive). He always behaves very politely with every person. His honesty can not be expressed in a word.

Answer: a) studious; b) mindful; c) dutiful; d) respectful; e) truthful; f) helping; g) thinking; h) creative; i) punctuality; j) inattentive.

6.  [Mymensingh Board 2023]
The freedom fighters are the (a) --- (hero) sons of our land. They fought to save our (b) --- (gold) Bangla in 1971. We have got the (c) --- (independent) of our loving motherland by their (d) --- (super) sacrifice. Some of the (e) --- (free) fighters are still (f) --- (live). Most of the freedom (g) --- (fight) are now (h) --- (actual) above 70 years old. (i) --- (deed), we are very lucky to see them directly. As they are our heroic sons, we should respect them profoundly. We must remember them (j) --- (ever). Because they laid down their lives keeping all behind.

Answer: a) heroic; b) golden; c) independence; d) supreme; e) freedom; f) alive; g) fighters; h) actually; i) Indeed; j) forever.

7.  [Barishal Board-2023]
Bangladesh is blessed with many seasons. Winter is one of them. It is the (a) ---(cold) of all seasons. It is usually (b) ---(rain). Though ours is a small country, the (c) ---- (cold) of winter is not (equal) felt in all regions. In some regions, (e) ---(special) in the northern districts, people experience (f) --- (bite) cold in winter. Nature looks dull and (g) ---(gloom). During night and morning, the whole of nature remains (h) --- (cover) with fog and mist. Then the poor suffer greatly for want of warm clothes. Again, in some hilly areas, there is (i) --- (severe) of cold. Whereas in the vast (j) --- (South) areas people experience less cold.

Answer: a) coldest; b) rainless; c) coldness; d) equally; e) specially; f) biting; g) gloomy; h) covered; i) severity; j) Southern.

8.  [Chattogram Board-2023]
Vocabulary is very important in learning a language properly. To (a) --- (rich) your vocabulary, you have to read books and learn new words by knowing their meanings accurately vocabulary. You may use a dictionary to know the (b) ---(known) words or try to understand the contextual topic meaning of them. Repeated reading will help you understand the (c) --- (specify) topic (d) --- (clear) and use them in various situations. Language learning is a (e) ---(continue) process and your (f) --- (proficient) will come today or tomorrow. What is It also needed most is (g) --- (continue). It also needs your (h) --- (sincere). A common language is required for (i) --- (interact) among people from different countries and contexts. Without a common language it is difficult to perform activities at the (j) --- (nation) level. English has assumed the position of that common language.

Answer: a) enrich; b) unknown; c) specific, d) clearly; e) continuous; f) proficiency; g) continuity; h) sincerity; i) interaction; j) international.

Suffix prefix SSC board question 2022

1. [Dhaka Board-2022]
The aim of —(educate) is to make a man fully equipped to be(b) — (use) himself and to society. A (c) — (true) educated person should be self-reliant with regard his (d) —(person) needs. He should be well-mannered, (e) — (thought) sympathetic and cooperative. He should be (f) —— (truth) honest, punctual and (g) — (duty). Punctuality is a virtue that makes a nation (h) —(prosper) . An educated person tries (i) —(move) the sufferings of his countrymen. He also helps others in attaining (j) — (self-reliants). So, education is (k) --(essence) for men. (l) — (ignore), superstition barbarism are the (m) — (produce) of illiteracy. So, we must have an (n) — (light) nation.

Answer: (a) education; (b) useful; (c) truly; (d) personal; (e) thoughtful; (f) truthful; (g) dutiful;
(h) prosperous; (i) remove; (j) self-reliance; (k) essential; (l) ignorance; (m) products/ production; (n) enlightened.

2.  [Comilla Board-2022]
(a)— (Forestation) means cutting down of trees (b) — (discriminately). Bangladesh is a (c) — (dense) — populated country. This huge population needs more shelter, (d) --- (agriculture) land, fuel, furniture, etc. For all these reasons people cut trees. Moreover, there are (e) —(honest) people who cut trees for making money (f) — (legally). The (g) — (remove)
of tree causes serious damage to the soil as trees give (h) —— (protect) to soil as well. The temperature will rise and it will cause greenhouse effect. One day the country will be (i) —(suitable) for living. So, tree (j) —(plant) programmed should be extended throughout the country. (k) — (True) speaking, the Govt. has started (l) — (mass) tree plantation programmed (m) — (through) the country in order to (n) — (material) our scheme of afforestation.

Answer: (a) Deforestation; (b) indiscriminately; (c) densely; (d) agricultural; (e) dishonest; (f) illegally; (g) removal; (h) protection; (i) unsuitable; (j) plantation; (k) Truly; (l) massive; (m) throughout; (n) materialize.

3.  [Rajshahi Board-2022]
Everybody knows that (a) — (smoke) is a (b) — (danger) bad habit. It is (c) — (harm) to health. It is also (d) — (cost). A (e) — (smoke) should not smoke(f) — (public). Smoking creates (g) — (pollute). A single puff of cigarette contains (h) —(numerable) harmful particles that cause many(i) — (respirator) diseases which are (j) —(cure). Smoking is (k)—(response) for a (l) —(substance) increase in the risk of (m) —(develop) lung cancer. But there are many people who are (n) — (aware) — of the bad effects of smoking.

Answer: (a) smoking; (b) dangerous; (c) harmful; (d) costly; (e) smoker; (f) publicly; (g) pollution;(h) innumerable; (i) respiratory; (j) incurable; (k) responsible; (l) substantial; (m) developing; (n) unaware.

4.  [Jashore Board-2022, Chattogram Board-2022; Mymensingh Board-2024]
Life without leisure and (a) — (relax) — is dull. Nobody can work without rest. Life becomes (b) — (charm) if man does not have any time to enjoy the objects (c) — (beauty) —of nature. (d) — (monotony) work hinders the (e)—(smooth) of work. Leisure (f) — (new) our spirit of work. Everybody knows that (g) — (work) is (h) — (harm). Leisure does not mean (i) — (idle). It gives (j) — (fresh) to our mind. By having some leisure, we become (k) — (revitalize) to work. So, we must spend some spare time (l) — (pleasant). On the contrary, (m) — (monotony) work makes our life simply (n) — (misery).

Answer: (a) relaxation; (b) charmless; (c) beautiful; (d) Monotonous; (e) smoothness; (f) renews; (g) overwork; (h) harmful; (i) idleness; (j) freshness; (k) revitalized; (l) pleasantly; (m) monotonous; (n) miserable.

5.  [Sylhet Board-2022]
Money occupies a unique position in our modern (a) — (capital) economy. In its (b) — (absent), whole (c)— (prosper) economic life would collapse like a packet of cards. Money is used as a medium of (d) — (change). It promotes (e) — (specialize)which increases (f)— (product) and efficiency. But money cannot buy (g) — (happy). Money is a must for our life. But it is not necessary to bring happiness. Happiness is (h) —(absolute) a psychological thing. It is the name of a feeling. It means the (i) —(content) of the mind. He who has (j) — (satisfy) with what he has is realty a happy one. But in fact, it has been(k) —(prove) that the more money you make, the more you (l) —(come) happy. Studies have shown that a growth in (m) —(come) — results in an increase in life (n) —(satisfy).

Answer: (a) Capitalist/ capitalistic; (b) absence; (c) prosperous; (d) exchange; (e) specialization; (f) productivity; (g) happiness; (h) absolutely; (i) contentment; (j) satisfaction; (k) proved; (l) become; (m) income; (n) satisfaction.

6.  [Barishal Board-2022]
Mango is a very popular fruit in Bangladesh. This (a) — (season) fruit is very tasty and juicy. There are (b) — (vary) types of mangoes. Among these, Himshagor and Amropali are (c) — (know). Mango is (d) — (favour) to most of the people. Actually, there is (e) — (hard) any person who does not like mango. Most of the (f) — (ripe) mangoes are sour. But they (g) — (come) sweet and tasty when they are ripe. Mango cultivation is very (h) — (profit) in Bangladesh. But all areas are not (i) — (suit) for mango cultivation. It is(j) — (wide) cultivated in Rajshahi, Chapai Nawabgonj and Satkhira districts. Mango farmers(k) — (come) very glad when the (l) — (produce) is huge. They dream of(m) — (improve) their (n) ---(economy) condition by selling their mangoes at a good price.

Answer: (a) seasonal; (b) various; (c) well-known; (d) favourite; (e) hardly; (f) unripe; (g) become; (h) profitable; (i) suitable; (j) widely; (k) become; (l) production; (m) improving; (n) economic.

7.  [Mymensingh Board-2022]
Health is wealth. To keep in good health, we have to follow many things. Physical exercise is one of them. It increases our appetite and improves (a) — (digest) power. If anybody suffers from (b) —(digest), he should take physical exercise. Proper (c) —(digest) of food removes his loss of appetite. Physical exercise removes (d) —(constipate) and helps proper blood (e) —(circulate). our antibodies will be (f) — (act) if our blood circulation is (g) —(normal). (h) —(proper) bold circulation in our bodies may cause many (i) —(predictable) physical problems. So, we must take physical exercise for the (j) —(improve) of blood circulation. (k) —(walk) and (l) —(swim) are the best kinds of physical exercise which are (m) — (help) for us. But it should also be (n) -- (remember) that too much physical exercise is harmful to health.

Answer: (a) digestive; (b) indigestion; (c) digestion; (d) constipation; (e) circulation; (f) inactive; (g) abnormal; (h) Improper; (i) unpredictable; (j) improvement; (k) walking; (l) swimming; (m) helpful; (n) remembered.

Suffix prefix SSC board question 2020

1.  [Dhaka Board-2020; Chattogram Board-2015]
Bangladesh is an (a)--- (dependent) country, but she is still burdened with poverty, (b)--- (population), (c)---(employ), corruption, food (d)--- (deficient), natural calamities, power crisis, etc. Considering all these, the present (e)--- (govern) has aimed at making a digital Bangladesh to (f)---(come) most of these problems. The actual aim of (g)--- (digit) Bangladesh is to establish a technology-based government which will emphasize the overall (h)--- (develop) of the country and the nation. The country has (i)--- (ready) fixed its target for the (j)--- (achieve) of Digital Bangladesh by 2021.

Answer: a) independent; b) overpopulation; c) unemployment; d) deficiency; e) government; f) overcome; g) digital; h) development; i) already; j) achievement

2.  [Mymensingh Board-2020]
Education is essential for any kind of (a)---(develop). The poor socio-economic condition of our country can be (b) ---(large) attributed to many people’s (c)--- (accessibility) to education. Many (d)---(literate) people do not have any knowledge of health, sanitation and (e) ---(populate) control. It (f) ---(able) us to perform our duties (g)---(proper). Education helps us to adopt a (h)--- (ration) attitude. It provides us with an (i)--- (lightened) awareness about things and this awareness is a (j) ---- (requisite) for social development.
Answer: a) development; b) largely; c) inaccessibility; d) illiterate; e) population; f) enables; g) properly; h) rational; i) enlightened; j) prerequisite

3.  [Cumilla Board-2020]
The books of famous (a) ---(write) are put on sale in the book fair. Most of the (b) ---(visit) buy different (c) ---(publish). Almost no visitor returns from the fair without making any purchase. The (d)---(buy) like to buy at a fair price. Our book fair is always (e) ---(crowd). As various books are (g) ---(play) in a fair, the buyers get a scope to choose books. They buy (h) ---(choose) books after a long search. This facility is (i) ---(available) in any place other than a book fair. A book fair is always (j) ---(come) to the students.
Answer: a) writers; b) visitors; c) publishers; d) buyers; e) crowded; f) various; g) displayed; h) choosing; i) unavailable; j) welcoming

4.  [Chattogram Board-2020]
Life without (a) ---(sure) and pleasure is dull. Life becomes (b) ---(charm) if it does not have any time to enjoy the (c) ---(beauty) objects of nature. (d) ---(monotony) work hinders the (e) — (smooth) of work. Leisure (f) ---(new) our spirit to work. Everybody knows that (g) ---(work) is (h) --- (harm). Leisure does not mean (i) ---(averse) to work. It gives freshness and (j) ---(create) to our mind.
Answer: a) Leisure ;  (b) charmless; (c) beautiful; (d) Monotonous; (e) smoothness; (f) renew; (g) over worker; (h) harmful; (i) aversion; (j) recreates/recreation

5.  [Sylhet Board-2020]
King Solomon was (a) --- (fame) for his (b) --- (wise). He was blessed with (c) ---(ordinary) knowledge and it was really beyond people’s (d) ---(imagine). One day, the Queen of Sheba wanted to test how wise he was. Solomon was given two kinds of flowers. One was (e) ---(nature) and the other was (f) ---(artifice). As he had a close (g) ---(associate) with nature, he had been (h) ---(success) to differentiate them.  In this way, his (i) ---(repute) of (j) --- (multidimension) knowledge spread all over the world.
Answer: a) famous; (b) wisdom; (c) extraordinary; (d) imagination; (e) natural; (f) artificial; (g) association; (h) successful; (i) reputation; (j) multidimensional

6. [Barishal Board-2020; Chattagram Board-2024]
Mobile phone is a great (a) ---(invent) of modern science. The (b) ---(consume) of mobile phone are increasing day by day. People are getting benefits. But it is (c) ---(fortunate) that mobile phone sometimes (d) ---(comes) a cause of health hazard, especially the (e) ---(child) are affected much, According to the (f) ---(science) mobile phone causes brain tumours, genetic damage and many other (g) ---(cure) diseases. They believe that (h) ---(visible) uncontrolled radioactivity of mobile phone causes (i) ---(repairable) damage to the human body. They say that the (j) ---(govern) should control radioactive sources.

Answer: a) invention(b) consumers; (c) unfortunate; (d) becomes; (e) children; (f) scientists; (g) incurable; (h) invisible; (i) irreparable; (j) government.

7. [Jashore Board-2020]
(a)---(persevere) is needed to be (b) ---(success) in life. Those who do not persevere in life become (c)---(success) in their mission and only blame their lot for their (d)  ---(fortune). (e)---(Persevere) people always become successful. (f) ---(sincere) is another important virtue which (g)  ---(able) a person to accomplish a job (h)---(fruit). Student life is the (i)  ---(form) period of a man’s life. One should not (j)---(use) this period of life.
Answer: a) perseverance; b) successful; c) unsuccessful; d) misfortune; e) Persevering; f) sincerity; g) enables; h) fruitfully;  i) formation; j) misuse.

8. [Rajshahi Board-2020]
A (a)--- (west) survey was conducted in this (b)--- (quest), "Are social (c)--- (work)  making us social?" The participants are mainly the (d)--- (net) users of the west. 81% opined (e)--- (affirm). One commented that (f) --- (smart) detach you from your family and (g)--- (company) in exchange of an addition to fun. Another comment was that many (h)--- (virtue) relations are maintained at time and so they (i)--- (hard) become deep and reliable. Another remarkable comment was that direct (j)--- (action) has no alternative for a safe relation.
Answer: a) western (b) question; (c) workers; (d) internet; (e) affirmatively; (f) smartphones; (g) companion; (h) virtual; (i) hardly; (j) interaction.

Suffix prefix SSC board question 2019

1. [Dhaka Board-2019]
A good student is always (a) ---(mind) of his studies. He is (b) ---(respect) of his (c) ---(teach) and superiors. He never (d) ---(honour) anybody. He is free from (e) ---(behavior) and never rude to his classmates. As he is (f) ---(study), he never wastes his time in vain. He is also sincere and listens to his teachers (g) ---(attentive) so that he can be (h) ---(success) in life. His punctuality and (i) ---(determine) help him to (j) ---(take) and solve any difficult work or job.
Answer: a) mindful; b) respectful; c) teachers; d) dishonours; e) misbehaviour; f) studious; g) attentively; h) successful;  i) determination; j) undertake

2. [Rajshahi Board-2019]
Bangladesh is a (a) ---(river) and (b) ---(agriculture) country. So, we cannot ignore the (c) ---(important) of rivers. Our agriculture is largely (d) ---(depend) on the rivers. But we get (e) ---(sufficient) water for use from the rivers. There are (f) ---(differ) reasons behind it. At first the water of many rivers (g) ---(dry) up in summer. Again, the water of some rivers is (h) ---(extreme) poisonous. This poisonous water is (i) ---(suit) for our agriculture. So, water pollution should be prevented at any cost for the (j) ---(better) of our agriculture.
Answer: a) Riverine; b) agricultural; c) importance; d) dependent; e) insufficient; f) different; g) dries; h) extremely;  i) unsuitable; j) betterment

3. [Cumilla Board-2019]
Success in life depends on the proper (a) ---(utilize) of time. Those who waste their (b) --- (value) time in (c) ---(idle), reduce the time of their important work. (d) ---(punctual) is another great virtue of human beings that (e) ---(rich) the (f) ---(man) life. If one takes lesson from the (g) ---(biography) of successful persons, one will learn that they never kept any work (h) ---(do) for the next day. (i) ---(obvious), they were true to their words. So, they got a (j) ---(respect) position in the society.
Answer: a) utilization; b) valuable; c) idleness; d) Punctuality; e) enriches; f) human; g) autobiography; h) undone;  i) obviously; j) respectful

4. [Dinajpur Board-2019]
In ancient time, textbook was the most (a) ---(resource) thing for the students. Teachers were the only guides and source of information. The students had to collect all the (b) ---(inform) from the lecture of their (c) ---(teach). There was no guidebook or other (d) ---(refer) books in the market. During that period a teacher had to deliver a lecture by (e) ---(study) the textbook. Because of the (f) ---(situate) the students used to depend on the teachers (g) ---(complete). As a result, there was a great (h) --- (relate) between a (i) ---(teach) and a student. Their (j) ---(popular) existed among the students in the society.

Answer: a) resourceful; b) information; c) teachers; d) reference; e) studying; f) situation; g) completely; h) relationship; i) teacher; j) popularity

4. [Chattogram Board-2019]
Load-shedding is not (a) -- (desire). It is harmful to the (b) -- (civil). It makes our life (c) --- (tolerable) and boring. Because of (d) ____ (deficient) of electricity load shedding occurs. Our country is densely (e) --- (people). The storage of electricity is (f) --- (sufficient) to provide all with electricity. As a result, load shedding is seen (g) --- (repeat). But this problem must be removed (h) --- (immediate). So, the (i) --- (govern) must be conscious of it. Only pragmatic steps can (j) -- (move) this serious problem from the country.

Answer: a. desirable; b. civilization; c. intolerable; d. deficiency; e. populated; f. insufficient; g. repeatedly; h. immediately; i. government; j. remove;

1. [SSC Exam-2018]
People are (a)--- (general) fond of glittering things. They are (b)--- (love) of surface. They are concerned with the (c)--- (out) show of things and beings. They (d)--- (hard) bother about intrinsic value. Gold is a very (e)--- (value) thing. But there are (f)--- (vary) metals in nature that look like gold. They fade soon and become less (g)--- (beauty). So, the surface of anything should not be the key for its (h)--- (measure). We all should be (i)--- (care) about this truth. Otherwise, we will have to be (j)---(repent) long run.
Answer: a) generally: b) lovers; c) outward / outer; d) hardly; e) valuable; f) various; g) beautiful; h) measurement; i) careful; j) repentant.

Suffix prefix SSC board question 2017

1. [Dhaka Board-2017]
Flowers are the symbol of love (a)--- (pure). They are (b)--- (know) for their beauty and fragrance. Some flowers are (c)--- (note) for their fragrance and some are for their beauty. But the rose is favourite to us for its colour and beauty. Its mother place is the city of Paris. The (d)--- (Japan) are exceptionally famous for its (e)--- (cultivate). At present, most of the countries grow rose in plenty. It (f) (general) grows from June to November. It scent makes us (g)--- (cheer). It makes people lively, lovely, (h)--- (affection) and so on. By (i)--- (grow) roses in plenty, we can export them and solve our (j)--- (employ) problem.
Answer: a) purity; b) known; c) notable; d) Japanese; e) cultivation; f) generally; g) cheerful; h) affectionate;  i) growing; j) unemployment

2. [Cumilla Board-2017]
Trees are a)---(use) to man in many ways. They are companion in our day to day life. It is (b) --- (possible) to build our homes, furniture etc. without trees. Trees save us from flood and c)--- (nature) calamities. It (d)--- (strength) the soil. If we cut trees (e)----(discriminately), there will be ecological f) --- (balanced). So tree (g)---(plant) programme should be extended for a better, (h)---(happy), (i)---- (healthy) life and j)---(peace) environment.  
Answer: a) useful b) impossible c) natural d) strengthens e) indiscriminately f) imbalanced g) plantation h) happier i) healthier j) peaceful.

3. [Dinajpur Board-2017;Jashore Board-2019;Barishal Board-2019]
Life without leisure a)----(relax) is dull. Life becomes ( b)---- (charm) if does not have any time to enjoy the (c)--- (beauty) objects of nature. d)---(monotony) work hinders the (e)--- (smooth) of work. Leisure (f)---(new) our spirit to work. Everybody knows that g)--- (work) is (h)---(harm). Leisure does not mean (i)---(idle). It gives freshness to (j)--- (create) our energy/It gives (j) ---(fresh) to our mind.
Answer: (a) relaxation; (b) charmless; (c) beautiful; (d) Monotonous; (e) smoothness; (f) renews; (g) worklessness/over work; (h) harmful; (i) idleness; (j) recreates/ refreshment

4. [Sylhet Board-2017]
Food (a)--- (adulteration) is a crime. Adulterated food is (b)--- (poison) and causes (c)--- (curable) diseases. Some (d)--- (greed) businessmen are responsible for this (e)--- (wicked). The steps so far taken by the government against those (f)--- (honest) businessmen (g)--- (real) deserve praise. (h)--- (present), the fraudulent businessmen are much alarmed. (i)--- (Hopeful), we will be able to shun this (j)--- (practice) very soon.
Answer: a) adulteration; B) poisonous; c) incurable; d) greedy; e) wickedness; f) dishonest; g) really; h) Presently; I) Hopefully; j) malpractice

5. [Jashore Board-2017]
You should bear in mind that (a)--- (confidence) assists a man to teach the gold of life. The lack of (b)--- (determine) leads one to lose the confidence. You need it in order to (c)--- (come) the problem of life. Fix a target and then try (d)--- (sincere) to gain success. Don't lose heart if you fail. Remember that (e)--- (fail) is the pillar of success. Whereas, success without (f)--- (complete) is not enjoyable. Determination keeps you (g)--- (mental) strong and make (h)--- (prepare) for struggling to reach the goal. Nobody can be (i)--- (success) in his mission. Failure makes him more (j)--- (determine) to work hard.
a) self-confidence; b) determination; c) overcome; d) sincerely; e) failure: f) completion; g) mentally; h) preparation; i) succeeded/ successful; j) determined

6. [Barishal Board-2017]
Zahir Raihan was one of the most (a)--- (talent) filmmakers in Bangladesh. He was an (b)--- (act) worker of the Language Movement. He was also present at the (c)--- (history) meeting at Amtala on February 21, 1952. All through his life, Zahir dreamt for a (d)--- (democrat) society, a society that will (e)--- (sure) freedom of speech and will. He made a (f)--- (legend) film Jibon Theke Neya based on the Language (g)--- (Move) of 1952. He could see the (h)--- (incept) of a free and (i)--- (dependent) Bangladesh. And it's a pity that this (j)--- (dream) was missing at such a time when his dream came true.
Answer: a) talented; b) active; c) historical; d) democratic; e) ensure; f) legendary; g) Movement; h) inception; i) independent; j) dreamer

7. [Chittagong Board-2017]
(a)--- (kind) is a divine virtue. So we should not be (b)--- (kind) to the people in distress and even to (c)--- (low) animals. Some naughty boys (d)---(joy) beating the lower animals like dogs and cats. This is an (e)--- (rational) behaviour. Animals are dumb (f)--- (create). They are (g)---(harm) beings. Some animals are very (h)---(faith) and they feel no (i)---(hesitate) to risk their lives for our (j)---(protect). 
Answer: a) Kindness; b) unkind; c) lower; d) enjoy; e) irrational; f) creations/ creatures; g) harmless h) faithful;  i) hesitation; j) protection.

8. [Rajshahi Board-2017]
Early rising is the habit of (a)---(get) up from bed early in the morning. An early (b)--- (rise) can enjoy the (c)--- (fresh) of the morning air. He can hear the (d)--- (melody) songs of the birds. Again, he can start his day's work (e)--- (early) than others. An early riser does not suffer from (f)--- (physic) problems very often. So, he need not go to any (g)--- (physic) (h)--- (frequent). Thus, an early riser enjoys (i)--- (very) benefits and leads a (j)--- (peace) life.

Answer: a) getting; b) riser; c) freshness; d) melodious; e) earlier; f) physical; g) physician; h) frequently; i) various; j) peaceful.

Suffix prefix SSC board question 2016

1. [Dhaka Board-2016]
Load shedding is one of the most common problems of Bangladesh. Lives of our citizens are (a)--- (serious) hampered for load shedding. Students feel (b)--- (difficult) in reading during load shedding. (c)--- (industry) activities are also hampered. We should use electricity (d)--- (honest) and (e)--- (frugal) and should create (f)--- (aware) among people to solve this (g)--- (nation) problem. Besides, government should takes (h)--- (effect) step to (i)--- (grade) our power station to mitigate the (j)--- (advantage) of our people.
Answer: a) seriously; b) difficulties; c) industrial d) honestly; e) frugally; f) awareness; g) national h) effective;  i) degrade; j) disadvantages.

2. [Rajshahi Board-2016; Sylhet Board 2019]
Those who live a (a)--- (luxury) life are always b)---(different) to the miseries of the poor. They enjoy life in c)---(amuse) and d)---(merry). They are e)--- (centred) people, they have little f)---(realize) of the g)--- (bounded) sufferings of the poor. They remain h)---(different) to their sufferings. They feel i)--- (comfort) to work for their j)--- (better).
Answer: a) luxurious b) indifferent c) amusement d) merriment e) self-centred f) realization g) unbounded h) indifferent i) discomfort j) betterment.

3. [Cumilla Board-2016; Cumilla Board -2024]
The other name of water is life. Clean water is (a)--- (drink). Dirty water is (b)--- (safe). Clean water is (C)--- (contaminate) and (d)--- (suit) for drinking. Bangladesh is a (e)--- (river) country. But we get (f)--- (adequate) water for use. The water of our rivers is (g)--- (filth) and (h)--- (poison). We should keep water clean for health, happiness and (i)--- (long). The Government should play an (j)--- (act) role to keep water safe.
Answer: a) drinkable; b) unsafe; c) uncontaminated; d) suitable; e) riverine; f) inadequate; g) filthy; h) poisonous; i) longevity; j) active

4. [Jashore Board-2016]
Smoking is (a)---(danger) health. It is also (b)---(harm) to health. It is  to also (c)---(cost). A (d)--- (smoke) should not smoke (e)--- (public). Smoking creates (f)---(pollute). Smoking creates many (g)--- (curable) diseases. It causes (h)--- (comfort) to others. It causes irritation in the eye and (i)--- (settle) the mind. But there are many people who are (j)--- (aware) of the bad effects of smoking.
Answer: a) dangerous b) harmful c) costly: d) smoker; e) publicly; f) pollution; g) incurable; h) discomfort; i) unsettles; j) unaware.

5. [Sylhet Board-2016]
Many is (a)--- (nature) curious to know the unknown. Newspaper is the best medium to satisfy this (b)--- (curious). It tells us what is (c)--- (happen) around the world. It is the (d)--- (supply) of all sorts of news and views. A newspaper is a (e)--- (power) instrument of publicity. Government (f)--- (notify) are given publicly through it. It is good (g)--- (company) in our solitary hours. It helps the (h)--- (grow) of public opinion. But it is not an (i)--- (mix) blessing. However, newspaper has made the world (j)--- (small) and help one nation to understand the other.

Answer: a) naturally; b) curiosity; c) happening; d) supplier; e) powerful; f) notification; g) companion; h) growth; i) unmixed; j) smaller.

6. [Barishal Board-2016]
Smoking produces (a)--- (danger) effects on man. By smoking a man incurs both physical and (b)--- (economy) loss. Smoking is a kind of (c)--- (addict). Those who become (d)--- (addict) to drug first begin smoking which is the initial step of addiction. We should raise (e)--- (aware) among our people. We should (f)--- (courage) others to smoke. It is (g)--- (possible) to stop smoking without (h)--- (unite) efforts. (i)--- (fortunate) only the (j)--- (wise) men can such foolish work.
Answer: a) dangerousb) economicc) addictiond) addictede) awarenessf) discourage; g) impossible; h) united; i) unfortunately; j) unwise.

7. [Chittagong Board-2016]
The aim of (a)--- (educated) is to make a man fully equipped to be (b)--- (use) to himself and to society. A (c)--- (true) educated person should be self-reliant with regard to his (d)--- (person) needs. He should be well mannered, (e)--- (thought), sympathetic and cooperative. He should be (f)--- (truth),  honest, punctual and (g)--- (duty). Punctuality is a virtue that makes a nation (h)--- (prosper). An educated person tries to (i)--- (move) the sufferings of his countrymen. He also helps others in attaining (j)--- (self-reliant)
Answer: a) educationb) usefulc) trulyd) personale) thoughtfulf) truthful; g) dutiful; h) prosperous; i) remove; j) self-reliance.

Suffix prefix SSC board question 2015

1. [Dhaka Board-2015]
The books of famous (a)---(write) are put on sale in the book fair. Most of the (b) ---(visit) buy books of different (c --- (publish). Almost no visitor returns from the fair without making any purchase. The (d)--- (buy) like to buy at a fair price. Our book fair is always (e) ---(crowd). As (f)---(vary) books are (g)---(play) in a fair, the buyers get a scope to choose books. They buy their (h)---choose) books after a long search. This faculty is (i) ---(available) in any place other than a book fair. A book fair is always (j)--- (come) to the students.
Answer: (a) writers (b) visitors (c) publishers (d) buyers (e) crowded (f) various (g) displayed (h) choice-able (i) unavailable (j) welcome

2. [Rajshahi Board-2015]
Money cannot buy (a)---(happy). Money is a must for our life. But it is not necessary to bring happiness. Happiness is (b)---(absolute) a (c)---(psychology) thing. It is the name of a (d)---(feel). It means the (e)---(content) of the mind. He who has (f)---(satisfy) with what he has is (g) --- (real) a happy one. Above all, we should keep in mind that (h)---(world) happiness is not all. If we want to be (i)---(eternal) happy and lead a (j) ---(dignify) life, we have to earn money in an honest way. 

Answer: (a) happiness; (b) absolutely; (c) psychological; (d) feeling; (e) contentment; (f) satisfaction; (g) really; (h) worldly; (i) eternally; (j) dignified.

3. [Cumilla Board-2015]
Student life is the (a)--- (form) season of life. This is a (b) --- (gold) period of life. This is the time for (c) --- (prepare) of future life. Students are the future (d)--- (lead) of the country. They should have (e) --- (patriot). They should achieve quality (f) --- (educate) and build themselves as (g) ---  (compete) and learn the art of (h)----(behave) before others, citizens. They should gain (h) --- (know) and (j)---(interact).
Answer: a) formative; b) golden; c) preparation; d) preparing; d) leaders; e) patriotism; f) education; g) competent; h) knowledge; i) behaviour; j) interaction.

4. [Jashore Board-2015]
A (a)---(free) fighter is a b)--- (war) who took part in our war of liberation in 1971.  The (dependence) --- (c) of our motherland was  (d)--- (dear) to a freedom fighter than his life. He joined the war (e)---(willing). He had no (f)---(might) weapons with him. But he had strong moral courage. He was (g)---(main) a guerrilla (h)--- (fight). He attracted the enemy from an (i)--- (known) place and then (j)--- (appeared)
Answer: (a) freedom; (b) warrior (c) independence (d) dearer (e) willingly (f) mighty (g) mainly (h) fighter (i) unknown (j) disappeared

5. [Barishal Board-2015]
Honesty is opposite to (a)---(honest). An honest man is not (b) ---(harm) to anybody. He never does (c) ---(just) to others. When he does anything (d)---(moral), he feels (e)---(comfortable). He never tells a lie. He is always (f)---(response) to his duty. We should follow the path of (g)---(honest) and leave the path of (h)---(honesty). In that case, you will be (i)---(love) by all and will be able to reach the path of (j) ---(prosper). 
Answer: (a) dishonesty; (b) harmful; (c) injustice; (d) immoral; (e) uncomfortable; (f) responsible; (g) honesty; (h) dishonesty; (i) loved; (j) prosperity.

6. [Sylhet Board-2015]
King Solomon was (a)---(fame) for his (b) ---(wise). He was blessed with (c)---(ordinary) knowledge and it was really beyond people’s (d)---(imagine). One day Queen of Sheba wanted to test how wise he was. Solomon was given two kinds of flowers. One was (e) ---(nature) and the other was (f)---(artifice). As he had a close (g)---(associate) with nature, he had been (h)--- (success) to differentiate them. In this way, his (i)---(repute) of (j)---(multi-dimension) knowledge spreads all over the world. 
Answer: (a) famous; (b) wisdom; (c) extraordinary; (d) imagination; (e) natural; (f) artificial; (g) association; (h) successful; (i) reputation; (j) multidimensional.

7[Dinajpur Board-2015]
Money cannot buy (a)---(happy). Money is (b)---(obvious) necessary for our life. But it is not the thing that (c)---(necessary) brings happiness. Happiness is (d)--- (absolute) psychological thing. Basically, it is the name of a (e)--- (feel) lies in the (f)---(content) absolute it of mind. A poor man with mental (g)--- (satisfy) may become really happy in life. On the other hand, a man with a lot of (h)---–(rich) may not be happy. Their wealth becomes the cause of (i)---(happy) from (j)---(secure). So, they lead a life full of cares and anxieties.
Answer: (a) happiness (b) obviously (c) necessarily (d) absolutely (e) feeling  (f) contentment (g) satisfaction (h) riches (i) unhappiness (j) insecurity

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