Dhaka Board English 2nd Paper Exam Question with Solution 2024

1. Fill in the blanks with words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once:
[gentle, by, the, big, way, of, visit, hills, nature]

The Kaptai Lake is located in the hilly district of Rangamati. This is the (a) ---lake in Bangladesh. The (b) --- beauty of this lake is well-known to all. This huge lake stretches for miles touching different parts (c) --- Rangamati district. There are rows of high mountains all around. Between the hills flows the lake water in a zigzag (d) ---.The bottoms of the (e) --- are submerged in water. When we look at them from a distance, it seems that (f) --- hills are floating on water. Being attracted (g) ---its captivating natural beauty. every year a great number of nature lovers (h) ---it. There is an arrangement for boat journey as well. A number (i) --- colourful boats are ready to welcome the tourists. A breeze (j) --- is always blowing. It cools the tourists and soothes their minds.

Answer: (a) biggest; (b) natural; (c) of: (d) way; (e) hills; (f) the; (g) by; (h) visit; (i) of; (j) gentle
Dhaka Board English 2nd Paper Exam Question with Solution 2024
2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words:
Students teachers' relationship is regarded as the relationship (a) --- parents and children. A teacher is (b) ---- next parents. Parents (c) ---- up children. On the (d) ---- hand, a teacher guides the students to materialize  (e) ---.A teacher spreads the (f) --- of education to remove the (g) --- of ignorance. As a (h) ---, a student can see the path of prosperity. Thus a teacher helps build up civilized (i) ---.So he is really called (j) --- architect of a nation.

Answer: (a) of; (b) to; (c) bring; (d) other; (e) dreams; (f) light; (g) curse; (h) result; (i) nation; (j) the

4. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box:
[entertain, make, order, want, need, wish, become, be, take, arrive]
A birthday party is arranged to celebrate the day when one was born. It (a) ---a happy occasion. recently it (b) --- a tradition to organize a birthday party. For organizing such a party, one (c) ---to spend both time and money. He/she starts (d) --- preparation from some days ago. A birthday cake (e) --- earlier. Then, he/she invites his/her close friends and relatives. Usually friends (f) --- to miss such a party. On the appointed day, he/she puts on the best dress and eagerly waits for the invited guests to (g) ---. After the arrival of the guests, he/she cuts the birthday cake. By singing happy birthday to you, everybody (h) --- him/her. The guests are highly (i) --- with delicious foods and snacks. Sometimes there is arrangement for music with a view to (j) --- the party more enjoyable. 

Answer: (a) is; (b) has become; (c) needs; (d) taking; (e) is ordered; (f) do not want; (g) arrive; (h) wishes; (i) entertained; (j) making

5. Change the narrative style of the following text:
"Why are you putting up the foods in your pockets, sir? Why don't you eat?" asked the noble man. "I'm doing the right thing. My dress deserves these foods," replied Sheikh Saadi. " don't understand what you want to mean and I'm sorry," said the noble man.

Answer: The nobleman asked Sheikh Saadi why he (S) was putting up the food in his pocket and why he didn't eat. In reply, Sheikh Saadi told him that he was doing the right thing and added that his dress deserved those rich dishes. Then the nobleman said that he didn't understand what he (S) had meant to say and added that he was sorry.

6. Change the sentences according to directions:
(a) How charming a moonlit night is! (Assertive
(b) It presents a very beautiful sight. (Exclamatory)
(c) It dazzles our eyes and soothes our heart (Negative)
(d) People of all ages enjoy a moonlit night. (Interrogative)
(e) Little boys and girls make merriment to enjoy themselves. (Complex)
(f) Everybody likes a moonlit night. (Passive)
(g) Though the moon gives us light, it does not have the light of its own. (Compound)
(h) Very few beauties of nature are as charming as a moonlit night. (Comparative)
(i) Unless one enjoys the beauty of a moonlit night, one cannot explain it properly. (Simple)
(j) In fact, a moonlit night is very pleasant. (Negative)

(a) A moonlit night is very charming.
(b) What a beautiful sight it presents!
(c) It not only dazzles our eyes but also soothes our hearts/Doesn't it dazzle our eyes and soothe our heart?
(d) Don't people of all ages enjoy a moonlit night?
(e) Little boys and girls make merriment so that they can enjoy themselves.
(f) A moonlit night is liked (by everybody).
(g) The moon gives us light but it does not have the light of its own.
(h) A moonlit night is more charming than most other beauties of nature.
(i) Without enjoying the beauties of a moonlit night. one cannot explain it properly.
(j) In fact, a moonlit night is not so unpleasant.

7. Complete the following sentences:
(a) 1971 is the year when we got/ achieved/ obtained/secured/ gained our independence.

(b) Bangladesh gained her freedom after a nine-month-long struggle/ a long struggle

(c) Our brave sons sacrificed their lives so that they could save our land/ they could achieve independence.

(d) We should pay due tribute to those heroes who sacrificed their valuable lives.

(e) Unless we work unitedly, we will not be able to develop our country we will not be able to secure our sovereignty.

8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or both to the root words given in the parenthesis:
Books are our best friends. They introduce us to the realm of (a) --- (limited) knowledge. The books of great (b) ---(write) contain noble thoughts and great ideas. We can (c) --- (rich) our mind by reading books. The reading of books brings (d) --- (perfect). No spiritual progress and worldly (e) --- (prosper) can be imagined (f) --- (with) reading books. (g) --- (true) speaking, reading books is such a thing which has no (h) --- (alternate). So, we should read books on (i) --- (vary) topics so that we may bring proper (j) --- (develop) of our spirit.

Answer: (a) unlimited; (b) writers; (c) enrich; (d) perfection; (e) prosperity; (f) without; (g) Truly; (h) alternative; (i) various; (j) development

9. Add tag questions to the statements below:
(a) Many people hanker after money, ___?

(b) But money is not as valuable as morality,___?

(c) Let us always keep this truth in mind,___?

(d) Money can hardly bring happiness,___ ?

(e) So, we should never have greed for money,___?

Answer: (a) don't they; (b) is it; (c) shall we; (d) can it; (e) should we

10. Complete the following passage using suitable connectors:
It is known to all (a) --- gold is a valuable metal There are many metals cheaper than gold though they look like it. (b) --- they glitter for sometimes, they fade away in the long run. In our society there are also many people (c) --- are outwardly very gentle and polished. Later on, their real identity is revealed (d) --- they do not exercise moral values. That's why people say, “All (e) --- glitters is not gold.”

Answer: (a) that; (b) Though/Although; (c) who; (d) as; (e) that

11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text:
what kind of stories did aesop tell said abdullah fables replied mr rahman do you know what fables are no replied abdullah well continued mr rahman fables are stories with a message or a moral

Answer: “What kind of stories did Aesop tell?” asked Abdullah. “Fables,” replied Mr. Rahman. “Do you know what fables are?” “No,” replied Abdullah. “Well,” continued Mr. Rahman, “Fables are stories with a massage or a moral.”
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