Today there are many jobs passage with answer 3

Read the following text and fill in each gap with a suitable word based on the information of the text:
“Today there are many jobs where you need English. This is because the world has become smaller. Vast distances are shortened by speedy transports. We can talk to a person thousands of kilometers away on the phone or the internet. So we can communicate with the whole world easily. English has made this communication easier.

There are many countries in the world with many languages, but to communicate with them, you cannot use all the languages. So you need a common language that you can use with more or less all the people in the world. English is that common language. You can talk to a Chinese toymaker, a French artist, an Arab ambassador or a Korean builder in one language English. English, for us in Bangladesh, is all the more important. As we have seen earlier, we are too many people in a small country. So if you learn English, you have the best opportunity to find a good job, both within and outside the country. And that is good news for millions of our unemployed youths.”

Different people use different languages for making (a) --- But a common language is necessary in (b) --- to communicate with the people of the whole world. English has achieved the (c) --- of being that language. It helps to get good jobs. and have better (d) --- So, we should learn English properly as it helps (e) --- our unemployment problem,

Answer: (a) communication; (b) order: (c) prestige/ supremacy; (d) ways/payments; (e) solve
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