Dhaka Board English 1st Paper Exam Question with Solution 2024

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions no. 1 and 2:
The internet technology has helped design a large number of websites to facilitate social relations among people around the world. These are known as social networking services or social networks or social media. At present, Facebook is the most popular social media site. Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. are other frequently used social services. Social network services are web-based and hence, provide ways for the users to interact through the internet. These services make it possible to connect people across the borders and they have made the users feel that they really live in a global village.

Why are social networks expanding so fast? The answer is simple. Most of the social services are cost-free. You can make use of them free, paying a very little to your internet service provider. Secondly, you can make your personal profile public before the entire online community. It is like presenting yourself before the entire world. You can also look into other people's profile if you are interested. It is simple and easy. Thirdly, social networks allow users to upload pictures, multimedia contents and modify the profile. Some services like Facebook allow users to update their profiles. Fourthly, networks allow users to post blog entries. User profiles have a section dedicated to comments from friends and other users. Finally, there are privacy protection measures too. A user himself or herself decides over the number of visitors/viewers, and what information should be shared with others.

1. Choose the correct answer from the following alternatives:
(a) The internet technology has __ a large number of websites to facilitate social relations among people around the world.

(i) defined
(ii) regained
(iii) destroyed
(iv) designed✓

(b) The term "Social Networks" refers to

(i) socialization
(ii) networking
(iii) media for communicating with others✓
(iv) facebook

(c) In the text, the word 'frequently' stands for

(i) recurrently✓
(ii) freely
(iii) rarely
(iv) hardly

(d) The passage highlights the significance of ___

(i) electronic media
(ii) information technology
(iii) social networking services✓
(iv) communication technology

(e) The social networking services work through ___
(i) computer
(ii) Facebook
(iii) email
(iv) Internet✓

(f) The social networking services are on the-

(i) decline
(ii) rise✓
(iii) wane
(iv) decrease

(g) There is also assurance of --- protection on using social networks.

(i) community
(ii) privacy✓
(iii) measurement
(iv) society

2. Answer the following questions:

(a) What is social networking service?

Answer: A social networking service is a web-based platform that facilitates social relations among people worldwide by allowing them to interact over the internet. It enables users to create personal profiles, share multimedia content, and connect with others.

(b) How are the social networks making a global community?
Answer: Social networks are creating a global community by connecting people across borders, making users feel as if they live in a global village. They provide a platform where individuals can share their lives, experiences, and thoughts with people from different parts of the world, thus fostering a sense of global connectivity and understanding.

(c) How does social network work?
Answer: Social networks work by allowing users to register and create personal profiles, which can be made public to other users. They enable the sharing of pictures, multimedia content, and updates to profiles. Users can post blog entries, view others' profiles, and leave comments, thereby facilitating interactive online communication and community building.

(d) "It is simple and easy."-Explain the statement in 2/3 sentences.
Answer: The statement "It is simple and easy" refers to the user-friendly nature of social networks. They are designed to be accessible and straightforward, allowing users to easily create profiles, share content, and connect with others without requiring advanced technical skills. This simplicity and ease of use contribute to their widespread popularity.

(e) Why are social networks spreading rapidly?
Answer: Social networks are spreading rapidly primarily because most of them are free to use, requiring users only to pay for their internet service. The ability to present oneself to the global online community, share personal and multimedia content easily, maintain updated profiles, and the provision of privacy controls all contribute to their rapid expansion.

7. Put the following parts of the story in correcte order to make the whole story. Only the corresponding numbers of the sentences need to be written:
(a) He thought him to be dead.

(b) The bear smelt his ears, nose and face.

(c) Suddenly they came across a bear.

(d) Once upon a time two friends were passing through a forest.

(e) Then the bear went away.

(f) Finding no other way, the later one laid down on the ground and feigned death.

(g) The first friend climbed up a tree but the later could not climb.

(h) They were talking about their love for each other.

Answer: d+h+c+g+f+b+a+e
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