Women's role in Bangladesh society

Women are very essential party of any sort of development. They are con- tributing in different sectors of our country. They are receiving higher education and joining a wide range of professions. They are now earning money for their families and doing out-door activities with their economic power, they are now influencing important family matters. They are also doing a lot of tasks for our social development. Now women are receiving higher education from different universities. After receiving higher education, they join a wide range of profession their individuality.

They also prove their worth in the job market and establish there as very essential parts of development. In every job sector, they establish them- self to its height. They are working in different jobs with their skill and efficiency. They prove themselves that they are very essential for all sorts of development. They are not contributing in politics to. In the society, they help the sufferers and the oppressed women by providing a lot of opportunities to them. They participate in different elections and are elected.

Contribution of women in our country

After election, they involve themselves in different social activi- ties. They are now performing many social responsibilities with their utmost skills and firm determination. As they are working in a wide range of professions, they earn a handsome amount of money which supplement their family income. By earning money, they help their own families and the families of their parents too. They also try to meet the growing needs of their families. As there are lots of growing problems in their families, they try to solve them with their income.

They are also doing a lots of outdoor activities. In the need of their families, they work outside of their houses and do many out of home activities for the welfare of the remembers of their families. They work in out of home productive works. They also help different people in their distress and suffering. They involve themselves in many social activities and the development of the society. But earning money and contributing to their family income, they are now a very powerful component of their family. They are easily influencing important family matters and their opinion is considered with a great value. By joining the workforce, their status and prestige become high and the society evaluates them with high statues.

Now they are not considered as subservient to men. Rather they are considered a very essential part of all sorts of development of our country. They play a vital role in the economic development of the country. They earn money and deposit it for their better future. Men has realised that without the help and cooperation of women, no country can be developed and women are very essential to come out of their co cook to develop the country. It is also a duty of the guardians to send their daughters to schools and to educated them properly so that they become a valuable human resource for the development of our country. We have to change our outlook in this regard.
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