Assertive to Interrogative

👉Rule-1If the sentence is in the affirmative you have to change it into a negative interrogative. If it is negative then you have to change it into bare interrogative.

1. Assertive:
 David was very gentle.
Interrogative: wasn’t David very gentle?

2. Assertive: David is not a good person.
Interrogative: Is David a good person?

👉Rule-2No Auxiliary verb in sentence →Change it by using Do/does/did Or Don't/doesn't /didn't

 1Assertive: He plays cricket.
Interrogative: Does he play cricket?

 2. Assertive: They did not play cricket yesterday.
Interrogative: Did they play cricket yesterday?

👉Rule-3: Never
→Replaced by →Ever.

Assertive: I never drink coffee.
Interrogative: Do I ever drink coffee?

👉Rule-4: Everybody/everyone/ All→Replaced by →Who + Don’t/ Doesn’t/ Didn’t

AssertiveEverybody wishes to be happy.
Interrogative: Who doesn’t wish to be happy?

👉Rule-5: Every + noun → Replaced by → Is there any + noun + Who don’t/doesn’t/didn't

AssertiveEvery woman wishes to be happy.
Interrogative: Is there any woman who doesn’t wish to be happy?

👉Rule-6: Nobody/ no one/none→Replaced by→Who.

AssertiveNobody could count my love for you.
Interrogative: Who could ever count my love for you?

Assertive to Interrogative Rules

7There is no→Replaced by→Is there any/ Who (person)/ What (thing).

AssertiveThere is no use of this law.
Interrogative: What is the use of this law?

AssertiveThere is no man happier than Peter.
Interrogative: Who is h
appier than Peter?

👉Rule-8: It is no→Replaced by
→Is there any/Why.

Assertive: It is no use in taking unfair means in the exam.
Interrogative: Why take unfair means in the exam?

It doesn’t matter→Replaced by
→what though/ does it matter.

AssertiveIt does not matter if you fail the exam.
Interrogative: What though if you fail the exam?

Change into an interrogative sentence

1. Assertive: They are fond of watching a football match.
Interrogative: Aren't they fond of watching a football match?

2. Assertive: We are proud of our freedom fighters.
Interrogative: Aren't we proud of our freedom fighters?

3. Assertive: It is the duty of us to educate the literate.
Interrogative: Isn't it the duty of us to educate the literate?

4. Assertive: You can be happy without it.
Interrogative: Can't you be happy without it?

5. Assertive: He is a good man.
Interrogative: Isn't he a good man?

6. Assertive: Man is mortal.
Interrogative: Isn't man mortal?

7. Assertive: The policemen are different.
Interrogative: Aren't the policemen different?

8. Assertive: The old sailor had a sane look.
Interrogative: Hadn't the old sailor a sane look?

9. Assertive: Oliver is a reasonable man.
Interrogative: Isn't Oliver a reasonable man?

10. Assertive: The executives were not unkind people.
Interrogative: Were the executive unkind people?

11. Assertive: The orphanage boys were not unhealthy.
Interrogative: Were the orphanage boys unhealthy?

12. Assertive: I shall not forget you.
Interrogative: Shall I forget you?

13. Assertive: John was not a dishonest boy.
Interrogative: Was John a dishonest boy?
14. Assertive: He is not my friend.
Interrogative: Is he my friend?

15. Assertive: They are unhappy.
Interrogative: Aren't they unhappy?

16. Assertive: He can live in his own house.
Interrogative: Can't he live in his own house?

17. Assertive: He can succeed in life.
Interrogative: Can't he succeed in life?

18. Assertive: It is raining.
Interrogative: Isn't it raining?

19. Assertive: The child is going to school.
Interrogative: Isn't the child going to school?

20. Assertive: Prevention is better than cure.
Interrogative: Isn't prevention better than cure?

21. Assertive: I will remind you.
Interrogative: Won't I remind you?

22. Assertive: I have not taken my revenge.
Interrogative: Have I taken my revenge?

23. Assertive: He did not give me a glass of milk.
Interrogative: Did he give me a glass of milk?

24. Assertive: The contractor did not finish the work in one day.
Interrogative: Did the contractor finish the work in one day?

25. Assertive: He does not go to the office at 9 o’clock.
Interrogative: Does he go to the office at 9 o'clock?

26. Assertive: She does not speak English fluently.
Interrogative: Does she speak English fluently?

27. Assertive: They did not arrive in the morning.
Interrogative: Did they arrive in the morning?

28. Assertive: He does not call his mother every day.
Interrogative: Does he call his mother every day?
29. Assertive: Sham did not pass the test.
Interrogative: Did Sham pass the test?

30. Assertive: Eva was not afraid of it.
Interrogative: Was Eva afraid of it?

31. Assertive: My mother works at a bank.
Interrogative: Doesn't my mother work at a bank?

32. Assertive: Riva sings really well.
Interrogative: Doesn't Riva sing really well?

33. Assertive: Martin gets along with his brother.
Interrogative: Doesn't Martin get along with his brother?

34. Assertive: My sister lives with my parents.
Interrogative: Doesn't my sister live with my parents?

35. Assertive: She likes vegetables.
Interrogative: Doesn't she like vegetables?

36. Assertive: I get up early in the morning.
Interrogative: Don't I get up early in the morning?

37. Assertive: I like reading more.
Interrogative: Don't I like reading more?

38. Assertive: We eat to live.
Interrogative: Don't we eat to live?

39. Assertive: I know the answer.
Interrogative: Don't I know the answer?

40. Assertive: I want to leave.
Interrogative: Don't I want to leave?

41. Assertive: The books of great writers contain noble thoughts and great ideas.
Interrogative: Doesn't the books of great writers contain noble thoughts and great ideas?

42. Assertive: My friend invited me to visit Cox’s Bazar.
Interrogative: Didn't my friend invite me to visit Cox's Bazar?

43. Assertive: She passed her time in reading and writing.
Interrogative: Didn't she pass her time in reading and writing?
44. Assertive: He inherited vast property from his father.
Interrogative: Didn't he inherit vast property from his father?

45. Assertive: The master enquired about the missing leg.
Interrogative: Didn't the master enquire about the missing leg?

46. Assertive: He felt very helpless.
Interrogative: Didn't he feel very helpless?

47. Assertive: He rejected the proposal.
Interrogative: Didn't he reject the proposal?

48. Assertive: I bought a pen.
Interrogative: Didn't I buy a pen?

48. Assertive: The boy killed the spider with his shoe.
Interrogative: Didn't the boy kill the spider with his shoe?

49. Assertive: She recognized him at once.
Interrogative: Didn't she recognize him at once?

50. Assertive: He apologized for his conduct.
Interrogative: Didn't he apologize for his conduct?

Assertive to Interrogative sentence exercise

51. Assertive: Everybody likes a flower.
Interrogative: Who doesn't like a flower?

52. Assertive: Everybody knew this.
Interrogative: Who didn't know this?

53. Assertive: Everybody respects a truthful person.
Interrogative: Who doesn't respect a truthful person?

54. Assertive: Everybody knows about the Royal Bengal Tigers of the Sundarbans.
Interrogative: Who doesn't know about the Royal Bengal Tigers of the Sundarbans?

55. Assertive: Everybody works hard to gain his object.
Interrogative: Who doesn't work hard to gain his object?

56. Assertive: Everybody believes that education is the backbone of a nation.
Interrogative: Who doesn't believe that education is the backbone of a nation?

57. Assertive: Everybody likes his magic spell.
Interrogative: Who doesn't like his magic spell?

58. Assertive: Everybody loves him.
Interrogative: Who doesn't love him?

59. Assertive: Everybody can be conscious of his health.
Interrogative: Who can't be conscious of his health?

60. Assertive: Everybody supported the freedom fighters.
Interrogative: Who didn't support free freedom fighters?

61. Assertive: Everyone can prosper in life with the industry.
Interrogative: Who can't prosper in life with the industry?

62. Assertive: Everyone was present there.
Interrogative: Who wasn't present there?

63. Assertive: Everybody has some desire.
Interrogative: Who hasn't some desire?
64. Assertive: Everyone must die.
Interrogative: Who mustn't die?

65. Assertive: Everyone has completed the job.
Interrogative: Who hasn't completed the job?

66. Assertive: Everyone would like to be rich.
Interrogative: Who wouldn't like to be rich?

67. Assertive: All love their motherland.
Interrogative: Who doesn't love their motherland?

68. Assertive: All help me.
Interrogative: Who doesn't help me?

69. Assertive: All must die.
Interrogative: Who mustn't die?

70. Assertive: None could count my love for you.
Interrogative: Who could count my love for you?

71. Assertive: No one likes him.
Interrogative: Who likes him?

72. Assertive: Nobody can escape death.
Interrogative: Who can escape death?

73. Assertive: None can save you.
Interrogative: Who can save you?

74. Assertive: Nobody will help him.
Interrogative: Who will help him?

75. Assertive: No one is absent.
Interrogative: Who is absent?

76. Assertive: None has done it.
Interrogative: Who has done it?

77. Assertive: None could count my love for you.
Interrogative: Who could my love for you?

78. Assertive: No one likes him.
Interrogative: Who likes him?

79. Assertive: Nobody can escape death.
Interrogative: Who can escape death?

80. Assertive: None could answer the question.
Interrogative: Who could answer the question?
81. Assertive: Nobody has touched it.
Interrogative: Who has touched it?

82. Assertive: None should deny the truth.
Interrogative: Who should deny the truth?

83. Assertive: No one can bear an unprovoked insult.
Interrogative: Who can bear an unprovoked insult?

84. Assertive: Nobody can trust such a liar.
Interrogative: Who can trust such a liar?

85. Assertive: Nothing can happen.
Interrogative: What can happen?

86. Assertive: Nothing can revive this worse situation.
Interrogative: What can revive this worse situation?

87. Assertive: Nothing comes or goes.
Interrogative: What comes or goes?

88. Assertive: Nothing is certain.
Interrogative: What is certain?

89. Assertive: Nothing remains certain.
Interrogative: What remains certain?

90. Assertive: Nothing terrible has happened.
Interrogative: What terrible has happened?

91. Assertive: Nothing was done.
Interrogative: What was done?

92. Assertive: Nothing is impossible.
Interrogative: What is impossible?

93. Assertive: Nothing can concern you.
Interrogative: What can concern you?

94. Assertive: Nothing comes from nothing.
Interrogative: What comes from nothing?

95. Assertive: Nothing is impossible in this world.
Interrogative: What is impossible in this world?

96. Assertive: Nothing can satisfy him.
Interrogative: What can satisfy him?

97. Assertive: Nothing is wrong.
Interrogative: What is wrong?

98. Assertive: Nothing’s moving.
Interrogative: What is moving?

99. Assertive: Nothing was wrong.
Interrogative: What was wrong?

100. Assertive: Nothing will happen.
Interrogative: What will happen?

Assertive to Interrogative exercises

101. Assertive: Nothing’s changed.
Interrogative: What has changed?

102. Assertive: Nothing’s missing.
Interrogative: What is missing?

103. Assertive: Nothing’s working.
Interrogative: What is working?

104. Assertive: Nothing is so necessary.
Interrogative: What is so necessary?

105. Assertive: Nothing seems to grow in this soil.
Interrogative: What seems to grow in this soil?

106. Assertive: Nothing remains certain.
Interrogative: What remains certain?

107. Assertive: Nothing was done.
Interrogative: What was done?

108. Assertive: Nothing happened.
Interrogative: What happened?

109. Assertive: Nothing more was said.
Interrogative: What more was said?

110. Assertive: Nothing’s broken.
Interrogative: What is broken?

111. Assertive: Nothing’s there.
Interrogative: What is there?

112. Assertive: Nothing’s wrong.
Interrogative: What is wrong?

113. Assertive: Nothing was funny.
Interrogative: What was funny?

114. Assertive: Nothing was taken. 
Interrogative: What was taken?

115. Assertive: Nothing came up. 
Interrogative: What came up?

116. Assertive: Nothing can force me to give it up.
Interrogative: What can force me to give it up?

117. Assertive: Nothing is certain in this world.
Interrogative: What is certain in this world?

118. Assertive: Nothing is certain. 
Interrogative: What is certain?

119. Assertive: No one can do this sum.
Interrogative: Who can do this sum?
Or, Can anyone do this sum?

120. Assertive: None has ever seen such a fine sight.
Interrogative: Who has ever seen such a fine sight?
Or, Has anyone ever seen such a fine sight? : 

121. Assertive: Nobody likes a liar.
Interrogative: Who likes a liar?
Or, Does anybody like a liar?

122. Assertive: The Brahmaputra was a mighty river.
Interrogative: Wasn't the Brahmaputra a mighty river?

123. Assertive: The old lady likes white sarees.
Interrogative: Doesn't the old lady like white sarees?

124. Assertive: Modhu's is a canteen.
Interrogative: Isn't Madhu's a canteen?

125. Assertive: I never went to Cox's Bazar.
Interrogative : Did I ever go to Cox's Bazar? 

126. Assertive: The servant was an idiot.
Interrogative: Was not the servant an idiot? 

127. Assertive: The old sailor could not sleep.
Interrogative: Could the old sailor sleep?

128. Assertive: Prevention is better than cure.
Interrogative: Isn't prevention better than cure?

129. Assertive: None can ever tolerate such an insult. Interrogative: Who can ever tolerate such an insult?

130. Assertive: Everybody wants to be respected. Interrogative: Who does not want to be respected?

131. Assertive: The glory of the freedom fighters can never fade.
Interrogative: Can the glory of the freedom fighters ever fade?

Assertive into Interrogative Exceptional exercise

1. Assertive: Every moment is important.
Interrogative: Which moment is not important?

2. Assertive: It is no use wasting time.
Interrogative: Why waste time?

3. Assertive: Fair words are of no avail in times of danger.
Interrogative: Of what avail are fair words in times of danger?

4. Assertive: There is no use of this statue.
Interrogative: What is the use of this statue?

5. Assertive: It does not matter if you fail the exam.
Interrogative: What though if you fail the exam?

6. Assertive: Nowhere in the world you will find a mountain peak higher than Everest.
Interrogative: Where in the world will you find a mountain peak higher than Everest?

Assertive: It doesn't matter if we fail.
Interrogative: What if I fail?
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