One word substitution

A hater of women ⸻ Misogynist

A messenger sent in great haste ⸻ Courier

A place where government papers are kept ⸻ Archaives

A place where birds are kept ⸻ Aviary

A place where fishes are kept ⸻ Aquarium

A place for production of bread ⸻ Bakery

Underground dwelling place of an animal ⸻ Burrow

The house of a gypsy ⸻ Caravan

A place where soldiers are housed ⸻ Cantonment

A Living place of the wild beasts ⸻Den/ Lair

A place for production and treatment of milk ⸻ Dairy

A place for keeping motor cars ⸻Garage

The house of an Eskimo ⸻ Igloo

A place for keeping aeroplances ⸻ Hangers / Aerodromes / Airport

A house or shelter for a dog ⸻ Kennel

A house for keeping books ⸻ Library

A place of discharge form the bowels ⸻ Lavatory

A place where scientific experiments are carried on ⸻ Laboratory

A place where treasures of art and curios are kept ⸻ Museum

A place where money is coined ⸻ Mint
One word substitution exercise

One word substitution for BCS

A house or shelter for a confined cow ⸻ Pen

A shelter or shed for cows ⸻ Cowshed

A place where batting of cricket ball takes place ⸻ Pitch

A place where ships are loaded and unloaded ⸻ Quay

A place where films are produced ⸻ Studio

A place where leather is tanned ⸻ Tannery

A person in charge of a library ⸻ Librarian

A paper written by hand ⸻ Manuscript

A person in charge of a museum ⸻ Curator

Beyond the power of nature⸻ Supernatural

Contrary to law  Illegal

Characterised by dull uniformity Monotonous

Capable of being seen through ⸻Transparent

Destitute of knowledge ⸻ Ignorant

Incapable of being expressed ⸻ Inexpressible

Incapable of being read ⸻ Illegible

Incapable of being heard ⸻ Inaudible

Incapable of being conquered ⸻ Invincible 

Incapable of being seen ⸻ Invisible

Incapable of being defended ⸻ Indefensible

Incapable of being approached ⸻ Inaccessible 

Incapable of being admitted⸻ Inadmissible

Incapable of being believed ⸻ Incredible

Incapable of being resisted ⸻ Irresistible

Incapable of being corrected⸻ Incorrigible

Incapable of being divided ⸻ Indivisible

Incapable of being perceived ⸻  Imperceptible

Incapable of being imitated ⸻ Inimitable

Incapable of being solved ⸻ Insoluble

Incapable of being questioned ⸻ Unquestionable

Liable to be easily kindled ⸻ Inflammable

Murder of one's own self ⸻ Suicide

Murder of a man ⸻ Homicide

Murder of an infant ⸻ Infanticide

One who is interested in ancient buildings and relics ⸻ Archaeologist

One who sells meat ⸻ Butcher

One who sells things at public auction ⸻ Auctioneer

One who lives on alms ⸻ Beggar

One who mends shoes ⸻ Cobbler

One who makes furniture ⸻ Carpenter

One who draws maps ⸻ Cartographer

One who sets types in a printing press ⸻ Compositor

One who sells sweets and pastries ⸻ Confectioner

One who takes up legal profession ⸻ Advocate

One who foretells things by the stars ⸻ Astrologer

One who studies heavenly bodies ⸻ Astronomer

One who studies the evolution of mankind ⸻ Anthropologist

One who reads the palm ⸻ Palmist

One who collects postage stamps ⸻ Philatelist

One who carves on stone ⸻ Sculptor

One who sells drugs ⸻ Druggists

One who deals in cattle ⸻ Drover

One who treats the teeth ⸻ Dentist

One who deals in fish ⸻ fishmonger

One who walks on ropes ⸻ Funambulist

One who seels flowers ⸻ Florist

One word substitution by PC Das

One who studies rocks and soils ⸻ Ceologist

One who travels for selling articles ⸻ Hawker

One who rides the horses in races  Jockey

One who writes for the newspaper Journalist

One who takes care of a building  Janitor

One who imitates the voice, gestures etc. or another  Mimic

One who writes novels  Novelist

One who attends the diseases of the eye Oculist

One who tests eyesight and sells spectacles⸻ Optician

One who flies an aeroplane  Pilot

One who mends waterpipes  Plumber

One who makes earthen pots  Potter

One who carries burden for hire  Porter

One who treats diseases by operation Surgeon

One who writes shorthand  Stenographer

One who converts raw hide into leather Tanner

One who lends money at a very high interest ⸻ Usurer

One who deals in wine  Vintner

One who makes wheels for carriages and carts Wheelwright

One who writes books  Author

One word substitution exercise

One who plans and draws the desings of buildings  Architecture

The head of a town Council or Corporation⸻ Mayor

One who is a diplomat of a government in other country  Ambassador

One who shoots with bows and arrows Archer

One who eats human flesh  Cannibal

One who eats human flesh  Carnivorous

One who is banished form his own country Exiled

One who spends lavishly  Extravagant

One who breaks images  Iconoclast

One who pretends to be what he is not Impostor

One who is versed in many languages Linguist

One who dies for a noble cause  Martyr

One who looks at the bright side of things ⸻ Optimist

One who looks at the dark side of things ⸻Pessimist

One who loves one's own country  Patriot

One who journeys to a holy place  Pilgrim

One who foretells events  Prophet

One who comes after another  Successor

One living at the same time with another Contemporary

One who takes refuge in a foreign country ⸻ Refugee

One who walks in sleep  Somnambulist

Not bearing the name of a writer Anonymous

One who is all powerful  Almighty

One who knows or sees everything  Omniscient

One who is present everywhere ⸻ Omnipresent

One leaving his native country to settle in another  Emigrant

One coming to a foreign land to settle there Immigrant

One free from national prejudices or looking upon the whole world as his own Cosmopolitan

One trying to do good to mankind Philanthropist

One who hates mankind  Misanthropist

One always doubting  Sceptic

One who speakes for others  Spokesman

One working in the same place  Colleague

One unable to pay one's debts  Insolvent, Bankrupt

One unable to read and write  Illiterate

Practice of having more than one spouse Polygamy

Study of religion ⸻ Theology

Study of heredity ⸻ Genetics

Study of coins ⸻ Numismatics

Study of birds ⸻ Ornithology

Study of human development ⸻ Anthropology

Study of science of insects ⸻ Entomology

Study of problems of old age ⸻ Gerontology

Study of relation between organism and environment ⸻ Ecology

Study of flying aeroplanes ⸻ Aviation

Study of earth and rocks ⸻ Geology

Study of living things ⸻ Biology

Study of celestial bodies ⸻ Astronomy

Study of the influence of planets and stars ⸻ Astrology

Scientific study of bodily diseases ⸻ Pathology

Study of languages ⸻ Philology

Study of bees ⸻ Apiology

Study of heart/heart diseases ⸻ Cardiology

Study of dogs ⸻ Cynology

Study of trees ⸻ Dendrology

Study of skin/skin diseases ⸻ Dermatology

Study of wine/wine making ⸻ Enology/ Oenology

Study of cats ⸻ Felinology

Study of hand writing to analyze character of the writer ⸻ Graphology

Study of medicine for women ⸻ Gynecology/ Gynaecology

Study of liver ⸻ Hepatology

Study of horses ⸻ Hippology

Study of water ⸻ Hydrology

Study of weather ⸻ Meteorology

Study of kidneys and their diseases ⸻Nephrology 

Study of nerves ⸻ Neurology

Study of cancer ⸻ Oncology

Study of eggs ⸻ Oology

Study of eyes ⸻ Ophthalmology 

Study of mountains and their mapping-Orology

Study of bones- Osteology

Study of rocks ⸻ Petrology

Study of earthquakes ⸻ Seismology

Study of snakes ⸻ Serpentology

Study of mouth and its diseases ⸻ Stomatology

Study of poisons ⸻ Toxicology

Study of flags ⸻ Vexillology

Study of animals ⸻ Zoology

Study of medicine for children and their diseases ⸻ Paediatrics/Pediatrics

Study of broken bones ⸻ Orthopaedics

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