How to write a letter correctly

Why do we write letters

👉We write letters to our friends and relatives to know about them
👉We write for sending and receiving information.

👉We write letters to different institutes, organizations for seeking specific information, admission and also for jobs.

Types of Letters

1. Personal
2. Formal/business/official
Purpose of personal Letter

Below are some purposes of a personal letter
👉to thank
👉to apologize
👉to invite
👉to make an arrangement
👉to request
👉to reply to another letter

Different Parts of a Personal Letter: 
The five parts of a personal letter
1. Heading
2. Greeting/ Salutation
3. Body
4. Complimentary closing
5. Signature

1. The Heading: This includes the recipient's address and the date (in some cases, it's OK to just write the date)

2. The Greeting/ Salutation: The act or an instance of welcoming (Dear,)

3. The Body: The main text of your letter

4. The Complimentary closing: The closing includes a short capitalized expression, such as “Sincerely,” or “Love,”

5. Signature: name and signature
how to write a letter correctly

Objectives Formal Letters

We write a formal letter to request for something or asking for something or getting some information.

Different parts of a formal letter. There are seven parts of a formal letter. These are:
1. Date
2. Address
3. Salutation
4. Introduction
5. Body
6. Closing
7. Signature

1. Date: The date is put at the top of the page for any business communication. It is an
official record of correspondence that may be kept for future reference.

2. Address: The address of the person receiving the correspondence includes formal
name, street address, city, state and postal code.
3. Salutation:
 The salutation is the formal way of addressing a person. Common salutations
are Dear or Dear Mr Hasan, Dear Sir/Madam, etc.

4. Introduction: The first few sentences of a letter are introductory in nature. The introductory
section introduces the subject of the letter.

5. Body: The body of the letter shares most of the information. It also contains some
supporting ideas.

6. Closing: 
The closing of the letter summarizes what the letter was about.

7. Signature: It contains the writer's name, address, etc.

Formal letter example English

October 17, 2014

Mr David
Computer Hub
32, Bangabandhu Road, Dhaka
Dear Sir,
I have seen your advertisement regarding the admission in
'Basic Computer Course' in a local daily. I am a student of class Nine. I am very interested to enroll myself in the course. Now I need an admission form.
I, therefore, request you to send me an admission form so that I can apply for it.
Sincerely yours,

Class IX
Roll No 03
Dhaka Model School
Here is another example of a formal letter. Now discuss in pairs or groups and identify different parts of this letter. You may also notice how the main point is presented in the letter. Do you think that it is possible for you to write another letter on the same type of problem you notice?
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