Literature is the mirror of society

We express our thoughts and feelings. We learn our mother tongue in our mother's lap. Gradually we grew up and lived in a society.  There are two kinds of people in every society.  Educated and uneducated. Educated people easily express their thoughts by speaking in the language of literature.

On the other hand, uneducated people speak the language of literature but cannot express their thoughts in writing. Those who speak the language of literature are literary. Literature is a reflection of life and society, the artisan of building people.

1. What is literature?
2. How did literature develop or create?

However, the answer to this question is very simple but very difficult. Literature exists in the heart of every human being. That is the idea of ​​literature. Some express their thoughts in rhythmic words of literature, aesthetic language, artistry and honeyed language, while no one can express them in captivating language.

Those who can express are poets, writers, composers.  Composition art, dignity, respect, knowledge, intellect, conscience is completely different.  They are intellectuals and the conscience of the country. The composers use their talents to present rhymes, poems, stories, essays, novels, etc. in meaningful sentences in contact with catchy words and rhymes. Their knowledge is memorable and admirable from generation to generation.
Literature is the mirror of life and society
Also, they try to portray life and society through poetry, stories, essays and novels.  Just as the artist paints a picture of the country and the nation with the touch of a brush, so a literary worker tries to portray a general subject in the language of literature. That literature is the real reflection of the individual, family, society and the state.

They write valuable words on national values, ethics, culture-subculture, decency, service, loyalty, justice-injustice, brotherhood, empathy, compassion, etc. Not only that, but the article also highlights the well-being of the individual, family and society.  That article drew a wide response from readers at home and abroad. Improvement and success come back to the country. Protects the country and the nation from destruction. All the keys to success are opened.

Literature is a mirror of life

We need a lot of literature in our social life. The deep connection of man with literature.  Literature releases the sadness of life. People cannot go on without literature. In literature, people's happiness, sorrow, laughter, tears, pain, pride, love and affection are expressed. It caused a great stir in the individual, society, race and state. Literature is a reflection of life and society. 

The writers try to highlight history, tradition, civilization, culture, culture, humanity and the sad of the world. Poets and writers discover new horizons of possibilities by crossing the winding ups and downs of individual, family, society and state life. The vision of that horizon discovers new paths in thought-consciousness. This is the greatness of the country and the nation.  

Literature is born from human language.  Language is the grammar of life. First of all, grammar has to be brought to life. Besides, policies have to be composed.  The hunger of the mind will be fulfilled through the policy. Not every writer of a writing has the opportunity to be published in a daily newspaper. But a literary magazine published it effortlessly.

Composers are made by literary magazines. The writers express the flaws of the society with words of knowledge, humour and satire. When an author's rhyme, poem, story or novel is published in the literature, he sinks into a sea of ​​joy.

Encouragement and motivation to write increases. He feels more joy when his writing is published in a local or national daily in the ongoing change of time. There is a great demand for school magazines, festival magazines, literary magazines and literary magazines in our social life. Lots of literary magazines and journals are coming out all over the world.

In all these literary journals, poets, writers or word artists get excited about creation. Editor of literature newspapers and Magazine, evaluates the merits and demerits of writing, good and bad, standards, writing techniques, emotions etc.  Creates opportunities to correct typographical errors. Analyzes the haircut of each writing.

Literature is a mirror of society

New poets or writers will one day be recognized as great poets or writers.  He picks up the rhythm of meaningful words and makes the sentence melodious.  He composed poems, rhymes and literature by measuring rhythm, size, measurement, writing features etc. in poetry.  Created the interior of the poem.  Created the mystery of discovery.

The composer tries to solve all the problems including innate intellect, rhythmic sentences, creativity, choice of ideas and words, ability to apply, presentation of information technology, ability to choose sentences, analogies.

A writer may have moral character and moral decay in his personal life but his literature awakens humanity and sense of humanity. That is why a writer can be abandoned but his literature cannot be abandoned. Through literature, art, beauty, craftsmanship, beautiful ideas are expressed.

Literary people are worshipers of beauty. There are no special rules or customs in literature.  There is no standard of education. However, a literary worker needs to have some special qualities. The qualities that make a writer worthy, dignified, knowledgeable and have a good character. Awaken the sense of morality, clear thinking, sense of humanity, the right to justice and injustice.

A person who has a creative and honest sense of humanity, a sense of morality, a sense of well-being, a sense of tolerance, a sense of empathy is a writer. Those who write rhymes, poems, stories, novels and essays are called intellectuals. This rhyme is a song if the melody is given in the poem. Drama and movies are made by acting out stories and novels.

Thus there are many branches of literature. It cannot be ended by wandering for the rest of one's life. A literary worker carries memories of happiness and sorrow throughout his life. With the touch of the brush of art, he floated in writing. Highlights taste, sweetness, virtue, honesty and sense of morality in life. Through literature, he portrays all kinds of good and bad including thinking, intellect, awareness, laughter, tears, pain, happiness and sorrow, entertainment.

Just as food, tastes and mental needs are necessary for human survival, so too literature needs an environmentally friendly environment, tastes and mental needs. Every work of a literary worker comes up with a new message every day. Those works have a huge impact on individuals, families, society and the state.

Literary people try to build everyone with their thinking consciousness. Wise people enrich society with knowledgeable words, heroic and healthy entertainment. We try to return to the environment by evaluating the valuable words of the wise.

In the end, I would like to say that in every literature, the writings of wise men, poets and writers are being published regularly. The juxtaposition of literature is trying its best to connect and shrink.  They are presenting information in simple language with very easy information and evidence.

Features of writing, trying to follow the policy. Writing in a language that readers can easily understand.  For this, it is very important to evaluate the literature on the campus. Lastly, I would like to say that at present, the image of life and society is awakened in literature.
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