Life of Johnathan Swift

Johnathan Swift Profile

Name: Johnathan Swift

Pen name: Isaac Bickerstaff, M. B. Drapier, Lemuel Gulliver, Simon Wagstaff, Esq.

Birth Date: November 30, 1667

Birth Place: Dublin, Ireland

Died Date: October 19, 1745

Death Place: Dublin, Ireland

Cause of Death: Syphilis

Resting place: St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

Nationality: British, Irish

Alma Mater: Hertford College (1692), Trinity College Dublin (1682–1686), Kilkenny College

Occupation: Satirist; essayist; political pamphleteer; poet; priest

Parents: Abigail Erick (or Herrick), Jonathan Swift the Elder

Grandfather: Poet John Dryden

Wife: Elizabeth, niece of Sir Erasmus Dryden

Close friend: Esther Johnson

Johnathan Swift Notable works

1. Gulliver's Travels
2. A Modest Proposal
3. A Tale of a Tub
4. Scriblerus Club
5. Brobdingnag
6. Swift crater
7. Balnibarbi
Life of Johnathan Swift

Interesting facts about Johnathan Swift

✓Gulliver was born in 1660 in Nottinghamshire.

✓His father had a small estate there.

✓When he was fourteen years old, his father sent him to college.

✓But as it was expensive, he left after staying there fa three years.

✓Then Gulliver studied medicine under Mr Bates until 1681.

✓When he left Mr, Bates, his Father sent him to medical college to Leyden in Holland.

✓He got an 'appointment on the Swallow where he Stayed for four years after which he thought he would settle down in London.

✓His master Mr. Bates use to send him some of his patients and he bought a small house and got married.

✓When his master died in 1689, he found himself in great financial difficulties.

✓So, he decided to go sea again.

✓In the next six years, he was surgeon in two ships and he travelled to the east and West: Indies.

✓In his spare time he would read books on sea voyages and when he was ashore he would pas his time studying the strange people and their languages and customs.

✓As the last of the voyages was very interesting, once again he tried for three years to settle ashore with his family as a doctor.

✓But the time also he did not do well.

✓So he accepted a good offer from the master of The Antelope, which set sail from Bristol on May 4, 1699.
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