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The Computer is the latest miracle of modern science. The last part of the 20th century will be particularly remembered for this invention, especially as it seems to have a future of endless possibilities. The dictionary meaning of the word ‘Computer’ is ‘an electronic calculation machine’, and it is derived from the verb ‘Computer’ meaning to reckon the number or amount of something.

It is indeed the most authentic machine, standing for artificial intelligence but that of a very high order. It is very strange but true that the manner of its operations would suggest that the intelligence and memory it possesses, for surpass those of a living human being.

The work done by the computer covers a very wide field, and its surprising activities are extending to newer shares day by day. Hundreds of calculations, and even of a very complex and difficult type, can be done by a computer in a minute. Again, it seems to possess a prodigious memory.

Thousands of pieces of information, and facts and figures can be stored up by it in its memory for an indefinite period, when once these are entered into its ‘artificial brain’. It can recall all that out of its memory at once, whenever required. It is obvious that however extraordinary may be the mathematical genius of a person or however enormous may be the power of his memory, such facts are simply impossible for any human being.

Because of its inconceivable advantages as above noted, the compute is now being used to serve manifold purposes throughout the world, In the Western Countries and in Russia and Japan, its use started a pretty long time ago. India, however, has only just stepped into the computer age.

In the advanced countries it is being used in government offices, firms, banks, railways and airlines, educational institutions, scientific laboratories and libraries, etc. Through its very quick and precise calculations the computer has been also playing an important role in the epoch-making ventures of sending cosmonauts to the upper space, and to the Moon.

In our country, too the government and various non-government concerns, institutions, and banks etc. are now using the computer. After the technique of its operations is mastered and its price is lowered down, in India, too as in the West, Russia and Japan, private parties will begin to use it at home. It will then save much domestic labour and much time of the family.

Scientists are at work to make the computing machine more and more improved to make it capable of even more difficult and complex operations. It is envisaged that then it will be able to serve an individual by doing various things for him in his daily life from morning, till late at night. It will help in paying electric and telephone bills. it will receive telephone messages and information brought by messengers, record them properly and will deliver the same to persons concerned in time. 

The robot, or ‘artificial man’, is a recent miracle of science. A robot, already made in USA. And Japan etc. can do the work of many men. Now robot technology is closely allied to the technology of the computer. It appears that in near future, just like the typewriter, the computer will be an indispensable thing in every office and every institution and also in the houses of many advanced families.

In view of the fast growing importance of the computer, both the central and the state governments should do the needful to introduce in Universities and Colleges, courses in computer technology. Students should be taught there everything regarding the computer, its various functions and its future possibilities. As days will pass on, well- equipped persons in computer technology will be required in an ever increasing number by offices, firms, banks and different institutions. The government should also take concrete measures so that computers can be manufactured in our country and at a moderate cost.
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