Paragraph on Corruption in Bangladesh

Corruption has become a social cancer in Bangladesh. It has appeared to be a threat to our national image. Both our personal and public life are more on less affected by it and have lost peace and happiness for the prevalent corruption in our country. It is an evil which is exposed as an open secret.

Corruption is dishonesty done by people in position of power. Nowadays corruption is rampant in basic services like education, public service commission, healthcare, business, taxation, administration, power, judiciary, police, land, etc. No sphere of our daily life is out of this evil practice. The government, business community, political system- all are in the clutch of corruption. As social cutes, it threatens all our democratic and development process.

Corruption has reached such a position that we are known in the world as most corrupt country. We have been consecutively four times champion corrupt country in the world. Even the donation from multinational agencies has been misappropriated by corrupt means. Nothing can be done without bribe.

Fortunately, our government has realized the fact and started campaign against corruption. Anti-corruption Committee has been formed who filed cases against the corrupt big guns. But the work of the Commission was not beyond questions.

Moreover, it has been blamed to be weak and irresponsible. Politician has already made the weak and inefficient bureaucracy almost non- functional. It is difficult for us to believe that the Commission can take any strong decision against the corrupt people. However, people are now more conscious about his evil practice and so they are always seen to raise their voice against corruption of any type.

This malpractice should be stopped immediately. But it is not easy to root out corruption. Corruption is ingrained in human nature which seeks power and pelf in pursuit of happiness. Only a true moral education, honest upbringing and sincere belief in a perfect philosophy of plain living and high thinking can reduce the magnitude of corruption.
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